What Fascism Means to Me

As of August 26, 2018 I have not only became a proud member of the American Blackshirts Party but a lot has happened to my character, my thoughts, even my entire perspective has been opened back up into something that I haven’t felt in years.

I do not come from any form of political background or really have the best grasp of the subject, and that’s because I personally at the time have lost all means of care, faith, and the desire of what was really going on around myself. I wanted no connection with the world that we live in. However, my partner talked highly of the party and shared so much of what he did with me and tried to prove to me that change can happen. That a difference could really be made. To which I at first showed no real emotion, but I encouraged him and was proud of what he believed in. I still had my respect for him and was happy that he was able to share those moments of happiness with me.

When I got invited by him to go to Mobile, Alabama I thought of it as a vacation away from Florida as well as being a supporter for my partner. At this point I wasn’t sure what to really expect. I really was pretty scared and unsure of it, but I had my partner by my side so that mental stability kept me at an ease.

Truly though not having any real background in politics or creating that connection to what was happening all around me put a lot of fear and uncertainty into place. Choosing isolation rather than facing it all is the path I went down since this country has done nothing but fail me as well as millions of others. America had given me all reasons to hate and carry such disbelief that anything will change. Looking at what this country is now it is poisoned. Corrupted with such greed and power. Monopolies are standing right in front of us and not a single thing is being done to control this issue that will not only harm the individuals, but drastically kill what little is left of the economy. I hate it all. I had lost all hope, belief, care, even my sanity. This still makes me so ill and disgusted. Nothing was being done. Politicians that were allegedly “helping” or trying to come up with the “best solutions that would benefit all Americans” it was nothing more than false statements and fulfillment of false hope so that the individuals mind could have something to hold onto. It was their way of manipulation. To have this sort of dominance and control of the individuals. That there is the trap I eventually fell into. Not because I was manipulated or suddenly believed what they were saying. I knew entirely what was being done and how many people fell for it too, but I gave into it. I gave up because I felt as if I couldn’t do anything to help or bring some form of change.

So for years I have been under their control, their power, their dominance, and so submissive to what they were truly doing. My chains were on so tight and the marks that they have left on me made me not only weak, but desperate for a change to come. However now you can’t say or do anything without the feeling of being watched or having the knowledge that they would retaliate harder than how you tried to implicate your attack. Like it or not they are always one step ahead of you, they will hit you harder and you don’t even have to stand to swing. America is messed up. It does not hold its values that it states on the documents written years ago. That has all changed and not for the better. Millions are hurting and not being given the opportunity to show what they are truly desired to be. They are not given back all of what they fell for, and it is not the fault of the individuals. It is the fault of those “running” this country. We are so driven down into this hole that was created by this “higher up” and deep inside these individuals want out but don’t know what to do. This country has fallen worse than ever and has heavily become an honest joke. This disappoints me highly and realize more and more that change needs to happen.

Change isn’t easy for anyone to grasp onto. Change is something that requires more than what we think. It takes action, desire, passion, and the absolute mindset of the individual. We need to keep in mind though that anything we do all carries a consequence. Those consequences tell the real story, the true result, of what will happen. Which is why we need to be logical as well as diligent when this occurs. You as the individual have to realize that what you do will impact not only yourself but others around you. This game called “Reality” plays us every second it gets. Which is why the individual(s) must really think and imply Common Sense before going about the action(s) that will be taken place. Sadly this is what the country lacks. Common Sense and not having that realization of the actions that they pursue carry such heavy consequences. This is what affects the individual. This shows what the real price to pay actually is.

This is where you need to start drawing that line and seeking to get out. It is not easy to suddenly go from one point to another. It does take time. Time doesn’t slow down or stop for anyone. At that point decide on how the action(s) are going to help and grow into a solution. Though there will be many challenges but the perseverance and passion to overcome it will show greater results. The result may never heal all of what damage has been done, but it gives off that sense of accomplishment that you have achieved something greater. That the effort placed into the situation carries a positive result and may bring some form of change.

Having gone up to Mobile and being apart of the Party’s discussions, even though I may have not known everything of what they were saying, they have given me an actual reason to change. To really open my eyes again and look into their perspective into what they truly want to accomplish themselves. Meeting the Florida Regional Director as well as the Chairman of the American Blackshirts Party have proven to me that there are individuals that still truly see that there is not only a problem with this country, and its many faults it has created, but they truly want to create and change to bring out what the true ideology, or way that this country needs. Fascism. Many people can be taken back by the word since history has put a dent in its name, but that doesn’t mean that reforming it is ruled out. Anything can change and the American Blackshirts Party has clearly shown myself and others that. The Party has given me back what has been stripped of me. It has captivated me promises that will be given action. The Chairman of the Party has shown not only members that action can be taken place, but he shows greatness and determination in all of the work presented. Growing and building a community that not only has created friendships with one another, it all gives off that family essence that some people desire to have. The American Blackshirts Party has such potential to make America realize that we have a voice and we will be heard. That change and reform will happen but over many courses of time. They give the opportunity to let their members have a voice again and prove that they do carry value, which America has failed to do and completely neglects its people. So having that sense come back really shows how much true devotion and passion this party has. Followed by having an inspirational, motivated, leader on top of it all. Having good reigns in leadership really hold value to me. It shows that an individual can not only carry the responsibilities that come with it but truly show what actions can really be pursued, and having that confidence in which the consequence will be shown as a whole result, rather than bits and pieces that are dragged behind. Remembering though that what may happen will carry faults and fails, but a leader will never give up on that. Holding that truly makes this Party hold its value so much higher, that it really benefits all of its members and those outside individuals have something to grasp onto.

The Chairman of the American Blackshirts Party is someone who shows great leadership skills, knows how to build a well rounded community, and gives nothing but great respect as well as devotion to the Party as a whole. Which is rare to come by. Most parties that people boast about fallen out due to them lacking these few abilities. To which I give the utmost respect and credit to the Chairman for building this Party and for all of the effort and heart that is constantly placed and reminded of. The members that are apart of the Party and the Leadership Members that we have as well deserve just as much credit for putting their time, effort, and voices throughout the years that this Party has been around.

This is why now I am proud to be a member of the American Blackshirts Party. I am proud to be a Fascist. This is what Fascism is to me. We may be small, but our voices will be heard and change will happen.

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