Reflections on an Election

While the dissolution of liberal democracy will happen in time; its contradictions are too great to become anything resembling a permanent feature of society. Attempting to do this by dishonest means will only prop the system up by giving it a false legitimacy. That which has the perception of fighting against dishonesty will always prevail, even if it to is dishonest. For those of you have decided to take up the sword and defend Trump keep in mind what you're defending. The same individual, in anticipation of losing the 2016 election made similar accusations of voter fraud even before the election took place, none of which showed to be true. He even claimed he would have won California were it not for illegals voting. Do any of you honestly believe he would have won California????? This year, when it became even more evident that he was going to lose he began making the same accusations and despite his history of being a vile, narcissistic sociopath who is incapable of humility, an overwhelming number of people have decided to drink the kool-aid and walk lock step over the line separating honesty and dishonesty; all for a supposedly higher cause. If we continue to separate means from ends and embrace values which are outside of us then we are outside of us then we are destined to lose.destined to lose.

Nothing demonstrates more clearly the failure of democracy than what we've gone through over the last few days. The failure doesn't exist in an imagined conspiracy to steal an election, but in the ability of average individuals to ignore morality and ethics for the sake of a higher end. The separation of the individual from what lies within, is much like the separation of Left from Right; two forms of political thought existing within the same spectrum of thought. In their ideal forms they both serve complementary functions relative to the other. However, in a democracy where ideals lose their creative quality and become commodified we fail to see ourselves within the other who is right in front of us. Instead choosing to comprehend nothing more than something completely foreign and hostile.

Don Quixote maintained his illusions through "tilting at windmills." What's become manifestly clear is that we've become a country of Don Quixote's and the windmills are everywhere.

There's a right way and a wrong way to conduct politics. Long lasting change is most successful when done honestly. The desire to bring down an obviously corrupt system is understandable, but establishing a legacy and foundation upon a lie is no way to live a life.

In short Donald Trump through his four years in office has has not demonstrated, even remotely the awareness to even begin to challenge liberal democracy. Adamant opposition from the Left shouldn't serve as evidence that he is on the right side. But as evidence that both the contemporary Right and Left share the same bed of delusional paranoid thoughts

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