Talking Politics With Brazils Integralists

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

1. What are the values which the ABP stands for?

Our motto is "One Nation, One Idea, which when broken down into its component parts means the recognition of the differences which characterize the American population, whether it be racial, religious, or occupational and bringing those under the umbrella of the State, where individuals as part of the State can become conscious that the differences they have are outweighed by the need to work together to form a better future, not only for themselves but for future generations. This is how we interpret the fascism of the interwar era and this what we intend to bring to this country, an idea built upon the notion of the Nation and State being spiritual in nature, the only idea capable of effectively combating the materialism and atomizing shift of the modern age.

2. The United States of America, its foundation and politics are commonly associated with liberalism. That being so, what shall be the essence of the true American nationalism? What is America?

Many people are under the mistaken assumption that nationalism is embracing unreservedly your nation’s past. We reject this notion. Nations ,like individuals, are composed of both positive and negative historical experiences; the failure to differentiate between these is a reflection of ignorance and inattentional blindness. America’s founding fathers were the product of Enlightenment era thinking, and that’s reflected in their writings and historical documents. Most other nationalist movements will try to find ways around this by misinterpreting their writings, but we believe the only way to establish a firm foundation for nationalism in this country is through honest dialogue. Accordingly, we express our disagreement with much of what the founders produced in terms of the Constitution and our desire to see it replaced with a governing document more reflective of contemporary reality.

While America has always been characterized by strong families and dedication to a religious ideal, the deification of liberal democracy and the founding fathers have produced a disaster politically, a disaster which the American people have until recently been able to stay strong. However, the recent deterioration of our economic and social structure is directly related to the rot of our political system. The only effective way to address this problem is through systematic change. In the economic arena, it is through Corporatism and in the political realm through a philosophical and structural change reflecting a view of sovereignty as being inherent not within individuals but within the State. We realize that these ideas may be perceived as un-American due to their being at odds with the founders' ideals. However, it is for that very reason that we consider ourselves true nationalists. The willingness to sacrifice oneself for an idea for the sake of the future of his children and their children is the definition of nationalism. Supporting ideas or believing in something because Washington and Jefferson believed in it is the definition of idolatry.

3. For the ABP, what should be the USA's geopolitical role around the world, the Middle East and Latin America? What about the so-called Pax Americana?

Foreign policy is probably the most difficult issue to address because it involves a very dynamic environment where the main players are constantly changing and policy needs to be based upon the national interest, which also can change. However, that national interest we define differently than most others. To us, the national interest is supporting movements aligned with us philosophically. We have a saying that “a fascist island in a sea of democracies cannot last." This would be reflected in our support of such groups as Baathists in the Middle East, with special support going to Bashar Assad’s government, along with a changing view of Vladimir Putin and Russia, who, despite their recent interference in American politics, provides the most potential to be a bulwark against further inroads of liberal democracy. This change of foreign policy objectives would also necessitate a reconsideration of Pax Americana, which in the first place was probably unrealistic and in the long run is going to lead to bitterness amongst States which feel their sovereignty being overrun. A much more stable long term order would be composed of regional power blocs with a dominant member policing its own region and keeping order. The assumption behind this is that due to geographical affinity, there would also be an ideological affinity. The same would apply to Latin America, although there would have to be a greater emphasis here on strategic cooperation with the United States. Ideally, one or more regional powers in the area sympathetic to American interests could maintain order in the region. It’s preferable given American history in Latin America that we maintain a hands-off approach as much as possible.

4. Lastly, what message would the ABP like to send to Brazilian Integralists?

As a history buff, I have to tell you how pleased I am to know that Integralism is still going strong in Brazil. I’ve done some research into the original party, and they really were prophets ahead of their own time. It may not appear so in news accounts, but the ideas you espouse in Brazil have significant support here in the United States. The problem is that we’re trapped in a two party system which leaves people unwilling to take a chance and vote for new ideas and people because of the fear of having a political party they detest assume power. This lesser of two evils mindset is not only what we in the United States have to overcome but you as well and if we work together to achieve this goal then in time we will assume power and create a better place to live for our families.

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