The Spiritual Pillars of Man

Updated: Sep 12

As we look outward and scan the broad strata of the condition of mankind and his relation to the whole, we may at first glimpse say that he is free to choose what his relation may be. That is, he may fling himself into the middle of the maelstrom of political turbulence so central to the experience of the inner nature of man or he may choose to completely extricate himself from the madness and live a solitary life in what he deems as peace. To be sure, the latter is often the culmination of a person’s evolution in such matters. Realizing after a long time that the ‘truth’ as such is largely subjective and has craftily evaded him he gives up and indeed gradually gives in to an attitude of indifference. At this stage, he even thinks to himself that this is in fact the truth. That there is no truth. This has as its consequence a malaise in society. But this is exactly the man who has no vision and was never fit to be thinking about such matters to begin with let alone joining in on the deciding of them. This is precisely due to the fact that this man was wholly consumed with figuring out the way things are and truth of matters that were only right in front of him. To be sure, this is very important due to the fact that the present must be understood in order to correctly formulate the future. But this is only so in the practicality of things. The man who falls into ideological indifference was never to be any sort of a leader because he had no vision and no ideas. These ideas can only arise from convictions. Convictions formulated over a life of experience and learning. The leader is able to look beyond what is right in front of him and create a theoretical framework as to where society should go. The ‘truth’ of things as they are and the practicality of matters are only things with which to fill in the framework already conceived by the forward looking elements of any society. But the man who wishes to live apart from society because he has become utterly repulsed at the complete mess that humanity is due to original sin is not wrong for wanting to do so. However, once extracted from society what has he become? Has he become enlightened? Has he reached the apex of human evolution? Not unless you consider selfishness to be the apex of mankind, which I suspect many, would indeed conclude. The truth of the matter is that this man has in reality regressed as man and not progressed. The truth is that man is a social being and cannot even with all his might fully leave the herd. If all of mankind were to do as this man does and emulated his example then mankind would dissolve into the void the way steam dissolves into the wind. Therefore, when we talk about leaving society we can only speak of degrees not absolutes. Surely, there will be those who relish quiet in the countryside as well as those who love the bustle and the happenings of the big city. But each individual is linked to his fellow man fully and completely. He cannot exist outside of the whole. In addition, this is why duty to the whole; selflessness and not selfishness is the apex of human progress. The man who leaves society completely has reduced himself to a being lower than many animals and gives up his birthright as the image of the almighty. Therefore, we must conclude that while individuality is wonderful and productive, the ideology of individualism is corrosive and does not represent man’s true nature. This necessarily leads us to admit that there is hardly anything a man can be permitted to do that does not effect in some way the whole. This view of human nature and society must be the basic premise upon which all other philosophies will be built upon.

Since it has been determined that man is necessarily tied to the herd and that there is nothing outside of the herd but death, we can in fact take the view that mankind on the whole is a death pact. Should culture and society fail then the human race will cease to exist as anything more meaningful than animals or Neanderthals. Moreover, here we must be more concise in order to properly come to and cross our next bridge. Should there be a nuclear war, large swaths of mans residue upon this earth will be eradicated. But if some survive, if only a hundred beings, then mankind will not have ceased to exist so long as these beings retained its culture. When we say mankind will have been eradicated it can only mean two things. 1) That numerically the human population left is zero. None is left. This of course would mean that mankind would be wiped out in its most final sense. 2) Even a few human beings survived but its culture did not. Therefore we conclude that society is a death pact in that if the pillars of culture that presently hold up the very platform on which man currently stands that he himself has built up over millennia should ever crumble beneath him then even though there be twenty billions upon the face of the earth man will have ceased to exist. Therefore, whether or not the shell that encapsulates the organism and houses cellular respiration is intact well enough to sustain itself, is at best only half of what makes man alive. The other half, and the only part that matters in reference to ‘man’ as a theoretical concept can only be called ‘spirit’. Therefore, when we speak of survival we cannot only mean the material welfare of a people for even the ape puts food to mouth but most importantly the spiritual welfare of a people. For these very reasons, man has an obligation, a holy duty, to concern himself with the betterment of his surroundings and society. The man who turns his back on the world only deserves to have the world turn its back on him and it is in this lonely quarter that cold death waits with open arms.

And so we see that there are two very general considerations; the material and the spiritual. Our present governing bodies throughout the world and especially what is known as ‘the western world’, are wholly preoccupied with the former and have all but completely abandoned the nurturing and fostering of the latter. Indeed, there is an assault on the latter by certain elements of society. Of those who are left, only sheepish resistance is offered due to cowardice. And certainly never an actual advancement of the spiritual. This is the bourgeois world. This group of people have enjoyed a certain comfortability in life; a certain status and because of this, they only wish that the rabble-rousers of the world would suddenly see the error of their ways and go quietly back to whatever hole they crawled out of so that they do not have to bother themselves with anything and never have to concern themselves with any real issues or big questions. Most of all they cannot stomach the thought of seeming to be a rabble-rouser themselves and so they cannot bring themselves to get too deep into the fray in the battle between good and evil; life and death. These are the guardians of a world that only exists in fairy tales and their empty skulls. It is in fact for these reasons that this group of people has always been absolutely useless in the modern age for protecting the spiritual pillars of man, as we will call them. As we have demonstrated, upon these pillars rests the existence of all mankind. Without them there is but chaos and death. Without them regression and devolvement into something resembling the high mind of a slug would mankind eventually slip. These pillars hold us up not so high as heaven but certainly higher than the hell, that waits below should they ever crumble beneath us.

The previous statement illustrates a very certain thing. Namely that whether God be real or not in a theological sense makes absolutely no difference whatever. Because in a very real sense there is a hell and a heaven in a spiritual sense that awaits man not in the hereafter but in this present physical world. With this unalterable truth in view the highest noble goal and progress in the truest sense for mankind is to in fact progress toward God. The view now perpetuated by certain elements of society everywhere that ‘progress’ as such can now be deemed as purely materialistic and an abrupt about face away from marching towards God and back towards the sludge from which they contend we crawled out of is a lunacy that could only be conceived of by true monsters. Nevertheless, this lunacy pulls under its yoke more and more slaves from the ranks of the base, the gullible and the otherwise very stupid every waking hour of every day. What else can this be but the very battle waged daily between God and Satan himself. The Devil may have a certain dominion over this material world but he will only ever be master over spiritual bastards and spiritual bastards alone. Therefore, man must take the greatest care in promoting the morals of God and what is high minded.

From here, we can properly look at and evaluate the progression of man throughout the ages. The most noble and high-minded peoples created the best states which created the best laws which allowed for peace and indeed a ‘people’ to speak of in general and the creation of culture which usually resulted in at least material comfort if not wealth. In this chain, we conveniently began with a high-minded people. We must see the point here that material blessings as well as spiritual blessings such as peace, family, civil obedience, culture, only ever graced peoples of a high mind; what we could call spiritual. No creation of a great nation or any of the blessings previously mentioned ever befell a pack of savages with no semblance of a state. Whenever a great people fell into a strictly materialistic worldview and undermined the state, their material blessings soon fell as well. And so everything, even the material, is in some form or other based on the strength and character of the spiritual, which makes it the most important aspect of the human experience.

It is for this reason that we must have a new state. A strong state. One that recognizes that man is not a commodity but is a being capable of reason and therefore possesses the divine spark making him the very image of the living God. This state must not be indifferent to the spiritual pillars of man but must care for them and provide the people with the calm and the direction to enable man to build the spiritual pillars up even higher. Morality must be upheld and any attempt by subversive forces intent on the destruction thereof cannot be allowed to do great harm to the nation as they now do in such a care free fashion. That is not civilization. There is nothing but continual chaos in the current state. As a result, we as a people are so retarded in our ability to actually become a ‘people’ that there is no hope of progression in society. What is counted as progress by dominant leftist culture means devolving into something that is not human. The spiritual needs and endeavors of man is what makes us human. A state that ignores this or fights this has no right to exist. We aim to uphold morality and abolish the strictly materialistic worldview. And the truth of the matter is that this is the only way to save the human race in the modern world with its technology, companies so rich they make public policy as much and in some cases more so than the actual government, and virulent social pathologies that spread with terrifying speed. This sort of state must rise to power and put things back in order. The ideal of a small state and individual freedom may have been a dream in the past. In the present day, it is a bloody nightmare. And the sooner we realize that true freedom can only come from a strong state, with the will and ability to impose order thereby firmly reestablishing and building up the spiritual pillars of man, the sooner we can begin to reclaim our humanity, live in peace, and progress again toward the face of God.

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