Statement on Venezuela

With the deepening of the crisis in Venezuela, it is now time for the American Blackshirts Party to clearly state an official position on the matter. We, directed by Chairman Noyer, organized by the leadership team, and joined by passionate and loyal Americans, desire to make it known that we want no part in the ongoing civil unrest in Venezuela. If no other major power should intervene in that country, then it would be nothing short of imperialistic on our part to try and influence the outcome of the situation there. We, as a nation, must behave as a dignified champion for the cause of national self-determination, and refrain from acting out in an irresponsible manner. If our founding fathers fought a revolution in the name of that cause, how could it be understood as anything besides “hypocritical” for the US to now impose its will on a fellow member of the international community?

Intervention, on the part of the US, would be based solely on economic interests, despite official statements that may come from the State Department. Venezuela, being a major contributor to the world’s supply of oil, will always draw the attention of the powers that be in Washington D.C. and on Wall Street. There seems to be no end to the scheming by these forces, always at work trying to increase profit margins, regardless of the cost to human life and well-being. If a drastic change in the overall function and philosophy of the American economy and Federal government does not occur soon, these forces may lead the US into an ill-conceived and overly optimistic expedition into some new field, either militarily or otherwise, that could cause the absolute ruin of the United States. It is time for new and responsible leadership to take hold of leading this nation. Now is the time for the methods and vision of the American Blackshirts Party, to rescue this nation from potential disaster.

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