Towards a Responsible Fascism

Everybody loves a good movie, whether its horror, drama, or suspense there’s usually involved a plot involving a group of sinister individuals aiming at taking the lives or freedoms of the main protagonists. This makes for a better made more entertaining movie. A motion picture about the history of ideas and their slow evolution on the other hand would not get many viewers. Unfortunately the profit motive which drives the entertainment industry isn’t solely a byproduct of that trade. Like King Midas, Capitalism transforms everything it touches, but instead of gold it commodifies all, giving it a value from which it can be bought and sold.

A movie isn’t just a movie; it’s the byproduct of a value system which defines all facets of our existence.

Much like the movie politics has become a commodity which is for sale to the highest bidder; the politician to get elected first needs to find the funds to finance his election campaign. More often than not he lacks the capital necessary to self-finance so he has to sell himself to those with the money to retain his job, and then sell himself again to a skeptical public, while competing for his job with someone else, much like a movie which has to compete with other movies for a limited amount of dollars. Politics in a Capitalist democracy is adversarial in nature, instead of promoting collaboration, elections are designed to be destructive, with the winner being the one who can sensationalize and sex-up a message to sell to an audience ignorant of most things political, hence the domination of paranoia and sensationalism of our political culture. I realize that existing within this construct it’s impossible to escape its full effects, but advocating a revolution requires that our ethics, both personal and political require us to transcend our given circumstances, to be the alternative we offer.

More than anything else as the Chairman of the ABP I constantly come across people and sometimes members who are anxious to offer ideas on changes which can be made to our platform and image to make it more appealing to the general public. To a degree there’s nothing wrong with this. Sharper, better looking graphics don’t compromise who we are or our beliefs, possible rewording of certain items in our literature is ok at times. But doing the following which has been suggested from time to time is giving in to the worst instincts of capitalism and instead of transforming the system, lets us be transformed by it.

* Ignoring Mussolini and other Fascists because they weren’t American and wouldn’t appeal to an American audience. Instead replacing them with traditionally heroic American historical figures, whether sympathetic to Fascism or not.

* Aligning with groups on the Alt-Right to exploit their success for our own gain, all the while ignoring fundamental doctrinal differences.

* Supporting Donald Trump for the same above reasons.

* Supporting Marijuana legalization, because opposing it would compromise our potential for growth due to its widespread usage and popularity.

This is not to imply that the ABP will forever be resistant to change, but that change has to be consistent with our ideals and not the product of a popularity contest.

I’ve been proud to say that the ABP has been consistent in our unwillingness to compromise on our ideals and give in to the sensationalism which infects our politics and society. Our position that ideas more than anything else make or break nations and describe better than anything else the evolution of the world has stayed consistent during our five years of existence. Nonetheless the wartime alliance between Fascism and National Socialism continues to bear rotten fruit.

Politically speaking National Socialism is an insignificant blip on the radar, which doesn’t deserve to be addressed in any considerable form, but will be here because within Fascist movements in the American-Anglo realm continues to display more importance than warranted

When it comes to ideologies National Socialism is the epitome of irresponsibility, putting value in and using explanations based upon pseudo-science and innuendo to form its ideology. This isn’t to say that its adherents don’t actually believe what they’re saying. What it does say is that the crudest forms of politics deriving from Capitalism and National Socialism are its ideology. Ideas have little if any formative value in regards to National Socialism, instead dark conspiracies regarding Jews and race-mixing make up most of its content.

“If the question is still asked why National Socialism combats the Jewish element in Germany so fanatically, the answer the answer can only be, because National Socialism wishes to establish a real community of the people. Since we are National Socialists, we cannot permit an alien race to impose itself upon our working people as its leaders.” – Adolf Hitler

The quote above I would think even national Socialists would agree is a fair representation of Hitler’s thoughts on the Jewish question. It also demonstrably shows the conspiratorial element within NS thinking. Blaming Jews for the inability of Germany to establish a real community of the people. This despite the lack of representation of Jews in German government and the military. In fact the Nazis were never able to validate their claims that Jews were responsible for Germany’s defeat in the First World War and its subsequent downfall during the Weimar Republic. Instead relying on forgeries such as the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and other sensationalist literature describing conspiracies of Jewish Bankers to enslave gentiles. All of this was based upon the proposition that if somehow the Jews were to disappear then the problems they bring with them would disappear also, a kind of National Socialist fairytale. Easy to tell, simple to understand and appeals to the desire of people for a good story with a happy ending.

The Nazis never bothered with what would happen if regular Germans had the same positions of power as their former Jewish masters had. Hence why they never put much emphasis on doctrine and ideas outside of race and the Jews. To this day you can find National Socialists that run the gamut from Libertarians to Socialists. What you will have trouble finding though is insightful criticism of the social and economic structure which is so critical to historical Fascist thought.

The inability of modern day Fascists to develop their ideology isn’t due only to their mistaken alliance with National Socialists but also their adherence to figures and groups because of their opposition to the present political establishment. Opposition should always be constructive in nature and not destructive. Figures such as Alex Jones who throw out conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook being made up or 9/11 being an inside job are beneath us and admittedly by Jones himself to be an act meant to garner ratings. Simply being against the establishment is not enough. There have been populist anti-establishment figures throughout history and there’ll continue to exist, but by no means is their opposition by itself something we should grab onto and make our own. Opposition figures have to be judged by our standards and whether through that opposition we’ll be closer to where we want to eventually be. Destruction can never be a permanent facet of society. Complete anarchy can never exist for more than a short period of time as the vacuum which it creates eventually is filled be a power structure which constitutes a new State. If that destruction is brought about by dishonest, cynical means then whatever power reconstitutes the State will be based upon those same vices.

What’s needed now more than ever is a complete break with the corruption inherent in Capitalism and its offshoots. We need to reject the context given to us and work to build a new one by becoming walking illustrations of the ideology we fight for.

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