The Ethics of the State

Updated: Nov 3

For so many of us, what brought us to National Reformationism was the perhaps gradual, perhaps abrupt, realization that in order to defeat the far left (who has no interest in compromise such as the lily-livered right howls about) and their onslaught on traditional moral values, a much tougher stance would have to be adopted. The next realization, and the one that first points toward National Reformationism, is that in order to accomplish this totally and effectively a much stronger state capable of getting the job done once and for all would need to be instituted. For it is precisely the weak state subsisting on democratic ideals that the left relies on to implement their subversive tactics and ideologies. One may charge at this juncture of logical reasoning that an authoritarian conservative government could easily accomplish the same ends rendering the need for a National Reformationist government unnecessary. And here so often is where the logical reasoning becomes corrupted and even self described National Reformationists leave themselves an incomplete canvas that yet holds so much potential. An authoritarian conservative government could indeed accomplish an end to leftist subversion in public and possibly to a degree even private life. And although it is capable of getting the job done it certainly cannot do it once and for all. The reason for this, in a word, is because the authoritarian conservative government lacks the philosophical underpinning that renders the left impotent in that spirit’s never ending quest to undermine, misconstrue, and twist the truth in their undying attempt to destroy civilization as we know it. In metaphorical terms and to a degree theological terms, conservatism, be it classically liberal or authoritarian, is a house built upon shifting sands and not on the rock that we National Reformationists have come to identify as the Ethical State.

The impetus which gave me the occasion to write this article arose as I was driving to work and listening to the Rush Limbaugh Show on the radio one day. It was the ordinary conservative talk show until a caller was taken and allowed to say his peace. This was a self described conservative who was angry with Rush because Rush had urged his listeners to not describe themselves as conservatives but as something else when trying to woo members of the left to their side. This caller went on a several minute long rant that was quite intelligent and concise I must admit. It struck so hard and succinctly that for once Rush himself seemed to be speechless. The caller charged that Rush had become soft like every other so called conservative in the media by telling his listeners to not identify themselves openly as conservatives. Other than Rush being speechless I would not have thought this call and the message very remarkable except during the course of the rant the caller very briefly touched on a point I thought to be much more pertinent and damning to Rush and the conservative movement at large. Briefly, so briefly most listening as they drove in their cars probably missed it, the caller astutely charged Rush and other conservative talk show hosts with abandoning any real effort to fight back against homosexuality, transgenderism, and abortion. Though others may have missed it my ears immediately pricked up because I had thought that very thing myself for quite some time now. It was the truth. Whether for rating’s sake the subjects were largely abandoned or because it was viewed as a moot point that was impossible to argue against, conservative talk had ceased to attack these constructs and practices directly. If the subjects were discussed at all then it was done in a passing almost flippant insinuation by the host that it was something silly and detrimental but never an outright attack on them. Never a philosophical and grounded attempt to persuade the listener that these things were an evil that must be avoided by society at all costs and furthermore to proactively fight against and beat back the tide thereof. While for a long time I had noticed this, it wasn't until I learned of the Ethical State that I realized why it was this had happened. I had conceived of the necessity of an ethical state vaguely but lacked the full understanding of the implications of the philosophical principle. This article is an attempt to help the reader skip the evolutionary pains I had to go through in order to realize what the Ethical State is according to National Reformationist philosophy and said state’s absolute and unquestionable necessity in our fight for civilization, order, and otherwise all things edifying for the nation.

Hopefully, a vague sense of what is meant by the Ethical State has started to take form in the reader’s mind from the previous two paragraphs. Now we must turn to formalizing the philosophical parameters of the concept and materialize it into a concrete realization. The Ethical State in its formulation has three main maxims upon which every citizen can agree upon whether they be of any religion whatever or even no religion.

These three maxims are unifying and collectively compose the cornerstone on which all ideas about the Ethical State is built upon. They are as follows:

1. Man, besides being an individual, is a social animal which necessarily implies a corporative existence under some form of disciplinary authority; the necessity of which is inseparable from the notion of society.

From the very moment of our birth we are at the most basic level, under ideal circumstances, born into the most primitive building block of civilization and indeed the template upon which it consists known as a family. From the point of entering the world it is predetermined by divine providence that we are not to be lone wolves but a social and familial being. This is witnessed to by the very fact that our communication skills both verbal, emotional, and written has evolved to the level they are at today. From the very distant past in the mist of a time long forgotten, primitive man bonded together if for no other reason than to hunt and provide for the community as well as for protection against beasts far larger and stronger than we were. The liberal idea that says progress of man means moving past the point of being bound to each other in favor of dropping these bonds and instead holding aloft above all else the individual, misses the point of human progress entirely. True human progress is not the unshackling from these bonds but rather the perfection of them. So we see that the liberal ideal of individualism is in fact antithetical in every way to the nature of mankind. True progress is the perfecting of the individual through multiplying his abilities and contributions through the highest embodiment of our ideals; the state. This authority, which we are obliged to set over ourselves in the interest of all, is the molder and perfecting agent of society and indeed society cannot exist without it.

2. Human actions are subject to the moral law which itself is based on the eternal law of God. Obedience to this moral and eternal law is the singular condition of all harmony.

Atop the state presides God. If an emperor or king solely declares a law or moral then it is liable and vulnerable to questioning and subversion. After all, though he be the first among men he is still only just that; a man. God cannot be questioned. In God resides the perfect truth. One that cannot be called into question or subverted. This is why if God does not exist then he must be invented. This is also why the Ethical State must protect religion (in our case especially Christianity). Hence the Ethical State is the sole purveyor and protector of moral law. If one tries by reasoning out in his own head what is right and what is wrong and what the state should and should not protect or promote then anything and everything, provided the proper reasoning, could be arrived at as “truth”. If this reasoning is encouraged by the state as in democracy then you will inevitably have as many truths as there are grains of sand on the seashore or stars in the midnight sky. While there is some good in this reasoning, when we are talking about a single unified culture, state, and people we must have some sense of moral and eternal law that simply is. It preexisted the dawn of man and consists of unalterable and eternal truths which guide us. The protecting and preserving of these truths is a hallmark of the Ethical State. The failure of conservatives of the classical liberal democratic tradition to realize or admit this basic fact is the basis of their defeat time and again at the hands of the left. The ideological underpinnings for their sense of right and wrong simply is not there; it does not exist. Because it doesn’t exist the best they can do is hurl empty platitudes at society in argument against the societal ills they loath. And so Rush Limbaugh, like so many others having realized this whether tacitly or explicitly, have laid down their arms in search of happier hunting grounds that consist of the much murkier subjects such as economics. In this sense the modern left has never seen anything like us and therefore have no idea how to deal with us. We hold to an unquestionable eternal and moral truth flowing from God (whether he be invented or not) and our state, in the words of the founding fathers, hold these truths to be self evident. Social harmony and cohesion free of strife can never exist without them.

3. Each differentiated human group, of which the nation state is the most perfect example, is a natural phenomenon which possesses an organic life embracing a series of generations of individuals composing it; possessed of a community sense and subject to natural laws which are transcended by but not opposed to the moral law.

The liberal idea that a nation is simply some synthetic amalgamation of individuals living together under shared laws and for one another’s benefit is patently false. A nation is a group that for perhaps reasons unknown developed a culture together comprised of norms and morals. This is why we cannot just erase borders on a map and say we are all one people the world over. We are not. You cannot erase a border and make a Chinese an Indian or an Indian a Chinese. While some of this may have to do with racial or ethnic similarities this is not an innate biological phenomenon but simply a byproduct of having lived with and evolved with a community or nation of peoples that arose and found a sense of self separately from others usually over an extended amount of time. Therefore we must conclude that nationhood is, in its most ancient sense, about a shared culture. Herein lies the reason that American National Reformationism must be forged out of the old and yet make a new American culture. This evolution of peoples separate and distinct from one another resulting in a shared culture is the essence of its organic outgrowth. With this in mind we can see a clear difference in the mindset of the liberal democratic state and our Ethical State. The logical conclusion that the Ethical State brings to bear is that this nation is in itself organic and as such all constituent members there of constitute a fluid unbroken continuation of generations all tied together in spirit. Never mind the sanctity of life of the child still in the mother's womb, The Ethical State brings to national consciousness the spiritual bonds that says not only is the life of the child in the mother’s womb sacred but all future generations yet to even be conceived are sacred. We are not individuals confined to a static point in time isolated from others as the liberal state would contend. Instead, the Ethical State cultivates the sense that we are interconnected through the generations of our nation implying a fulfilling and edifying sense of belonging; of community that cannot exist in the liberal state. This realization alone along with programs sponsored by the state would put an end to so many of the school shootings and otherwise societal ills endemic to a system that atomizes the individual, destroys any sense of belonging, and creates a culture of isolation and loneliness.

These three pillars constitute our Ethical State. It is the bedrock of National Reformationist philosophy and the best weapon we have in confounding the left and their corrosive, albeit sometimes wildly divergent, philosophies in all their ingloriousness. The lack of any of the above mentioned principles is why the right is destined to fail in the face of the lefts onslaught on morality. As our state is ethical and proactive it cannot tolerate the degeneracy, the social corrosion, and the utter hypocrisy of permitting the above mentioned transgressions to exist as a societal norm, protected and sanctioned by the state, that is indicative of an unhealthy society i.e. homosexuality, abortion, transgenderism. This idea of an Ethical State is what sets us apart from all other movements in modern society who wish to abolish these ills but lack the tools by which to accomplish it. Learn the Ethical State well. It is a mighty arrow in your quiver.

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