The Greatest Enemy of a Free People

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

If one thing has become apparent over the last few months, it’s that the American State doesn’t exist. The government is nothing more than a shell, full of individuals trying to retain influence and the wealth that comes with it. Decisions are made with nothing more than a modicum of knowledge, designed to garner as much public support as possible. The media, being the medium through which policies are translated to the public distorts and hyper-sensationalizes everything they come across to maximize profit. Daily we are bombarded with stories of supposedly healthy people and public figures who become ill with the Corona Virus, each of whom are inferred to be next to death. While evidence to the contrary is buried at the bottom of your news feed. The former fulfills a narrative designed to keep you scared and on edge, to keep you glued to the news. The latter produces calm, thoughtful individuals who don’t need a constant stream of news. The result can be seen by doing nothing more than driving down the street. Individuals wearing masks in their cars; people walking in the streets to avoid passing each other on the sidewalk. People are living in a constant state of fear and paranoia. Politicians live in terror of offending the media and the consequent storm of self-righteous abuse doing so engenders. This is the new normal; this is our future. The end of the Coronavirus restrictions will not be based upon science, but upon when the media has milked it for everything it can. Trump and the democratic congress are nothing more than empty suits at the whim of a public opinion molded by others. There have been many who have made the analogy of what’s happening to fascism. Nothing could be further from the truth. What is manifesting itself is not fascism, but the pluralism of democracy and the weak government which is its byproduct. Fascism is the idea of the State made manifest, with society unified under a single purpose and direction.

You want to experience freedom? Don’t listen to the media, turn them off. They are the greatest enemy of a free people. A State run media may not be perfect, but the elimination of the profit motive will cause it to serve as a much better medium for information and upholder of a nation’s values.

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