Thoughts from Party Leadership about Charlottesville

Three dead, thirty-four wounded, and a nation left with zero answers. Torn apart by the media and the violent branches of extremism in the United States, the American people could only watch in horror as the clash this past week became fatal. The schism between Americans only grows wider leaving an unsettled nation with an undecided fate. Racism, violence for violence’s sake, and a continual pattern of bipartisan cooperation in only dehumanization and division of our own people, must not be allowed to continue. As representatives of the American Blackshirts Party, the only true fascist movement currently residing in America, we have gathered addresses from Blackshirts across the nation that only hope to do two things: dispel the misconception of what true fascism is, and to bring together the shattered pieces and people of the America we love. Attached below are the words and wisdom from the leadership of the American Blackshirts Party on how we feel about the most recent events that happened in Charlottesville. Fascism isn’t what the media says it is, we don’t stand for the violence and racism seen at Charlottesville - that is NOT FASCISM. But unlike other parties and news organizations - I will allow you to come to that conclusion yourself. Here are the prepared statements and quotes from party brass.

From Anthony Drummond Propaganda Director of the American Blackshirts Party

When I was growing up, race was never a massive issue for me. As an American of mixed ethnicity, I've always lacked a sense of racial identity, at least biologically, and I've had many friends of many ethnicities. The subject never really bothered me. I had always seen every single one of my friends as Americans. I now realize that my bond with you all is spiritual. This is a concept that some people just don't get. Even when you hear people talk about the American spirit, I ask myself, does this person actually comprehend the depth from which that very spirit protrudes from my own sole? It fills the section within my heart that creates the feeling of belonging. My definition of being American, is that one possesses a fragment of the spirit left behind by the many whom have either risked or given their lives to defend the sovereignty of the United States. These brave souls did not only just fight and/or die in this nation’s founding, but on to the horrors of the civil war and beyond. They fought because they were filled with patriotism and the hope that our country is fighting, in honor, for a reason that our leaders said was just. In my mind, this is the definition of race. It is the connection that binds the American community as a whole, and the willingness to fight for it, as my grandfather had in the 70s. Fighting for this notion is not limited to military service, but can even be accomplished by getting together with others to solve the issues at hand, just as members the ABP is doing now. So now I make this statement to all that read this: The American Blackshirts Party is not a hate group. We are a movement promoting unity, and actually have a large number of members of all ethnicities. When we say race, we mean spirit (the American race), when most say race, even the left, they mean the color of your skin. So tell me, who is indeed the biological racists? This is something that I found to be beautiful as I watched the ABP grow. It was shocking when I realized the power of such a positive message. To my knowledge, there has never been a movement so dedicated to achieving the all elusive unity that the American people have been forever seeking. Unlike any other group in existence, right or left, the American Blackshirts Party has a realistic solution to the division in our country today. We, as Americans, need to realize that we are all tied together in terms of our political and cultural fate regardless of race. Only then can this much needed unity be attained. Our American spirit is a multitude of times stronger that of the color of our skin. Does that sound like a racist organization to you? … certainly not! Racists, Nazis, and white supremacists, who we consider anti-fascists, are quickly shunned and ejected from party dialogue. People like that are Un-American and should be rejected in society. They are no better than the radical left. I personally invite all Americans, Black, White, Latino, or Asian, to join us in our quest for real social and racial cohesion. Our arms are wide open. Don't fall for fake fascism, or believe the propaganda, it means unity, not hatred.

From Cory Faust Regional Director of the American Blackshirts Party

When I came across the American Blackshirts Party I was overjoyed to see that finally, there was an American nationalist party that had finally taken a stance against biological racism and supported the unity of all Americans. It was with trepidation then that I watched the rise of the Alt-Right and its association with white nationalism. There is an emotional attachment in this country to days past with admiration for nazism and the confederacy, both of which are failed systems which must be left in the dustbin of history. The wholesale slaughter of millions of people who look different or believe differently is not something that can be defended, and the ABP will not tolerate members who try to defend Nazism. The same goes for the neo-Confederates who defend slavery and support the balkanization of our great country. The American Blackshirts Party does not live in the past, we are intent to move forward in support of our American brothers and sisters no matter the color of their skin or their religious preference. A unified America is one which is unstoppable and can lead to prosperity for all of us, not just select groups.

From Ian Davis Regional Director of the American Blackshirt Party

“There is no greater atrocity than American’s losing sight of what it truly means to be American. To the Neo-Nazi’s, to the KKK, to the White Supremacists - I do not know you. I don’t recognize your ideals and I refuse to give you intellectual sanctuary; I will call you out every time you speak, I will condemn every single one of your ill-thought ideas and I will always rebuke your disgusting ideology. All you will ever receive from me is a level of condemnation that is reserved for, and only for, the most vile among us. I do not hate you, I hope for you. I hope that you will unveil yourself from your ignorance and see that the only race is the American Race - one of a spiritual nature superseding all other divisions.

To Antifa, to the Alt-left, and to the Marxists - I do not know you. I will not pretend your violence was righteous or just. I will not turn a blind eye to the violence perpetrated by you against the American people and their history. The confederate statues deserved to fall, many anyway, but not at your hands and not at the expense of dialogue, intellect and peace. Your refusal to have dialogue and to dehumanize clearly the most misguided among us, demands our condemnation and just as firm of rebuke as those that you claim to oppose. I do not hate you, if I were to hate you I would be no better than you. I hate what you have become - America is in need of solutions not destruction.

A country with an identity crisis doesn’t need to erase its history or to have its name be soiled by violence and hatred against our own brethren. The history of America is both complicated and violent, controversial and incredible, dynamic and unbelievable, and undeniably indicative of the greatness we are all capable of. The American nation continues to push humanity to new peaks in prosperity, technology, innovation and industry. I can not imagine a world without America - nor should I, or anyone, want to. America, however is not perfect, nor is it even close. The nature of the violence, the crime affecting our youth, the poverty in our middle America and elsewhere, the political corruption in Washington and nationwide, the mistreated workers held down by multinational corporations, the drug epidemic brought about by cartels, our lack of affordable and useful education at the hands of our very own government and the for profit dare I say predatory nature of our colleges, and our corrupt health care system that allows people to die who can’t pay and helps people die if they can pay; this is the most pressing testament and our reasoning for our continual efforts to uphend that which is cemented by injustice and to topple over all that which oppresses the American people. We will not allow injustice to continue, or race relations to sour, or for people to die in our streets at the hands of extremists - right or left wing.

The American people deserve more. The American people demand more. I, Ian Davis, as a Regional Director of the American Blackshirts Party come before you and pledge that as long as the American Blackshirts Party exists we will oppose racism and injustice, poverty and crime, and American on American violence, with every last ounce of our strength. We will fight all those who raise a hand against the American nation. Hear us, fear us, be gone from us: Antifa, KKK, White Supremacists, White Nationalists, Alt-right, Religious Extremists, Marxists and anyone else traitorous to the American ideal - you will never find solace within our party or within our nation. Those who dehumanize Americans deserve nothing - yet we won’t give up on you like you have given up on America. The ABP will fight to spread our message so that people can find change in their hearts and help America to truly and finally be a better place.”

From Jesse Drummond Regional Director of the American Blackshirts Party:

“In its true form fascism reflects the true feelings of a Nation and its people, all of its people. One of the main objectives of our great Ideology is what I call collective unity. This is when the citizens of a nation as a whole, strive to move forward in the same direction as a singular entity. The outcome, this empowerment of the community, is all citizens working for the greater good of the country and therefore for the people. Individualistic greed is replaced by a great sense of duty and pride for all those who consider themselves American. American fascism which has been fathered by the American Blackshirts Party is the spiritual unity of the American people. This is not defined by physical race. We believe all Americans are fascist they just don’t know it yet.

Now for the big question, Why are we opposed to Nazism? Simply National Socialism is un-American. I feel like I can speak for all of our membership and pretty much the entire population of the United States when making that point. It seeks to destroy and segregate the people of this country. That is not unity, that is not for the greater good, that is not American, and most of all that is not fascism. In the past neo-Nazis and white nationalist groups have attempted dialogue. Our answer was clear, to hell with that - we are American. You Neo-Nazis are not fascists! I am proud to say all men like that are now former members as we have a zero tolerance policy toward Nazism and those with racist beliefs. Now, let me explain why true fascism is opposed to white nationalists or any race orientated group to be exact. These groups wish to destroy our country through division. We believe division is the natural by product of democracy created by the two party system, the media, and capitalists who lie for our votes. The definition of American fascism is absolute unity, not persecution of physical race.

It’s time for a personal thought. As for the alt-right, how can one simply toss us in a bag along with such groups? The truth is they despise us and we have nothing in common. They can’t get a grip around the possibility that there are real solutions to our country’s problems through change in policy and proper use of the media. It is not race that holds our country back as the media would lead you to believe. It’s a lack of identity as Americans and loss of moral values. People of different colors are very capable of standing together, united to rid our country of the very system that seeks to divide us. We are not a hate group. The thought that someone would classify our movement as such a degenerative organization angers me to the core.

I would like to point out how this movement has driven me to make great changes in my life. The day I joined the ABP was like a breath of fresh air. Immediately my perception on life and how I view the world began to change. These were not changes that inspired hate. Instead they inspired a deep sense of caring and respect for my fellow countrymen. I want nothing more than to see all citizens of our nation come together and unite as one. This does not mean I think our country is heading in the right direction, in fact I know it’s not. A goal of ours is help change the way all Americans think so we are all heading in the right direction towards progress. To have dreams of a nation truly united while retaining its morality and do everything we can to make that reality is not hate. It is the opposite. I would like to see someone try to prove me wrong, I would enjoy that debate as I know they are wrong to begin with.”

From Joshua Noyer, Leader of the American Blackshirts Party:

“Racism is antithetical to everything we believe. It denies the reality of human nature as revealed through history and in its place substitutes an abstraction which puts human genetics on a pedestal making it almost divine. Racists like to attribute America’s decline to increasing racial diversity brought about through immigration reform done in the 60’s. This ignores the central place given to democracy and capitalism as factors of national decay in the modern world. If race plays such an important part in individual and national destiny then a homogenous nation has no need for a strong ethical state as the center of national consciousness and hence no need for Fascism. The Night Watchman State of liberalism would be vindicated. The fact is that when non-white immigration began to be accepted en masse by the United States and Western Europe there was no identity to uphold and protect; it had been absorbed in an orgy of materialism and revealed in low birth rates and empty church pews. The immigrants couldn’t provide a threat to something which didn’t exist. The ABP is a testament to the power of ideas to shape and form the society which surrounds us. The “delirium of race” which is preached by those on the Alt Right is nothing more than a sideshow which leads to a nightmare of hate and bitterness.”

From John M, Regional Director of the American Blackshirts Party:

“The past several days have taken its toll on American society. The whole world has had it's eyes on our nation, one outrageous event after another. Following the Charlottesville event, many people across the nation have banded together to face white nationalism. I, not only as a member of the ABP but as a leader want to make something very clear, the ABP denounces white nationalist groups and their attempts to balkanize our nation. Our message is one of unity for the American people, regardless of their skin color or religion. We see the state as absolute and the idea of a certain skin color being the center of obsession is not only completely against our doctrine but our moral beliefs. To view skin color or ethnicity as the absolute undermines the state as the absolute, and that is a threat to our ideology.”

In Conclusion:

Our stance has always been clear: we abhore the racist ideologies spread by National Socialism and other White Supremacist groups. We detest the liberal media that has vested interest in splitting the American people into small racial or regional based voting blocs in which can be manipulated and used against each other to our collective detriment. Fascism is about unity and strength - but most of all holding the American race paramount. We will, and always will, fight against anyone or anything that threatens our existence, our peace, or our chance to stand as one and achieve greatness through it. We thereby denounce the dangerous and evil groups that had a hand in the bloodshed Charlottesville. May those hurt or killed recover and rest in peace. We will not let his travesty be forgotten as we continue to push to make America a better place.

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