The 21st Century Fascist And True Thought Crime

Many liberal critics of Fascism will, in an instant, accuse the 21st century Fascist of being brainwashed by Fascist propaganda. In reality, there exists no governments doing systematic promotion of fascist ideals. In today’s world liberalism has dominated the governments on every continent on earth after subjugation of marxism.

“Liberalism as a philosophical tradition begins at the Enlightenment, and more specifically with a philosopher named John Locke(1632-1704), who is considered the father of this school. The central principles were, originally: individualism, democratic elections, free markets, insistence on free speech and various civil rights, popular sovereignty , separation between church and state, and a high emphasis on equality and liberty.”

-The Case Against the Modern World, Daniel Schwindt, pg 2.

The reality is that most individuals in america have grown up believing for most of their life that there is only one option with many paths, which is Liberalism. The average american will be exposed to Left Liberalism(Being socially liberal) or Right Liberalism(Being economically liberal). The Libertarian is a person who strives to be the most liberal as he wishes for both Social Liberalism and Economic Liberalism. The Democrat and Republican parties of the U.S.A. have millions of dollars at their disposal of which they both spend the money liberally(Pun intended.) on propaganda for their culturally devastating and socially dividing political campaigns. Is this phenomena of ideas being blasted by liberals of different parties not the true brainwashing?

On the contrary, the Fascist is opposed to liberal democracy and the system of multitudes of parties which serves in the end only to divide the people for the sake of those who can get the most advertisements. Both Democrats and Republicans are disgusted by Fascism as they have been brainwashed by companies with millions of dollars to believe Fascism is the ultimate evil. The Republican, who champions himself as the “conservative” seems to have only conserved the economic tenets of liberalism ironically enough. The Republican has consistently caved to the social liberal democrats in cases such as immigration, gay marriage, secularization, foreign wars, and foreign policy, because republicans are in the end, liberals like the democrats.

The 21st Century Fascist has seen the fruits of Liberalism and Marxism in being both materialistic secular systems. The 21st Century Fascist was baptized into Fascism not because he was Brainwashed, but despite the status quo, despite the hundreds of millions of dollars in promoting liberalism and condemning fascism, the Fascist exists. The Fascist exists because he has rejected the Materialism of Liberalism and Marxism. The Fascist exists despite the unholy alliance between liberals and marxists wherever Fascism may rise. George Orwell may have been an Anti-Fascist, but history’s irony is that the real “Thought-Criminal” is the Fascist.

Truly to be a Fascist in the 21st century is to be the true rebel and revolutionary in this era dominated by Liberalism.

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