Official statement on United States/ Iranian Hostilities

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

With the presidential election of 2016, a new era of American leadership on the international stage began. The election of Donald Trump introduced a new and more openly aggressive approach to foreign policy. The president has on multiple occasions utilized, or has threatened, to utilize military assets in a way that would have been unheard of under the previous administration. Many within the American heartland approved of such a change, while many within the political establishment were, and still are, terrified of the “new approach.” However, what many, if not most, fail to see is that the implantation of this new approach to foreign policy is incredibly shortsighted and ignorant to historical and geo-political factors. While the president assumes to be an expert on the “art of the deal,” he has failed in his understanding of the complexities of the global community.

One matter of particular importance that the President, and many within his administration, fails to understand is the considerable difficulties in achieving political and diplomatic success in the Middle East. The President, assuming he can engage with and regard world leaders in the Middle East as no different than the lackeys and assistants within his business empire, has failed to recognize that these leaders have the obligation of upholding the honor and reputation of their respective nations, no less an obligation than the president has for the United States. It would be nothing short of calamitous for the president to continue bumbling around in ignorance to the history and culture of the region. The condition of the Middle East of today is the result of a number of factors and influences that the current U.S. president fails to understand.

Iran, for its part, would do well to be equally less provocative, and the Iranian government should begin taking steps in the de-escalation of current tensions. Iran possesses no less an obligation in maintaining international peace and tranquility than any other nation or peoples. There must be a mutual desire for harmony, and an equitable arrangement for the new peace. Peace is not made between friends, but is made to establish new friendships. The Iranian government, chiefly the person of Ayatollah Khamenei, must always and forever leave open the door of possibilities, so that a stupid and useless conflict does not unnecessarily erupt between Iran and its Middle Eastern neighbors or the United States.

The American Blackshirts Party calls upon the leaders of the United States and Iran to mutually agree in stepping back from the brink of war. An armed conflict is completely unwanted by the peoples of both nations, and their wishes should be respected on both sides of the debate.

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