The Importance of Culture

As many of you know and for those who may not know I am the regional director of the eastern region as well as the director of religious affairs. While I am a Christian, I see it as my larger duty to ensure that ample attention is paid to that aspect of the National Reformationist ideal that perhaps most greatly distinguishes it from both its capitalist and communist detractors, namely, all matters not pertaining to the infatuation of materialistic subjects; what we can call “the spiritual”.

Now I don’t have to tell you all where we currently stand in this country on the issue of religion in the public sphere. It’s not just frowned upon; it's being chased clean out of our culture. And that is because liberal culture has no use for it. The Marxists of the 19th and 20th centuries saw religion as the quote “opiate of the people”. This “opiate” they claimed kept the working classes down by feeding them lies about a wonderful afterlife where the poor will receive their rewards because they stored up their treasure in heaven, while here on the earth the rich built up their treasures. This belief in the rosy afterlife the Marxists said placated the poor and kept them from raising a hand against their masters the bourgeoisie.

Today in modernity you have just the opposite. It is now the rich who most benefit from the nation doing away with religion exactly because they have constructed an economic machine that views traditional religion as a barrier and a hindrance to their making money through the inducement of sick consumerism and the general culture of drunkenness and depravity it depends upon for survival.

It is often lost on people today that Jesus the person was a revolutionary. A radical among radicals. The cross was reserved for Jesus as punishment because the Roman Empire deemed him a threat to the rule of Caesar himself and therefore guilty of sedition. But I’m not here today to preach a sermon or give a history lesson on the life and times of Jesus Christ but to illustrate to you that from the very beginning the message of Jesus was a threat to the ruling classes because Jesus preached against any system of values where money was the beginning, the means, and the end and in this nation where the system was constructed to give rise to many Caesars at the expense of the many more average folks; the message of Jesus of Nazareth has become all the more intolerable for them today.

From this analysis, we see very clearly that liberal culture and capitalism are inexorably linked and bound together in unholy union. Therefore, I emphatically declare here at this national congress that the NRP stands resolutely against both.

The culture of Christianity can coincide with National Reformationism because they closely share many of the same ideals. The Christian culture cannot, however, share a culture with liberalism, modernity, and capitalism because these cultures are totally at odds with a true Christian culture. It is no longer normal to be Christian or an adherent to many other traditional religions in the face of our liberal culture but it has, in fact, become revolutionary once again just as in the days when the early Christians suffered martyrdom at the hands of wild beasts in Rome. It is therefore revolutionary that the NRP aims to once again set the Christian religion and its credos back in the national sunlight as the standard bearer and touchstone of our culture.

This is not to say we wish to exclude those who espouse other religions from civic and national participation. We have adherents of other religions in our very leadership. However, we realize that America is still a Christian nation despite the constant attacks from private interest groups, lawyers, judges, and our own government. 75-80% of all Americans self identify as Christian and the US holds within its borders the largest Christian population in the entire world. It is self-evident, therefore, that the organic national culture bears this religion and already is a unifying force. Hence, the role of any proper and ethical state should be to promote and protect this force as a cultural and societal good.

Unfortunately, our current state has been all too willing to stand idly by while a clear minority are allowed to attack it through its official organs, thereby effectively accommodating the whole lurid affair. This attack on religion in this nation will be at an end with the election of our party to the government.

And here we can draw a clear line in the sand between our doctrine which is illiberal and the general liberal doctrine of our government as handed down to us by the founding fathers. The liberal system that we have in place today is not a perversion of what Jefferson, Madison, and Washington gave us but its logical conclusion. It is a terribly bitter pill to swallow for your average American conservative to inform them of the truth, that these founding fathers, the majority of them, were not Christians at all but were adherents of a belief called Deism. Deism says that there is a God but that after he created the heavens and the earth he went away to some confined region of the cosmos and forgot all about mankind and left him to his own devices.

Why does this matter? Well not only does it fly in the face of any Christian notion about the nature of God but also because it should come as no surprise then that the philosophies the founders imbued our government which believes much the same thing. That the role of the state is by and large to leave things alone and society will progress or regress however blindly it may; no matter the outcome.

250 years later what we have is this joke of a political system which is completely alien and foreign to the people with the appearance of a choice and awash in money influences and I am here to tell you today that there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the Republican and the Democratic parties. It was for this general reason the formation of the NRP was an absolute necessity. The current state of paralysis in our government and its ineffectual ability to get anything of import done for the people demanded it.

Up until now, I have spoken largely about matters specifically pertaining to religion. But what if you’re not religious? Of what relevance is the spirit to you who may not see the importance of religion in our culture and the otherwise collective well-being of the nation? As I stated earlier, we can broadly define the spiritual as all things that do not specifically pertain to the materialistic well being of a society. It should go without saying that this is by far the largest portion of the human experience.

If we were to travel back into the mists of time to the earliest known hominid relative of humans outside of Australopithecus, we would see that this earliest ancestor of man had some inkling of burial ritual. This proves that at the heart of human relations is a very deep spiritual connection, and it separates us from the animal kingdom. It proves that we aren’t just connected to one another in the here and now but through the generations. It must become painfully obvious then that we aren’t isolated individuals as liberalism tells us but rather we are the apex example of the collective as a species. This connection is something that cannot be measured with mathematics or any instrument. It is an immaterial phenomenon that we can only refer to as spirit.

The earliest civilizations and later the great philosophers knew that the maintenance of this human spirit was of very great importance and much thought was given to it but now the world views such matters as completely irrelevant in the face of so-called science and hard provable facts in a lab. As we have moved into modernity, we have advanced greatly in material well being but we are no closer to being happy. In fact, we are tormented daily by material wants and inequalities.

The system of capitalism is built directly upon these very materialistic things that make us unhappy. This lays bare the plain fact that materialism is a hollow philosophy for any ideology to espouse or at least an incomplete one. This is why the NRP maintains we must also have a state that concerns itself with the spiritual well being of the nation.

The horrors that this neglect has managed to inflict upon the nation by the liberal state is all too clear. The opioid and otherwise drug epidemic is tearing apart communities all over the country, and our government’s only answer is deterrence or in some cases legalization. Well, we say you cannot adequately address this problem and many other problems like it unless you address the problems inherent in our culture. These are societal ills with roots that run deep. You don’t destroy a weed in your yard by mowing over it; you have to yank it up by its roots and that is, in essence, is the difference between the current system and the system that we would institute.

In the Indian epic known as the Ramayana, the early portion of the story tells of a king who tries to lure a young ascetic to his kingdom for good luck by sending him a consort of beautiful women and other treasures that in the author’s words say “agitate the mind”. Now, this is important because here you have a very ancient text first put into print about 500 years before Christ walked the earth, and here is evidence that people were already well aware that living a worldly materialistic life agitated the mind.

Fast forward 2500 years with all our modern science and materialistic advances, and the best we’ve managed to devise is a system fueled by the very things that agitate the minds of men! No wonder we are unhappy and sick as a society! Unfortunately, it would appear true that we aren’t as smart as we think we are.

Pornography is allowed to be manufactured and peddled in this country without objection and the Supreme Court says that’s fine and dandy, but they turn right around and ban prayer in schools.

An overly sexualized society and the attack on the church, not to mention an economic system that makes having a family difficult, means that more pregnancies are a result of wedlock, not a stable home. This leads to demand for abortions and the state allows it because it’s been made into big business and because it has been enshrined in a very perverted notion of “human rights”.

I will never forget the day when it first became crystallized in my head that something is so deeply wrong with this system it cannot be straightened out from within by the established parties and politicians, and that was the day my state’s duly voted upon ban on gay marriage was overturned by some judge somewhere who decided it was unconstitutional, whatever that means anymore. It was then I knew democracy is a sham and that liberal culture would win out no matter what until we destroyed it.

Now the so-called LGBTQ movement and subsequent culture is big money. It is just one more market to exploit and this is another example of the unholy union of liberalism and capitalism. When it comes to transgenderism and homosexuality our culture of money and liberalism, modernity itself has taken what used to be widely acknowledged as mental health issues and turned it into a nauseating costume party. As a matter of fact, just a few days ago, the World Health Organization re-categorized transgenderism so that it won’t be listed as a mental health disorder any longer. When you hack off an arm they say you’re looney but when you start removing some other parts, that’s perfectly normal. This is how militant liberalism is. It infects everything, even the World Health Organization. In this case and many others like it, true science and the well being of people have become a secondary concern,. the main concern being to agree with liberal culture.

As we continue to grow and begin to enter the mainstream of the political arena, insult upon insult will be hurled at us, and we will be called vile names. It will not be so different than when insults were hurled at Jesus as he suffered the passion or that different than when other leaders and visionaries went against the dominant powers of the day. There will be those who will self righteously and arrogantly call us intolerant. I am here to say to those people today that if standing up for what is right and for what is morality born out of love for one’s country and fellow man makes us intolerant, then I am not ashamed to say, "yes we are intolerant."

We are absolutely intolerant of innocent children being murdered in the womb. We are intolerant of those who live to do nothing but breed division among the sexes and, hence, civilization itself. We are intolerant of marriage being destroyed by those who hate this most basic and loving of human institutions. And, yes, we are absolutely intolerant of transgender ideology being forced upon the little children during that abomination of what has come to be called “Drag Queen Story Hour”. Yes, we are intolerant of these things and I, for one, will make no apologies for it. But we aren’t intolerant of these things because of hate but because of love for country and the spiritual fabric thereof.

All of this neglect of the spiritual well being of the country hasn’t only resulted in unhappiness but mass casualties. Think of the lives that could have been saved from the scourge of AIDS had we had a state that saw fit to look after the spiritual needs of the nation and uphold a culture that supported the family. The gun violence, the school shootings, the domestic violence, and the skyrocketing suicide rate is not indicative of a healthy society but rather is indicative of one that is terminally ill. The “you're on your own” mentality of the liberal state has clearly failed! And the best our politicians can do is sit at their desks of rich mahogany in the hallowed halls of Congress and argue about how one side his going to get over on the other so as to better position themselves for the next election! This neglect by the current system isn’t just tragic; it is criminal.

I would venture to guess that it was the realization of these things that drove us to the NRP and become workers for this movement. None of us woke up one morning and said hey I think I want to be a National Reformationist out of the blue. For most of us, it was something of a spiritual journey fraught with doubt and even feelings of shame. Because, as National Reformationists, we care very deeply about our country and our fellow countrymen but are told day in and day out that to stand against this evil system and bureaucracy that presides in Washington is to be un-American.

To those here and to those listening at home I would say that it is only un-American when you cease to be concerned with the well being of Americans and it is this government and its worthless politicians that have time and again proven that they care nothing at all for the average American so long as the only God, money, continues to be served and their wallets stay fat.

Under the current system, this way of life stokes class hatred, but we will offer a new system that bridges the chasm of rich, poor, and government in this country. We will sow among the population a sense of belonging and graft all men and women into a national consciousness where true freedoms are realized and their capacities and abilities as human beings will be multiplied. And where the liberal state has ignored the spiritual needs of a nation and utterly failed it, we will view it as our God-given duty to resolutely tend to them as a shepherd tends to his flock. Thank you.

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