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The election of Donald Trump was a surprise that presents us with new challenges along with opportunities. While a Clinton presidency wouldn’t have changed the dynamic of American politics in any appreciable way and our growth would have remained steady; there would have been a high probability that potential opposition would have coalesced around the Republican Party. The safe choice that people are familiar with and feel safe going to, further prolonging the entrenchment of Conservative media figures and discouraging the public to look for alternatives. Either way there was little upside or downside to this scenario. Trump is a wild card though.

As early as the latter part of 2015 the writing began to appear on the wall. People on the Alternative Right/Third Position began in large numbers to throw their support to Donald Trump. Considering that much of our membership comes from this group of people it became incumbent upon us to clarify our position in regards to Trump and Conventional American politics. The American Blackshirts Party exists to fill a vacuum, to be used as a platform for Fascists to collectively express their opinions and organize. The Republicans reject us just as much as the Democrats. The Constitution, American Independent and a myriad number of other minor parties only want piecemeal changes to Liberal Democracy; despite arguments to the contrary, what they want is very similar to what their opponents want. Arguments to the contrary only take place within the framework of Liberal Democracy. Even the American Communist Party has embraced Liberal Democracy by formally endorsing Hillary Clinton, and has decided to work within the Democratic Party, rejecting their own heritage derived from Marx and Lenin. The complete spurning of our ideals by all other groups is so complete it would take a total compromise of what we believe to even contemplate a working arrangement, yet that’s what many in this movement have done by putting themselves in the public eye as diehard Trump supporters.

The energy expended to support Trump is not something that can be dismissed. The affiliation of Fascism with Trump and the Republican Party has not only been a media creation but has been advanced by several self-proclaimed Fascists. You’ll see several posts on Social Media denigrating Democrats but when it comes to Republicans, qualifiers are added such as Progressive Republicans, and RINO’s, as if anyone connected with that party is acceptable. In several of my previous articles I’ve described the dangers inherent in being identified with Conservatism, so it’s not necessary to bring them up again. Let’s just say that as of late we’ve had a drop in the rate of new members and a parallel drop in activity. (With some exceptions) Much of this can be attributed to our opposition to Trump and any kind of alliance with him. It’s not coincidental that our least popular posts on the Facebook page were the ones critical of Trump. For the moment at least some of the momentum we had going in to the middle part of the year has stalled. It’s much easier to kick back on the couch and do nothing with the perceived savior in the White House.

This isn’t to imply that the ABP is closing up shop. It does imply though that the need for an authentic Fascism is now greater than ever. How is that to be accomplished? What is the most effective way to spread our message? First of all we have to be clear on what not to do. We have to be careful when confronted with specifics. In a sick way American politics is actually brilliant at closing itself off to new ideas. Issues ranging from immigration to drug addiction are only debated within a liberal construct. Anyone offering an alternative is shunned to the political ghetto. It’s important that we don’t give in to the temptation to make our voice heard by parroting the conventional line. Let’s take immigration for example; Democrats justify open borders from the perspective of fairness. “Our ancestors came here as immigrants, therefore immigration is a fundamental American value, not to be altered.” Or a justification will be offered on the basis that rejecting people in need is inhumane and no matter what the consequences are it’s our obligation to provide them refuge. Ignoring the basic fallacies in the Left’s line of reasoning, the Republicans insist on contesting these points through a mistaken concept of what a nation is; that any group of people living under the jurisdiction of a common political unit with enforceable laws constitute a nation, and that the failure to enforce those laws implies the non-existence of the nation. As loony and utopian as the left is the right is an equal match through their appeal to an empty materialistic philosophy. As though, the only problem with immigration is that it’s not processed correctly. Like it or not those are the choices offered to us by society. I would hope that this movement has reached a stage where the lesser of two evils argument no longer applies. Because of its materialist rationale the Republican justification creates the foundation for the success of the left. For all of its illogic and utopian toxicity the left offers at the very least some meaning to their argument, appealing to and winning large demographics through default.

This is where we have to be careful. A state of mind which says that the Republicans will at least stop the tidal wave of immigrants so we should support them in the hope that our program will be implemented at a later date; is doomed to fail unless our justification is at least partially applied to this rationale. Unless this is done all that we’ll be doing is contributing to the scenario outlined in the previous paragraph. Instead, a detailed philosophical argument needs to be made along Fascist lines consistent with our principles. Until the ABP has any kind of electoral viability arguing over numbers, or geographic locations only serves to suck us into conventional no win arguments.

As time goes by the true colors of the Trump administration will begin to show. Already we’re seeing his administration fill up with millionaires and veteran Republican activists and politicians. If there’s one thing Trump has which explains his success, it’s his indomitable will. His success in the business and now the political realms are testament to that point. So it’s more than likely that large parts of his agenda will be implemented. It’s at this point that the articulation of our principles will become imperative. People, especially on the right will see that the repeal of Obamacare, Corporate tax breaks, and school choice will not reverse the decline in our country’s trajectory. We’ll still be faced with a country that permits hundreds of thousands of abortions yearly, celebrates lifestyles repugnant to our morals, incarcerates more people than anywhere on earth and will continue to export its diabolical economic and political system throughout the globe.

Just as there was a conservative revolt against the Bush Administration there will be a similar happening against the failures of Trumpism. When people begin to search for an alternative it’s important that we be out in front articulating our philosophy in a coherent manner. We need to bring the ideas of Mussolini, and Gentile to the American people in a way that they can understand. We need to elaborate the differences between the Enlightenment beliefs of the founders and its opposite in Fascism, and how only through a complete break with what they previously believed will we be able overcome our national decay.

It’s the Fascist view that the immorality and unworkability of the present system is the starting point in social thought and action. It’s also the most effective point for attack, and we’re the attackers. We have to be careful not to minimize the human costs the system creates, but to act as a remedy Fascism must first delegitimize the current government and the ideology behind it.

It is a fact that Americans, especially Conservatives are attached to their Constitution, customs, and historical figures, and because of the overwhelmingly agricultural makeup of the country and its open spaces during the founding era. The system was perceived to have been a success. When in reality it was the conditions the American people lived under which made them strong, not liberal democracy. When city life began to supplant rural existence the decay which resulted from our mistaken ideology started to take root. The same process, with some variations took place in other countries. This is why when we talk about Fascism we refer to it being universal in nature, with local varieties. The conditions which gave rise to Fascism in Italy, the incapacity of the State to act, the deterioration of the national ideal by the Reds, and the incompetence of Conservatism have all been multiplied in modern America. Hence, the reason the makers of our political models for the most part aren’t American; they don’t need to be, their models fit this country more than any native model does. We need to get this point across to people we speak with. Fascism is not Italian in nature, it’s Universal.

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