Statement on Kashmir

Largely ignored by the Western world, the ongoing violence in the Kashmir region between India and Pakistan continues to bear witness to the hypocritical nature of the American government and the cruel reality of international finance and credit. The people of Kashmir continue to suffer because of a lack of fossil fuels in their region, which means they must continue to be the victim of a vicious game between the two regional nuclear powers. If large oil or natural gas deposits were discovered at breakfast, American soldiers would have boots on the ground by lunch. American/Western capitalist imperial dominance must continue to expand its control where it is profitable, and ignore places where profits are not to be found. This goes a long way in explaining why much of the world is impoverished and why part of it is not.

More closely addressing the specific situation, Kashmir is an excellent case study on the disastrous effect that cultural or religious tribalism can have on humanity. Conflict between the groups, particularly the Muslims and the Hindus, have demonstrated the need for peaceful dialogue and understanding between the different ethnic and religious groups. In the long-term, however, the need for a unifying vision or plan for the future will need to be produced in order to bring peace to the region. Peace is not the process, but the goal. The process must entail a specific plan of action that can be agreed upon by all parties. This will lead to the desired result, if all parties are willing to agree that they will not receive everything they could want. This implies that ongoing negotiation will be required, but that would be an improvement to the current violence. A single agreed upon plan must be followed by another, temporary plan, then another, and so on as is necessary to maintain long-term peace.

To state it explicitly, the American Blackshirts Party does not wish to interfere in this situation. We must be willing to respect the idea of national self-determination, while also noting that lack of intervention on our part would not be for the same reasons as the current American government. Our lack of intervention would not be set in economic reasons, but in idealistic reasons. Also, considering that China or other major powers would feel compelled to intervene if we attempted to do so should also cause us to refrain from acting unnecessarily. We would not shy away in fear, yet we would not seek trouble foolishly. We must always maintain a clear focus on knowing when to act, and when not to act. Peace is our goal, and so we must be willing to demonstrate that at every possible moment.

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