Social and Cultural Aspects of the Fascist State

Updated: May 2

The social & cultural structure and environment of the Fascist State is, as my previous article on the economic aspects touched upon, have in the past and will in the future make allowances for predetermined considerations of the nation involved: climate, geography and language. The core principles of this subject will though be based upon the true ideals of fascism, ideals that have been molded by history, stretching back to, for example, Plato and his “Republic”, considered by many to be the greatest philosopher through his works. Plato’s “Republic” conjures up probably the first concept of a Fascist State, amplified with his references to The Guardians. We’re not here though to examine Plato, nor, for example, Machiavelli and his work “The Prince” although both are worthy reminders of how electrifying fascist ideology can be. To the majority of people of the 21st century, an understanding of society in a Fascist State are, unfortunately, not built upon Plato but of events in the middle of the last century. This is a perfect example of how propaganda is as much at play in modern life as The Allies of 1943 claimed it was purely the Fascists that indulged in and peddled myths. The mass media, ruled by “barons” and capitalist entities, are out to sell the lowest common denominator to the masses of the democratic societies all in the name of profit and facts are often an irrelevancy.

Within a Fascist State, male and female are equal, yet each serving a different purpose. The purpose is born out by biology: the male being the overall guardian and provider of the nuclear family while the female the mother and succor, each an essential half that comprise the whole. None of this is not to say women would not work but it should not be to the detriment of their family: all members of the nation contribute to the best of their abilities, be they a female teacher or physicist or mother of 3 youngsters at home; be they a male tailor or bricklayer or serving in the military. Age is in essence irrelevant to the citizen of the State with all true comrades, be they young or old, treated with appropriate respect. The old are not cast asunder as in many democratic societies but continue to contribute as best they can. The young are taught the essentials of life, including respect, gratitude, dignity and fortitude, both at home from their parents, with their education, and through their evolving inter-play with society. The young are perhaps the most necessary part of the nation and while a classical education is essential, feelings are not taught by rote nor with phrases written on blackboards. If a child is to be aroused, it is the concept and the society that must develop them to carve out true men and women through the will and energy available, the most precious capital. The social & cultural qualities give full reign to those attributes that encourage qualities that shape and preserve the national energy. Leaders – in fact all members of the nation – seek to develop national qualities such as discipline; a taste for order; a passion for work; senses of duty, honor and family. Expressed in daily routine, the national moral principles come in the form of responsibility, solidarity, and an awareness of duties of command. A healthy body & soul is a vital ingredient to the State and, to this end, there is a focus on inculcating from an early age a physically robust lifestyle, free of the indulgences of depravity and indolence. Throughout life, the Fascist State provides for necessary medical needs, regardless of age & sex, and advancements in medicine & healthcare are historic examples where fascism has invariably done well.

Religion, in the form of Christianity, is a key component in the true Fascist State. As an example, 1929, under Mussolini, Italy signed the Lateran Treaty with the Church of Rome, acknowledging Catholicism as the official religion of the State. In Germany, it was much the same with a close bond between Church & State. The bonds were strong in both countries, as in other quasi-Fascist States such as Spain, as this was in-line with the needs of the citizens. The link between Christianity and fascism run deep with early Christians finding in the works of Plato, particularly his famous writings of The Cave in “Republic”, what many see as an analogy to God. Atheism to the overwhelming majority of fascists is seen as an evil of modern democracy and is strongly associated with Marxism and other communist views. The national will is, truly, only feasible in a clean country. This is about removing the cultural influences that pollute and lead to degeneration. Elimination of all that sullies and disgusts. This is not purely an issue of pornography and the forbidding of unnatural behavior but stretches through to amplification and societal glorification seen in so much of democracy of the fortunes amassed without work; unjustified success; crime that appears to pay; and any demoralizing spectacle. Great art, culture, design, imagination can, and do, thrive without the seemingly endless stretching down deep into the effluence in the gutter.

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