Patience and Leverage

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

As followers of Fascism, most of us have at some point fantasized about what it would be like to live in or govern as a Fascist America. The unity, the order, the progress, the excitement of it all is surely an element that keeps us pushing ahead when the odds are so heavily stacked against us. Our members come from all political, social, religious, and economic backgrounds much like the original fascists in Italy and therein lies our strength. We all see what is happening to the United States as monuments and statues to the Founding Fathers and historic Americans are vandalized and toppled, mega-corporations bow to social pressure from cultural Marxists, journalists are beaten by Antifa while the police stand by, Democrats seek to open the borders for immigrants while encouraging them to make the deadly journey across an entire continent to get their hands on free healthcare and welfare, and Republicans keep spinning their heads unable to counter Trump and paralyzed without any solutions going forward. All of this is emotionally tough to digest as we love our country, our communities, our fellow Americans and see everything we ever knew being ground to dust but believe me when I tell you this is all good for our movement. Change is the only constant, and we can either sit on our hands complaining about what is happening, or we can rise to the occasion and fix our country.

One of the most difficult tasks for the American Blackshirts Party, or any modern fascist movement in the US, is to lead the discussion requiring us to close the book on the enlightenment thinkers and Founding Fathers as this has long been a sacred topic, but with the present state of elevating chaos in the US it’s a discussion we will not have to tackle on our own thanks to the left. Antifa, social justice warriors, democratic socialists, and the post-modern capitalists are rewriting American history and toppling the American myth built on the Enlightenment and Founding Fathers. In another 10-15 years, the Founding Fathers will prove to be a mark of shame to many in the country, and with the historic founding of America getting the axe, a new national myth will have to be built to keep us bound together. Some will say, with the way things are going, we will not stay bound together and that social and political upheaval will sever American unity. Whether this happens or not is largely irrelevant to us since in either case we will continue pushing as the national unity movement with all-encompassing solutions based on positive elements and not fear or tearing down one group or the other, rather one that fills the void being left by the ideological emptiness of the two major parties while more and more Americans ride the pendulum as it swings violently to the left. When a group relies on violence and threats, they lose all political legitimacy and show their structural weakness, and when that political pendulum comes back in 5-10 years it will be into our political space that expands as Americans become horrified with the left and disgusted with the right. We may not have ABP members in Congress in 10 years, but we will be influencing many Americans, including some sitting in Congress. This is a long-term effort as we have stated before, but it is an effort worth sacrificing for. In the meantime, we should leverage larger groups who are involved in activism on issues similar to our platform. An example of this is by our members joining the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and establishing connections with its members and, where possible, its leaders. FAIR does a good job of identifying immigration issues at the local, state, and federal level, making it a one-stop shop for us advance our own goals. Its as easy as finding a legislative issue on their website, sending emails and making phone calls to your legislators on the specific bill(s), and networking with other FAIR members in the process. Through this action and outreach, we will support an end to open immigration while also exposing a new audience to our own political platform. This is just one example of leveraging established and larger groups to pursue our own agenda while creating connections with like-minded Americans who agree with us on one or more issues.

While Russia, China, and others eagerly anticipate the American collapse so they can pick us apart like vultures and the capitalists seek to further diminish the value of family and community via materialistic hedonism, the American Blackshirts Party will continue to be the force seeking to unite America, eradicate the continuing socio-economic warfare, break the slavish chains of unfettered capitalism, and birth a new dawn of American stability. For those familiar with the rise of Mussolini in Italy, there is no denying some of the parallels of post-WWI Italy with that of today’s America. Our government is proving itself incapable of fixing looming issues, which are multiplying and growing into crises, the police are standing by in liberal cities like Portland while Antifa viciously assaults journalists and activists they disagree with, and unnecessary war has left us in major debt and off-balanced on the international stage. We will not follow the same itinerary as Mussolini and the Fasci Italiani di Combattimento, no, but we are steadily growing and building our modern American fascism that maintains the spiritual link with the Duce but has evolved and is given new life by our actions.

Fascism today, Fascism tomorrow, Fascism forever!

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