The Necessity of Stigmatization

One of the most important things about being a Fascist is becoming aware. Aware of self and aware of surroundings. For many people, becoming Fascist takes an evolution of the mind so to speak, I know that this was true of myself. As a person who has always been interested in politics and naturally disposed to be a socially concerned citizen, from the earliest days of mental maturity I found myself thinking incessantly about the world and our government, the forces at work in it, the meaning of power and so on. Unlike many Fascists in this country I originally belonged to the Democratic Party. I more or less inherited this membership from my family who considered themselves southern Democrats as in the kind from a bygone era. Socially conservative and economically liberal in many ways it would later translate quite nicely to my current line of reasoning although with key differences. These differences are the result of my own evolution.

Being socially conservative and economically liberal or populist are mere sentiments. In this respect I have never changed much and in this way I feel that I have always been true to myself. The evolution occurred only when I learned to ask the real questions and learned to question things that you aren’t supposed to question. The biggest change occurred when I realized that my political sentiments really were not important because they were not in and of themselves a force. These sentiments are only given meaning by a framework in which they reside. This framework, I realized, is Liberal Democracy and Capitalism. I slowly came to the realization that all ideas and political flavors are debatable and even encouraged to be questioned. But the framework, that is Liberal Democracy and Capitalism are not to be questioned. The supreme of the two however is Democracy as, while the socialists have done a fine job of questioning capitalism, they too latch on to Democracy with the ferocity of a starving leech. I found this a curious aspect of my existence in this country if not an unsettling one and with this awareness I naturally wanted to vet it, if you will, if only for the sake of academic exercise. I quickly found out that questioning Democracy was met with such a great outcry that one was inclined to simply keep ones mouth shut and stay away from the topic altogether. It seemed to me that it was much more acceptable to question the existence of God or even come out of the closet as a homosexual. Both, as a matter of fact, would be greeted with cheers by this glorious liberal post modern world we now find ourselves in. When I became aware of this reality I knew that something was not right. It was at this juncture that a grim seriousness beset my mind and for the first time questioning Democracy crossed the line from mere academic exercise into the realm of analyzing the ideology from top to bottom for the sake of deciding to retain it or to toss it onto the trash heap. The fact that you are reading this article now should tell you which decision I eventually took. Analyzing Democracy caused a very clear realization which was the fact that the system was going in one direction and I was not going with it. I saw and felt myself as wholly separate from it. I had now committed the supreme sin which was divorcing myself from the system and accordingly was looked upon as a leper. At first this caused a kind of sorrow because you feel that you have betrayed what it means to be a good American. Yet it could not be helped. I had evolved in my thinking. I now saw things that I never saw before and once it is seen it cannot be unseen. It was not possible to go back. I saw that Democracy was leading us down the road to perdition and I flatly refused to travel that road alongside it hand in hand. This development led to others, among them was the realization that being a good American has nothing to do with being a proponent of Democracy. It had everything to do with being part of a community; a nation and that both were victims of Democracy, the very ideology they hold so near and dear to their hearts. After the proverbial dust settled from this cataclysmic internal struggle and an inner calm once again reigned within, I thought how silly I had been for feeling so upset at myself. And now this I found a peculiar thing and began to consider it.

Anyone who is unfortunate enough to be as familiar with the left’s shenanigans as I am knows that certain words pop up in their vocabulary again and again as they unleash their diatribes of brainless muddle whenever they are attempting to proselytize their next victim with the Godless religion of Marx. As annoying as they are it is effective propaganda as it beats certain ideas into the susceptible brains of the less mentally robust among us, the proportion of which I am sad to say, appears to be the majority. Nevertheless, one cannot help but admire the relentless onslaught against the masses they carry out daily with such effectiveness. When you are in the company of a leftist as they are in the act of disseminating their mindless nonsense you most often come to the conclusion the mooncalf is as ignorant as the simpletons who are readily receiving their respective cups of kool-aid being given to them by his hand. A mere pawn himself spitting out the approved lies given to him by the actual Socialists far removed from the dirty work on the streets who really know what they aim to achieve. This fellow, a useful idiot, uses the approved vocabulary referenced above but it is usually very general. Should you come across a leftist who is one more level up in their sophistication of the understanding of their doctrine you will find that they use the same vocabulary as the aforementioned disciple of Marx but with an added set of vocabulary; just like a child in grade school. It is my own experience that at this level of intelligence, if I may call it such, you begin to hear the term ‘stigmatize’. In their world the context in which this term is used, usually refers to a patriarchal societal superstructure that has oppressed and victimized some minority using stigmatization. These stigmas, according to them, must be removed. The smarter of them know that in actuality they are replacing these stigmas with new ones but the average fool actually believes that he is making the world a fairer place free of all prejudices and inequalities (as though such a thing were possible). This type of leftist understands the use and meaning of stigmatization very well. And here I had ran afoul of both the left and right at a cross section of values they both wish to appropriate for themselves and utilize which was Democracy. Reflecting on my experience with the left my feeling of shame that I felt at my initial turning away from Democracy came into focus. I had been stigmatized. It was a stigma to shun Democracy. And I thought my God the genius of that. I did not hate it. To the contrary, I admired it. The ability of people which administrate a system and ideology to perpetuate it. Being aware of the power of stigmatization is necessary to the administration of any State. This is not a thing to feel guilty about but is something to be wielded tactically as it is natural in any entity where there is a focus of governmental power.

From here we can draw our conclusions and learn a valuable lesson. I recently witnessed a small but sizable parade of students chanting the slogan “hey hey, ho ho, homophobias got to go” and I must admit my initial instinct was violence. Break it up by use of force. A primordial feeling against the scene welled up inside of me. The irony of it is they use intimidation to denounce the intimidation they feel as homosexuals or as advocates of same. And make no mistake about it their parade and shouts is a type of intimidation. Be that as it may we must never resort to violence against such lunacy. We must be smarter than they. What was true for Ghandi holds true for us and doubly so which is once you become violent they then know how to handle you. Had I utilized violence as a political tool in this instance I may have bloodied a few mouths but I would have been held up as an example of what they are up against. It would have galvanized their resolve and I would have been brandished as an example of ignorance. I would have given them fuel for their fire. Furthermore, it would have compromised the party and Fascist ideology in general not to mention I would have accrued a few charges not the least of which would be a hate crime and conspiracy against ‘civil rights’ which is an actual thing. Nothing could please them more than for a Fascist to use violence against them. We cannot play into their narrative. For now we must do the hard work of beating these people on the battlefield of ideas. We cannot give them grounds to easily dismiss us before the general public for it is the general public whom we must convert to our side.

The prize for which we fight is the culture. Democracy has won the culture and leftists use this springboard to move the culture every day further and further in the direction they want it to go. So the first stage in our struggle is to capture the culture. The only way to do this will be by way of a dirty ideological street fight. They have numbers, we have superior ideas and superior people of that I am both confident and proud. The second stage will be after we have attained governing powers. At this stage laws must be utilized precisely in order to stigmatize such atrocities as homosexuality. We have the nuclear family to fight for and thereby fight for civilization. The societal rot of homosexuality that has been perpetrated on the country was done so by the telling of one of the biggest lies ever told to a people in the history of mankind which was that if one was homosexual then they were born that way. It is not my intent to delve into the intricate reasons here as to why people choose such a lifestyle of which there are many but it is enough to know that being born that way is certainly not one among them. This bald-faced lie was shamelessly told because there is no retort to it. If you are born a certain way then the necessary inference that follows is that it can’t be helped and therefore natural. To be clear, I am not just picking on the issue of homosexuality for the sake of picking but rather I am using it as a clear, relatable and readily understandable example. The more honest essays and works I have read by psychologists and the like in academia on the subject say that the reason for homosexuality is not known. This can simply be taken to mean that there are many reasons for the phenomena, all of which is dependent on choice, and most likely they are afraid to say the truth for fear of being blackballed from their profession and from future publications; stigmatized if you will. This is the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in today and this is why no “study” can ever be cited to refute our view because we know that ‘science’ as such is captive of the current stigma that the left and liberal society in general wields over it. This stigma is what we must turn around on them and I for one will not feel sorry about it. For our leftist friends who keep tabs on the material on our website, of whom I know that there are a few, let me be clear when I say that anybody with half a brain, if they gave the matter any thought whatsoever, would know that being born a homosexual is a lie due the fact that when you are born you simply are not a sexual being and will not become one until many years later. For some the predisposing psychological factors that sometimes results in homosexual tendencies will be laid in the early years of development it is true, but being born that way was and is a lie conceived in the belly of hell. You are simply born with certain physiological features that are meant for reproduction which if anything naturally leads one toward heterosexuality. So in short, being born a homosexual is simply not possible. The smartest of the leftists and the true operators know that this is so. The stooges among the movement actually believe it. Using laws to stigmatize this sort of behavior and many other such things that are damaging to the nation and the family will be necessary in our fight to bring order to society and bring sobriety back to a drunken and disordered state. —

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