The Fight Against Globalization: To react is to lose

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Threat to our planet and the human species

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come to a close, and controversial issues facing the world, and us in the USA, are bubbling back onto our front pages replacing the big ads. Some of these issues present Greta Thunberg and her “Gretino” school strike movement, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and her Green New Deal. These are two developments we have seen recently that focus on climate change and its disastrous effect on our planet. While both are admirable in an effort to put shoulder to wheel and move things ahead on climate change, they both also miss the fundamental aspect that is driving climate change and is indeed the biggest threat to our planet and the human species: globalization. Instead of talking about the real issue in this country, we see Fox News raising concerns over plastic straws, losing access to Big Macs, and sweeping government regulation turning us into a Socialist dystopia due to efforts to combat climate change. We are reacting to what is happening in our world, and it's causing us to lose.

If Greta Thunberg and her student climate activists exist, protest, and speak out about the climate it does not mean that the problems of our environment are fake news. Many in America routinely react to issues identified on the news, whether it comes from Fox News, MSNBC, or CNN. Rather than shaping a view on issues facing us based on scientific evidence and truth, many would rather let emotions heat up and react to positions taken by those they disagree with based on political identity, or in the case of Greta and her student movement, their age. Important issues must be put into focus, and action must be taken to do the right thing, for by the time one reacts, then the initiative already belongs to someone else. And herein lies the point: there is a real threat to us all that drives climate change whilst destroying cultures and families, causing suicide and drug use to climb in the US, and cementing modern-day slavery we know as human trafficking.

Its name is: Globalization

Senator Elizabeth Warren says that climate change is an existential threat, and indeed if worst-case scenarios come true, then it would fundamentally alter humankind. However, the wheels of destruction to our planet took root over a century ago as capitalism rose from the ashes of monarchic ancien regimes and their aristocratic mercantilist economies. Today we live in a 50 Cent world, one where it’s all about [insert catchy rap beat in the background] “Get rich or die tryin”. Families are torn apart. Loving friends and family members capitulate to drug use and suicide. Culture is considered oppression.

Advocates will say globalization has helped drive down prices of goods, allowing even the poor to have access to all kinds of goods not previously available to them. Yes, and at what cost? Inequality has exploded as the poor continue to get poorer while fighting to keep their heads above the rising poverty line that rises faster than the poor can keep up with. Is it worth it to flood our market with cheap goods in return for the eradication of natural resources, handing over political decisions to mega-corporations, and to see millions pulled into human trafficking to help meet the demand of labor and pleasure? Surely one does not need to go into deep thought to appropriately answer such questions. We must take a hard and serious look at what our economic actions mean to each other.

What is the actual point of all of this? It is that the pulpit from which Greta’s (and Senator Warren’s, etc.) doomsday preaching arrives is that of unfettered capitalism. Here is the great bluff of the "Gretino" movement: the planet will not be saved by the multinational corporations, by the Kardashians, by students, or even by the United Nations. Certainly, we don’t expect that this type of society can impose a real turning point on burdensome issues such as uncontrollable garbage, stripping of rural areas, pollution of waterways, intensive exploitation of natural resources, and massive urbanization? How can we, on the lower rungs of influence in society, make any real difference when we let Black Friday ads and social pressure talk us into ruinous debt?

A national spirit for something of real value

We need an absolute paradigm shift as a people; if we want our ecosystems, like our nations, to shine and live vibrantly, then we must make changes and adopt a national spirit that does not react to consumer ads and the marketing of multinational corporations. It has to be a spirit that stands for those next to us, our friends and family, and those in our workplace and community over the latest fashion and instagram trend.

Many activists claim that humans are foreign to the environment; some say that we are a living threat to it. I disagree. In reality, we are part of the environment, and with balance we can improve ourselves and those around us, including this beautiful world. However, to find this balance we must preserve humanity from the risk of extinction which Senator Warren and some scientists claim, not simply due to a changing climate but the barbaric tide that is globalization. This globalization that both left and right (Democrats, Socialists, Republicans, etc) champion while paying lip-service to attacking the symptoms, not its causes. We must band together as a people to save our values and identity and not bow to becoming just another commodity on the market of mega-corporations. We must save our identity from censorship, from the dictatorship of political correctness. It must be saved through institutions of a strong society, such as the family, work, health, education, social security, and welfare for those dealt a harsh hand in life, which are currently being progressively eliminated because they are incompatible with maximizing profit or are attacked by the more well off among us. In short, save us from all that destroys humanity in the pursuit of fame and fortune.

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