Response to the Irish Referendum and the Spread of Legalized Abortion

Updated: Aug 11

Recent events in Ireland have demonstrated in the clearest terms the progressive downward spiral of civilization, particularly in the Western World. If any single issue can exemplify the complete disregard for moral consistency in a liberal society, it is the issue of abortion. With the recent referendum in that country which began paving the way for the legalization of abortion, we find an excellent case study in the lack of any ethical imperative by the current strands of political and philosophical thought that dominate human civilization. These strands have bound the peoples of the developed world to the mast of the sinking ship that is ultra-national finance and credit. If there is going to be made any appreciable recovery by the developed world towards a position of moral excellence, then we as the American Blackshirts Party must start with our own country. Addressing the issue of abortion will be a critical piece in establishing our commitment to defend the organic roots of moral and ethical behavior, and in defining the spiritual state as a living entity. In the simplest terms, abortion should be prohibited except in extreme cases, such as when the birth of a child threatens the life or health of the mother, because it serves detrimentally in the cause of preserving the species. By permitting abortion, societies become increasingly engaged in “sexual liberation.” The franchise of abortion as an alternative means of birth control permits people to engage in intercourse without the threat of childbirth. Therefore, coupled with a consumerist culture, which uses sex to sell commodities, the consequences of sexual activity depreciate in the eyes of the public, leading to an increase in unprotected sex and the ensuing spread of sexually transmitted diseases. By prohibiting abortion, we can encourage people to engage in safer sexual practices and respect the act itself as something not to be engaged in indiscriminately. Another significant implication in allowing abortion is that the federal funding going towards organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, could be utilized for supporting children in foster care and children awaiting adoption. In far too many cases, we see children placed in hazardous environments, and action is unable to secure the well-being of these children due to a lack of resources. If the more than half a billion dollars invested in Planned Parenthood annually had instead been diverted to helping children looking for permanent homes, we could see a vast improvement in the quality of care for these children. In 2016 alone, almost 122,000 children in foster care and other like programs were the victims of physical abuse. Instead, our society has concerned itself more with indulging what it considers a cosmetic concern, at the expense of hundreds of thousands of children across this nation. How can we, as a society, consciously tolerate such atrocities? Addressing the issue strictly from a philosophical point of view, we see that abortion is inconsistent with an organic conception of morality. From the very beginnings of recorded history, the efforts of the leaders in almost every civilization have been focused on the goal of preserving those civilizations. The chief task in ensuring the continuity of those societies has been the defense of human lives. While people have unleashed hideous and deplorable methods of taking life upon one another, the purpose of such violence has usually been the desire to preserve the society of the employer of violence. Even if this preservation of society comes at the expense of other peoples, preservation of the life of their own nation has driven many countless people to extreme methods of preservation. That point in mind, the phenomenon of abortion has been witnessed in a few, comparatively recent instances in modern times. While it may be taking hold across the world right now, it is still a new feature in the wider context of the totality of human history. Against such a backdrop, how can we truly consider abortion a normal feature of our daily lives? At the very least, the considerable resistance to it must be respected and sympathized with, as generations of the past have not been required to engage with this complex issue. If, in a hypothetical sense, abortion were proven definitively to be a significant benefit to humanity, both scientifically and socially, then that eventuality would have to come in the significant future. Extensive series of testing would be appropriate, conducted over years and perhaps even generations. For those who would question the need for such scrutiny, let us remember that other viewpoints and beliefs have been subject to equal or greater skeptical analysis. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, other platforms professing moral authority have thousands of years of consideration to their credit. Not that abortion alone is a religious or philosophical perspective, but abortion is a part of the wider secular religion of liberalism, and therefore allows abortion to fall under such scrutiny. If the argument in support of abortion should be reduced to the simplistic notion that “it’s a woman’s body, it’s her choice,” then the argument rests upon the merits of liberalism alone, separate from any medical defense, and therefore becomes easy prey for the fascist, or any anti-liberal, inclined to dissect, discredit, and disprove. Liberalism itself is insufficient in sustaining a society and, in most current cases, has been paired with capitalism. If the morality of an ideology is, at least in part, dependent upon the moral precepts of capitalism, then it lacks any credibility as a social concept of national organization. The lack of a coherently sustainable moral vision on the part of capitalism, except for the accumulation of material and capital assets, demonstrates the uselessness of such an ideology as a long-term solution to societal needs. Physical material solutions are, at the heart of the issue with capitalism, unable to resolve spiritual, religious, philosophical, mental, or psychological needs for the individual or society. The core and fundamental deficiency of capitalism being brought to the fore, we now explain how this is directly tied to the deficiencies of liberalism. While liberalism seeks to liberate the individual to live his life as free from interference from men or government as possible, this proposition inevitably creates another problem. While attempting to liberate humanity, liberalism fails to offer people any solution to their spiritual, religious, philosophical, mental, or psychological needs, and suffers from the exact same deficiency as capitalism! Thus, it becomes necessary to search for a moral platform to stand on which can sustain the political doctrine and economic format. The individual and society both must search about, grasping in the air for a miracle to meet their needs. However, no such solution will rescue the beast of the liberal capitalist “state.” This search will only leave room for increasingly wild and destructive expressions of “free will.” Regardless, the self-destructive nature of each expression will be overlooked, if there is an able and willing market to consume the product or service. Which, in the end, leads us back to abortion, and the other liberal modes of expression that we have not yet seen, but rest just over the horizon. It is necessary that our party should continue to condemn the practice of abortion, until such time that sufficient evidence indicates that a change in position is appropriate. With the ever-increasing pressure of societal tension, the impetus to clearly define and support our position is becoming increasingly necessary. Without directly interfering with internal Irish affairs, we do possess the means and the obligation to denounce this referendum, which saw over a full third of eligible voters not even participate. By addressing this issue within the context of our own country, we can identify how it connects to us personally, and through it, to so many others that we may often forget touch our own lives. Our population should be encouraged to engage with one another on difficult issues. A more thoroughly informed and educated society is a more civil and respectable society. As a result, it will be sustained further into the future than it might otherwise be. The American Blackshirts Party is therefore committed to the goal of enlightening the people of the United States continuously, working for the most moral and durable society that can be handed down to future generations to come.

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