Sed Probate Spiritus

Updated: May 3

A Collaboration of the Religious Affairs Committee

- Introduction and Epilogue by B.K. Burton

- Researched, written, and composed in the order that they appear:

- Dialogues on the Cult of Reason: Rasmussen

- The Cult of the Supreme Being and why it is Needed: Salas

- Church and State: Catholicism in France: Franchino


What you have before you is the first collaboration of its kind by party members who came together in one mind and purpose to write an article that is unique in its character and its content. This grouping of talented individuals comprise within the party what has come to be known as “The Religious Affairs Committee.” The purpose of the committee is both central to the party’s political progress and to its spiritual and philosophical intellectualism. The members who comprise it can rightly be thought of as progenitors of original American Fascist thought and as radicals among radicals who are willing to fight tooth and nail against both the evils of modernity and the prevailing cultural rot that both capitalism and marxism have wrought in the mind of the average American, a rot stemming from base materialism that denies the very thing in mankind that make us human; the spirit.

Contrary to contemporary secular thought, “the Spirit”as such need not refer to what may be viewed as superstition but rather to all facets of man that cannot be calculated by cold numbers or condensed to the pursuit of money, pleasures of the flesh, or even the view that all history is explained by class struggle. No, all of these things are but a drop in the ocean of what it is that makes human beings what we boldly profess them to be; the very image of the almighty God. Capable of rationality, feeling, conscience, having a highly developed sense of right and wrong and just as importantly a highly developed sense of family, community, and nation. This complexity of human existence is not taken into account by any political and governing philosophy prevalent in the world today. It has never existed in this country. The results of which is plain for any honest observer to see. Brother is turned against brother by that vile spirit called marxism, drug use and abuse is rampant in young and old alike wreaking havoc on families and thus the very fabric of our nation. All of which are being peddled by the ill reputed drug dealer on the street as well as the highly respected doctor in partnership with Big Pharma alike, in the endless pursuit of and blasphemous worship of mammon. Where civility and genteel society amongst the sexes once existed there are now unplanned pregnancies and thus abortions due to the spiritually and culturally destroying forces of unbridled capitalism where the Godless and hedonistic pursuit of money above all else press upon the family such external and internal circumstances that it either cannot form or struggles to survive. The spirit of radical feminism as well as that of homosexuality has driven a wedge between what ought to be the holy union of man and woman and the peace, love, and solace that should be found present therein for the creation of and nurturing of children. The formation of the family is now a luxury whereas we demand it be made the business of the state to foster and maintain it as a bedrock mainstay of civilization both through economics as well as culture. It must be protected so that it can be what it should be; a wonderful blessing of God to form and be part of that every man and woman who wishes to form it can. We see apathy and indifference, even disdain, among our youth toward morals and virtuous behavior that edifies not only themselves but the health of the nation. We see content on the internet and television so repulsive it could only be born of that great deceiver and seducer of minds himself, content that rots the spirit through the mind’s eye. Sitting atop all of the aforementioned ills and countless multitudes more presides a state with its eyes shut to the wretchedness and indeed a system that sires them all. There is not one political philosophy that pays even a whit of real attention to these matters of the spirit and indeed possessing the will to see it through save one and that political philosophy is Fascism; the purity of which is maintained and contained in one party and one party alone in this country, the American Blackshirts Party. The Religious Affairs Committee is the tip of the spear that aims to pierce the heart of this beast that devours our people in ways that no traditional conservative can do or has the courage to do. We accept the task before us willingly and gladly.

The following essays are in essence a social experiment with the hopes of showing how each point of view would effect the spiritual well being of the nation. Each member of the committee was tasked with researching and writing an essay as a supporter of one of the three major social and philosophical influencers at the time of the French Revolution in the country where the same took place. These social and philosophical/theological movements can be viewed as “spirits”. Just as marxism has possessed the minds of untold millions over the last 170 years, these spirits possessed the minds of the french people. The damage or edification these spirits had the power to accomplish was real and in fact these same spirits still roam the earth to this day taking different forms, shape shifting as needed like a virus in order to maintain its ability to infect a host. Yet no one is infected by any spirit unless they allow themselves to be. Where the Holy Spirit indwells another spirit may not move in. Many times this occurs out of weakness whether it be willing or through ignorance. This is why we must be strong in mind and spirit. Some spirits are good and some are evil. In many cases it is difficult to tell which is good and which is bad. For this reason Christ taught us to judge a tree by its fruit. The fruit of marxism for instance, is plain for us to see, therefore we conclude it to be evil and shun it accordingly. Yet these trees can only bare fruit once they have taken root and grown on the sustenance of human minds. By this time it is too late, the damage has already been done. In order to avoid this Saint Paul gave us instruction. It is in accordance with this doctrine of Paul that the Religious Affairs Committee constructed this work which is present in the words of the title “test the spirits.”

- B.K. Burton (Director of Religious Affairs and Eastern Regional Director)

Dialogues on the Cult of Reason

Lysander and Antoine discuss the Cult of Reason, and its role in edifying a person and nation. Antoine is a supporter of the Cult of Reason.

Lysander: I hear a lot about the Cult of Reason, Antoine, but I do not know much about it. Could you please describe what it is?

Antoine: Of course, I would be happy to. The Cult of Reason came about during the French Revolution as a way to substitute the Catholic Church as the state religion. It was an atheistic faith and was designed to de- Christianize France. The celebrated ideals are reason (of course), liberty, and the Revolution. The revolutionaries promoted this new cult in the First French Republic. They forbade Christianity and took over the churches to establish Temples of Reason. No deities were worshiped, for to the Cult of Reason, there were no gods. The celebrated ideals were just that, abstract conceptions of those ideals. They even went so far as to change the calendar to twelve months of three ten-day weeks. They sought to establish this cult by using the education system to teach the glory of France and Enlightenment values.

Lysander: What you described obviously did not take hold in France, as they never maintained an atheist state, especially where Christianity is outlawed. So, then, what happened to the Cult?

Antoine: The French Revolution and the years that followed was a tumultuous time for France. After the monarchy fell and the revolutionaries were able to take power, they quickly moved to establish themselves. However, there still remained many anti-revolutionaries, and worse yet, the revolutionaries split between factions. This period of executions and counter- executions, of the following civil war, and the harsh measures taken between these factions is called the “Reign of Terror,” to oversimplify for the sake of time. During this time, Maximilien Robespierre became president of the republic. As much as he disliked Catholicism, he disliked atheism more. He stood at the opposition of making the Cult of Reason the established religion, and instead promoted a deistic Cult of Supreme Being. He was ultimately overthrown and executed himself. Both these cults were outlawed when Robespierre’s protégé, Napoleon Bonaparte, took control and instituted the First French Empire.

Lysander: So how do we best learn from them, and how do we apply the Cult of Reason to today?

Antoine: This chapter in history shows the need for a unifying state religion. By religion, I mean the secular definition of religion which defines a cultures moral authority, daily life and ritual, and personal and societal conduct. This is through use of an established liturgy, or work of the people, to come together for the benefit of society. Having competing ideologies allows for brother to fight brother, and nothing beneficial (at best) ever happens, or death (at worst) may happen. For a society to incorporate the Cult of Reason, both the theist and the atheist need to be able to come together. The moral authority stems from reason, not just faith. The center of the Cult lies the Temple to Reason, where the authorities debate, discuss, and ultimately establish the moral virtues to be practiced by the people.

The Cult of the Supreme Being and why it is needed

“If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.” - Voltaire.

My friends, we are in a very dire and exciting time to be living and in which we are witnessing powerful forces at work. There has been so far two phoney elements in our french society being the papacy and the cult of “reason”. In this writing I believe my readers will find, my fellow citizens of the French republic, not only valid criticisms of Roman Catholicism and the cult of reason but a justification for the implementation of the superior cult of the supreme being in the nation.

The roman catholics along with the papacy is a sickly man and is corrupting of our national

sovereignty by owning territory that in which the republic should rightly own. Catholics do not

serve the republic, these so-called roman catholics serve the papal state first which should be

considered treason by any state who holds itself with esteem. Our republic is more sovereign

than the corrupt catholic church who could not maintain order in it’s own sphere of influence,

being the protestant reformation which has been a step in the right direction in reason but still,

are not good enough for the advancement and betterment of society. The Jesuits, Papists, and

Catholics are all working together to put the advancement of an institution that has surely

bankrupted Europe with its corruption and murderous ways such as the slaughter of the Cathars and pathetic paying of indulgences. We as frenchmen need to be vigilant against the roman catholic, lest we fall to the slaughter of papal zeal. Do not be alarmed if roman catholic man who may be reading this, I assure to the Christian man, that as a follower of the cult of the supreme being, we do not wish for degenerate atheism. Robespierre and Voltaire have made it clear that atheism is not a viable alternative. The cult of the supreme being offers a simple alternative in that there is a god but he leaves us to benign neglect, still we should celebrate this god as our creator in a similar manner to the Christian.

To the cult of “reason”. Need there be more to say about these clowns pretending to be

celebrating reason? The cult of reason which was started as a violent reaction against the

Catholic church has proven to be no less barbaric than that of the veteran papists themselves.

These maniacs who claim to worship man and reason were the ones who committed the most

unreasonable acts of violence against their fellow man! The cult of reason having no intellectual backing other than the lack of the competence from the roman catholics and the force of violence shows how irrational these barbarians are. Roman catholicism may be a great evil, but good grief the cult of reason has shown only fit to be a masquerade party in a whorehouse equipped with the guillotine. There is no reason to be found at all in the atheists who claim to be reasonable. How can someone claim to be based on reason have to violently impose their views on their fellow French citizens as the catholics did with the cathars just a few hundred years ago? The worst part about these bloodthirsty pseudo-intellectual scoundrels is that they seem to be celebrating hedonism and an image of man that does not even exist. The irrationality of this cult of reason is most ironic.

The values of the French republic liberte, fraternite, and egalite, will be represented most

optimally by the cult of the supreme being because of the fact that we are deists who believe that this god of ours has left us alone so that we could prove the best of ourselves without his need of intervention. We in the cult of the supreme being take the spiritual legitimacy that the roman catholic once had and carry the torch of theism in a way that is no imposing on the citizen. However, though we are not violent zealots who blindly trash and murder our religious beliefs like the former cults(being roman catholicism and the cult of reason), we do believe it necessary for reform and revolution! Robespierre would comment on the irony that such people in our revolutionary movement want a revolution without a revolution. The supreme being should be praised because he has given us the freedom to be free, and with this freedom, we see our brotherhood, and through our brotherhood, we see our equality. Let these irrational forces of roman catholicism and the phoney cult of reason fight each other to the death, while we in the cult of the supreme being offer the best of both of the camps, being theism and true reason. There will be initial setbacks and reaction to our revolutionary religion but we will prosper by reason. The Catholics will fight but they will only seem more irrational and the followers of the cult of reason will be shamed.

The society under the cult of the supreme being. The cult of the supreme being will be

poetic justice to the Roman Republic and the Greek states in that we will be made citizens be

virtuous and free. The freedom of the citizen is the best way to ensure our survival just like our

supreme being has entrusted us with our freedom. The state will follow a different calendar and holidays but it will be necessary to take place in our revolution. We will implement rewards for those who join us and just simply conduct benign neglect on the non believers in the same way our supreme being has done for us.

In conclusion, we in the cult of the supreme being believe that we proved ourselves to not

only be rational but spiritual. The religious forces in decay will wither away while true

rationality and true spiritualism under our leader Robespierre will present itself to be. “No one

loves armed missionaries; the first lesson of nature and prudence is to repulse them as enemies.”

- Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre.

Church and State: Catholicism in France

My fellow countrymen, our nation as we know it, is in grave peril. Write now, as I put

pen to parchment, writing this letter to you. Many men and women stand in the streets

demanding change. What this change may be you ask? It’s a change in the ruler ship, for our

great country of France. The outcome of this, will not only effect us, but many generations to

come. So it is imperative, that we make the right decision. The people clamor for an end to the

monarchy, as well as a severance to the long standing union between the church and state. Both of which have been close since the time of Charlemagne in 814 A.D.

The Catholic Church believes in one God, who is triune, or three persons in one.

Represented as God The Father, The Son and The Holy spirit. It also teaches that God created

man in his image and likeness. The first two humans being Adam and Eve, who were tempted by satan to eat of the fruit from the tree of life, the tree God forbade them from eating of. This

disobedience brought sin into the world and man. However Christ, the second person of the

Trinity, came to save all of mankind from the condemnation brought about by the original sin. So he lived out a life exactly to the law of God and then allowed himself to be crucified and pay the penalty for that original sin, for it to be no more. There are seven sacraments, of which the church believes Christ gives this salvific grace to the faithful members of the church. Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist, Confirmation, Marriage, and Holy Orders.

Catholics gather together at Mass, which is where Catholics worship God and partake in

the Eucharist, which after a blessing from the priest becomes the living Body of Christ. The

means of which members of the church can commemorate, and participate in Christ’s redemptive sacrifice. With all of this, you may be thinking, how can the church work along with the state to help us, the people and society as a whole? I would point to the seven social teachings of the church. Just as the church has seven sacraments, it also has seven social teachings. Life and dignity of the human person, a call to family, community and participation, rights and responsibilities, options for the poor and vulnerable, dignity of work and the rights of workers, solidarity, and care for God's creation.

Would you not want a state that works alongside the church to practice these teachings,

which will practice these teachings as it has for the past centuries? Its been the church who has

ran hospitals, caring for the sick. In fact there are 6,000 sisters spread through out 426 hospitals here in France. Its been sisters and monks who provided education to our people, in the manners of writing and reading. All out of upholding these social teachings to human life and the members in the society surrounding the church. Without the church being connected to the state, you will have a state without these moral and social teachings. A State that values you as nothing more than simply just a walking, talking, breathing hunk of flesh that merely exists for the benefit of those in power. You will not have value and unique character identify as you would in a state with the church. You may not be a Godly person in heart, but implore you to think about how you would like to be viewed and treated. As someone who is made in the likeness of God, who has God given rights to certain things pertaining to the wellbeing and living your life. Or simply, a person who is of no value, and just a bit more intelligent than an animal, who is merely to exist for a time and then be no more. Vive la France, Vive la Church.


I will not belabor the points that the essays tacitly made clear and the authors illustrated

so well. The members of the Religious Affairs Committee were tasked with arguing for their

church or cult as though they lived in France during those incredible years of the revolution and were its most ardent supporters. After having read these essays, it should have become clear to the reader that certain ideas or movements or spirits tend to propagate a certain and particular culture amongst those who espouse it. These were the competing spirits in France during their revolution. Once unmoored from traditional Christian ideals the country of France was thrown into the Reign of Terror and the streets literally ran red with blood. This is what the “reason” of men at the time was able to produce. We still grapple with these same spirits today. The Cult of Reason today can be viewed as the Cult of Science. There is nothing at all wrong with man studying the natural elements and better understanding the world around him. Of that type of science I myself am a great fan. However, the Cult of Science is not this. These are men who have set themselves up to be Gods. Claiming to know about matters they don’t. For in truth, more often than not, when one question is answered, ten more are created. Regardless of this fact, they filter information to the average person’s mind intending for it to be extrapolated and magnified to such great lengths that the difference between what is truly known and what appears to be known reaches out to destroy the very throne upon which God himself sits. The natural conclusion becomes that if there is no God and man has the ability to become God then man needs rely only on his own reason. This begets the spirit of Individualism. So in this case the spirit of Individualism, once having taken possession of enough of the right people, becomes manifest in a government then you have set a certain trajectory for the culture and barring an abrupt break with this trajectory, its fate is fixed. Therefore this spirit is not compatible with Fascism.

Deism, reflected in the Cult of the Supreme Being, is not much better. It says that there is

a God but he has left us to our own devices. Thus confining the creator to his own corner. This

also erases any personality of the creator and so there is no practical purpose at all in believing in him and conducting oneself in life any certain way. As the founding fathers were mostly deist we are now living in a system that this spirit begot. The state that they created, unsurprisingly to us, reflects their beliefs about the almighty. To the founding fathers the state, like their god, would largely leave mankind to its own devices having been sent off to be contained in some tiny corner as we might imagine it, watching passively as the nation passes from generation to generation. This spirit too is clearly not compatible with Fascism and the state we aim to bring forth from out of the darkness.

It was for no small reason that Christianity was chosen by Emperor Constantine as his

religion and the new religion of the Roman Empire. Constantine saw in Christianity its incredible power to unify. He saw in Christianity certain embodiments of Roman ideals. Ideals more often than not in contrast with that of the Greek. If the lineage of the Liberal ideal is Greek then the lineage of the Fascist ideal is Roman. Only too natural as this geographical location became the cradle of Fascism. The order and unity proposed by Christianity lines up perfectly with the aims of the Fascist State. Indeed the similarities between the two and their complimentary natures toward one another would be too numerous to list here.

As for our culture even the need for expediency begs that we uphold Christianity as the

national ideal as the majority of its inhabitants are Christian and indeed its culture and history is indelibly and inseparably infused with it. Therefore we demand that the separation of church and state as an idea, as a governing philosophy, and as a cultural influence be torn down and forgotten forever. Christians and indeed religious persons of all kinds have been allowed by the current state to be persecuted through the legal system by moneyed interests with political aims for far too long. We say that it must stop and should God grant favor to the cause of this committee and this party; we will definitively put a stop to it.

" find in Fascism, taken from Christianity, taken directly from the Christian conception, the immense vision of service, of self-abnegation, of self-sacrifice in the cause of others, in the cause of the world, in the cause of your country; not the elimination of the individual, so much as the fusion of the individual in something far greater than himself; and you have that basic doctrine of Fascism, service, self-surrender to what the Fascist must conceive to be the greatest cause and the greatest impulse in the world."- Oswald Mosley

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