The Unholy Alliance

I’ve explained several times in these pages and elsewhere that one of the greatest threats a modern-day Fascist will come across is the temptation of expediency. That through working with and through the present system a false belief that something resembling a Fascist Republic can be built. There is several perceived advantages to doing this, first and foremost is bypassing the time needed to build a 50 State organization, thereby saving time, money and the lives of any number of people negatively affected by American Democracy. Also, there’s a factor which plays upon people's subconscious; the unwillingness to completely reject the fundamentals of American politics. Considering that we were all born and raised in this country; Reciting the pledge of allegiance, and the singing of patriotic songs in school, to extract that out of you is to lose a part of yourself. It’s not easy to admit that your ancestors and the founders of this country represented the antithesis of everything we believe in ideologically and fought for nothing worth valuing.

It’s at this point that an ABP member must ask himself how much is he dedicated to his country. Are you dedicated enough to reject the beliefs that you once held sacred; to become an outcast in your own community? To place upon yourself, for the time being the burden of bringing the most unpopular political movement in the world to American shores. It’s for this very reason that Fascism in not only a political ideology, but a “conception of life.” To be a Fascist is not only to believe in the primacy of the State and a Corporatist social order, but to live your daily life with honor, courage, and bravery. There is no separating the public from the private; they are both the same thing. To be a Fascist is to fight against the darkest aspects of human nature and to do God’s work here on earth. Not a job for the weak of heart. It’s important to keep this in mind when discussing the candidacy of Donald Trump and our reaction to it.

What should be our attitude towards voting and elections? Ask yourself, would the US look any different today if Carter had defeated Reagan in 1980, Dukakis had defeated Bush in 88 or if either of GW’s two election victories had turned out differently. The answer is no. This country has gone through cycles or Republican and Democratic ascendancy and regardless we’ve been moving in a direction of more Democracy and less freedom. The American Right Wing from which most of us came from has never questioned the Democratic foundations of the country and in fact has always looked to strengthen the Democratic and Capitalistic ideals of the founders.

There are several overlapping ideas they have with us, such as strengthening the family, and at least a spoken fidelity to religious ideals. On a personal level, it was these stances which first led me to Conservatism at a young age, but the party’s inability to affect any change in the course of the country led to disillusionment and brought me to an ideology of the State, to Fascism. To square the circle is impossible; to believe in a political system which stands for nothing except what the majority wants and an economic system which brings us an ideology of growth at the expense of borders and nation cannot be reconciled with our beliefs. Fascism, which believes that the State is an ethical institution with a life of its own, encompassing the general well-being of its constituent parts, regardless of popular opinion is one with the nation and morality. There is no other alternative; to continue the way we’re going will lead to national and spiritual death. The only way to effect change without running candidates is to starve the system of legitimacy. Democracy posits that sovereignty lies with the people. If the people, then fail to act on that sovereignty Democracy will fall apart. Of course, it’s always preferable to use a more direct approach and vote for candidates that will oppose liberal democratic institutions, that way anti-democratic ideas can gain direct support, while our elected officials can undermine the system from within.

Part of the appeal of Trump amongst many people on the ALT Right and Fascist community is his apparent willingness to buck the system, not only in regards to immigration, but in a general attitude that the whole system is corrupt and the gratitude which people feel by applying the middle finger to it. But is this a justification for supporting a particular candidate; when we give support to someone or idea we attach a part of ourselves to that thing which we support. We help lay the foundation for future action. Simply opposing a system which we already recognize as corrupt is not enough. There are some which through their opposition would make the system more democratic, thereby making it worse and there are many like Mr. Trump who through demagogic appeals about the system’s evils hope to gain power. Neither of these options deserve or will gain our support. The death of democracy can only be brought about through principled action and articulation of a viable alternative. False foundations will only lead to false ideas. Donald Trump has not once questioned the legitimacy of democracy. On those occasions when people have questioned his commitment to democratic ideals, such as when he threatens to make it easier to sue news outlets for libel or questioning the integrity of elections, his motives have never come from any opposition to the structure of our political system but more from his own insecurities and paranoia.

Is conservatism, something that we’ve moved beyond or a safe fallback position that works because it’s the lesser of two evils? Of what use is a wall to keep out illegal immigrants when doors will be installed at every border crossing. Illegal immigration is a problem, but legal immigration is a bigger problem due to the demands it puts on culture, the political process and identity. A State by its very nature is designed to fix problems within the body politic. Immigration by its very nature is a band aid which covers up decay without addressing its cause. Trump’s plan by legitimizing legal immigration will cause more problems than it solves.

Trump’s association with figures within the Conservative movement has led to his adoption of policies which strongly resemble those of mainstream conservatism: Tax Cuts, Balanced Budgets, school vouchers, etc. Themes pushed by Conservatives for at least the last two generations; with the same results of failing to put a dent in the immoral direction of our country. Of what use is low taxes, and balanced budgets if the family unit is not valued by society, if immigration is needed to maintain population levels at a manageable level, or if most the population is too addicted to drugs to appreciate anything of value in life. It’s very possible that Sodom and Gomorrah had thriving economies and personal wealth before their destruction. It’s been the very inability of Conservatives to recognize the philosophical nature of the modern world which has led to their complete failure to realize their vision for America.

A bit of this reality has set in on the right, at least on a subconscious level. Gone are the days of Reagan and Kemp and for all their faults a vision of where America should go and ideas to implement that vision. The end of the Reagan/Bush era brought us a society no better off than Carter’s America, 12 years of failure with nothing to show. While the likes of Limbaugh and Hannity would deny it, the presidency of Bill Clinton brought out the actualization of this failure. The Conservative media machine, to preserve its money-making ability couldn’t rely on the old tired slogans and ideas which had already proven to have failed, so the left had to be portrayed as the mortal enemy, conspiracy theories had to be cooked up of our liberties being under constant siege. No longer could the merit of ideas be combated in the public arena. The right no longer had any.

Trump’s inability to articulate an opinion coherently and expand upon his 200-word vocabulary has left him at the mercy of his operatives on the Conservative Right. Hence a half-hearted immigration policy coupled with constant personal attacks on his opponent. Here are a few samples taken from Trump’s speeches:

“Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends.”

“Honestly, she should be locked up. She should be. Should be locked up.”and her donors.”

These aren’t isolated examples they represent the thoughts of a childish vulgar man with the temperament of a Middle School student and a party and political ideology with no backbone, suffering from dementia. The alternative right, which had all the potential in the world to be a political force in this country made an unholy alliance with a man and a political movement which specializes in zombification.

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