Smash Cultural Marxism ???

The Third Position, which in this context refers to groups that rose up after the Second World War in opposition to both Capitalism and Communism, is undergoing an identity crisis, which as I have gone through in previous articles derives from a combination of a lack of understanding of the roots of the ideology and in many cases outright opportunism in pursuit of Conservative support. It’s always been the position of the ABP that most of these groups have little to nothing in common with the Fascism they claim to derive their doctrine from. But due to their increasing profile with the media and growth within the community their existence must be addressed along with a term which has grown to define the movement. “Smash Cultural Marxism”.

“Nothing irritates us [Fascists] so much as to be taken for pillars of order. Nothing so exasperates us as the people who come to us through fear of Communism. Those good people [who are fearful of all social change] will have to realize, and we shall soon make them realize, that the weight of the social problem is now on our shoulders and that they would be wiser to fear us than to fear Communism.” (Alessandro Pavolini)

Given our portrayal in the media as jack booted thugs who lack ideas and fixated upon committing acts of violence against our political enemies it’s easy to understand why an appeal exists among many people tired of seeing news coverage dominated by people who feel the need to burn American flags, extol the virtues of abortions, homosexual relationships and any other grotesque activity which offends everyday people. In fact many on the left have taken to committing acts of violence and harassment against those who do nothing more than oppose their points of view. This has caused an increase in support for groups who adopt the label of Fascist due to the perception that if Communism is on one polar end of the political spectrum Fascism must logically occupy the other extreme. While increases in membership rolls and self-identified adherents can be a good thing in itself. If it brings about a distortion of doctrine for the sake of continuous growth then over time the organization will become the weak-kneed Conservatism it originally had opposed, with any resemblances to Fascism being tenuous at best. Nothing illustrates this better than the history of the MSI. (Italian Social Movement) The premier post WWII Fascist political party dedicated to the legacy of Mussolini that was on the verge of attaining a considerable influence in Italian politics during the late 80’s early 90’s when in an attempt to widen the reach of the party, its head Gianfranco Fini dissolved it and then reconstituted it as the National Alliance. Now there is no National Alliance, no electorally strong Fascist movement, all that’s left is a weak opportunistic politician named Fini.

The central lesson to be learned from this is for the membership and leaders to not forget their roots. Fascism while being organic in nature is synthetic in practice; taking from the left the desire to improve the material conditions of the poor and from the right devotion to faith and family, while rejecting the internationalism of the former and the Capitalism of the latter. Benito Mussolini himself started his political journey as a Marxist; editing the official paper of the Italian Socialist Party, Avanti. His self-imposed expulsion from the party only coming about due to his syndicalism taking an approach directed more towards a national context rather than one directed towards class struggle. Never repudiating his his leftist origins but realizing its inherent shortcomings.

But the tendency which lies at the heart of our problems is the inclination to ignore the dual nature of our ideology and put critical emphasis almost exclusively on the Marxist aspect of the modern world’s defects. Ignoring the teachings of our predecessors, men like Gentile, Rocco, Mosley, Primo Rivera and most importantly Mussolini; men who rejected being lumped in with either label.

Fascism was born to inspire a faith not of the Right (which at bottom aspires to conserve everything, even injustice) or of the Left (which at bottom aspires to destroy everything, even goodness), but a collective, integral, national faith.

(Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera)

The overuse of the term Smash Cultural Marxism even brings us problems on a doctrinal level. If a majority of our problems derive from the infiltration of Marxist dogma into our society then American decline had to have commenced sometime in the early part of the 20th century when industrialization and increased immigration from Eastern Europe introduced large segments of the American population to Marxist thought. Let’s assume for a moment that this is true. We would then have to accept that the breakdown in American unity and culture was not due to “all men are created equal”, that the doctrine of human rights has not led to a selfish entitled population, and that the State is nothing more than the enforcer of a contract. To imply that Marx is the starting point is to ignore the roots and nature of what we fight against; roots which were planted hundreds of years prior and which Marxism was simply a reaction to.

Identity is central to who we are as a people. It defines us, gives us meaning, and adds context and purpose to our existence. Identity is implied in religious beliefs, National existence and ideology. Fascism is not just a doctrine concerned with governing. It’s a way of life. But to make that life truly fulfilling we have to understand the doctrine and be faithful to it. Embracing either the Right or the Left is to create an identity antithetical to the one Mussolini died for in 1945. The wrong conclusion shouldn’t be gained from the writing. The ABP is not sympathetic to Marxist thought. It was a proven failure which denied the fundamental human needs of family, religion and nation, but the people that lived through it remained spiritually strong.. They remain a stumbling block to the rise of liberal democracy. The West on the other hand has given growth to a people that will not only lie down while their civilization is being destroyed but embrace that destruction as an extension of their own morality. What really needs to be smashed is Democracy and Capitalism, doctrines which have been much more toxic and enduring than Marxism.

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