Our Spirit

Throughout the modern history of this Country, of this Nation which we National Reformationists love so dearly, and even in this historic hour, that I beg you all to live in with a sense of purpose and destiny, we find and can plainly see the moral decay of our society. You may say that the forces massed against us: The Media, The Government, money in the sense of funds, The Press, and even television programs meant to vilify our ideology and beliefs, are too numerous or too wealthy, or so greatly infecting our society, that our struggle is pointless. You would be absolutely correct, if it was not for our most important tool: Our Spirit. What we started, both as a Collective Party, and as individuals by joining and committing ourselves to the Collective Party, will undoubtedly be the needed light to push that darkness back, again, and again, and again! Our absolute resolution, our unwavering willingness to give ourselves completely to our cause and to say America Will Live, will be what draws countless more to our cause. This rallying cry will unite our people, and will unite generations both old and young together, and we will push forward together, shoulder to shoulder, young and old, man and woman alike. I could not ask to live in any other time, as this is the time, and the day, that America will change forever. Let us band together and strive to make that change for the better! Let those who carry the torch of our struggle after us look back at what we do and say with fondness and admiration: To America, To Our Struggle, To Our Spirit, They Were True!

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