The Notion of Family

Updated: Sep 20

The following is the text of a speech given at the ABP National Convention in Chicago, held over the 1st and 2nd of June.

Everybody who joins a political party joins for one reason or another. For some, it's the promise of a better future, for some the promise of opportunity; others simply need something to cling too, a family or community that they can find within it. For me, the thing that led me to the ABP above all else is the notion of family and its importance within our society.

Family is not just your brother and your sister, nor just your father and your mother, it’s the people you invite into your life and allow to build you up. And in that vein, family within a fascist society is something that all members of that nation are a part of, for every member is a part of that national family, that national community, and the unity that that provides is more than any amount of party loyalty, can give. The importance of the family is not to be understated. Specifically here in Chicago, we see families torn apart, be it via economic reasons, violence, or simple moral decay from people unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This leads to members of society being drawn into violence or into discontent, or into disillusionment.

And I say this, not to the detriment of Chicago, but rather to say that there is so much potential within this society (Chicago) and that potential is being squandered by people who are unable to see the importance of family connection and the importance of the building of our communities.

The ABP has always had the stance, at least in my assumption of it, that community and unity are amongst the highest priorities that a nation can hold. And it is up to us to ensure that the national community is created and that the community is sustained. Not through party ideology, but through personal connection, networking, and the ability of people to take on the burdens of others, as others would take on theirs. To allow them to grow.

In that same vein, we must never forget that families are a community unto themselves and will provide for each other and build each other up. And that goes as well with the personal aspect of it. You must be willing to become a part of a community, not to say, "it's not my problem because I'm not involved with it", but that all problems in society are your problems because they will come around to affect you. And it is by that understanding that you must step forward to put your foot into the door and lead our society.

Because if others will not, you must.

And that is what the ABP is doing. We understand the moral degeneracy and decay caused by liberalism and the ease of oligarchs and personal interests to affect democracy. We understand that things must change, and we are taking the steps to change them. This meeting here today, above all else, is a celebration of the community the ABP has built and the community we wish to bring to all Americans.

I wish to give sincere thanks to everyone in this room, and to all of our supporters. For being there whenever we would need you. Because I am true in my belief that any member in this room would be there for you if you should need it.

Thank you.

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