We Have but One Sole Loyalty

Updated: Sep 12

What is it that makes an American different than a citizen of any other nation, regardless of the political system under which they work and live? What exactly should it mean for our citizens to recognize themselves as members of a unified spiritual American race, when all within the State are united regardless of their biological ethnic race or ancestry? What would we all have in common once a fascist system is realized in America? The answer, in my opinion, is a combination of our inherent entrepreneurial spirit and self-reliance.

Every American hails from ancestors who boldly left their homelands to make a better life here in America. As a result, we are a nation of diverse genealogical histories, and an entrepreneurial spirit is in our blood. That same entrepreneurial spirit that led our ancestors across oceans should continue to lead us in pursuing a continually-improving life for ourselves and our children here in our homeland. We should not take the government defined by the Founding Fathers as eternal and absolute—rather, it is ours to improve, reform, or destroy as We the People see fit in order to make an ideal American life a reality.

Self-reliance is a concept all but forgotten in today’s American society. Millennials are growing into the world without an appreciation for the fact that life is a struggle, not a given. Instead of “everything for the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state”, their mantra seems to be “everything for me” at a cost to society as a whole. Some of our forefathers sacrificed their lives to make our nation independent—and we today are still called to self-sacrifice for the greater good of the State to grow it to its fullest economic, political, and social potential.

So, I have come to believe it is a combination of American entrepreneurial spirit and self-reliance that has the potential to assimilate ethnically and culturally-diverse individuals into a spiritually-united community capable of socioeconomic success greater than any other nation in the world. In that endeavor we don’t have room for individuals to be divided by race or creed. We have room for but one sole loyalty, and that is a loyalty to the united American State.

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