My motivation and the Founding of the ABP

The following is the text of a speech I gave in October of 2017 in Colorado.

I would have to say that the idea of the ABP originated in 2011-2012 with the presidential election of that year. At the time I was a paleoconservative, so I wholeheartedly supported the Candidacy of Ron Paul. As his campaign fizzled out and Romney became the nominee I supported him as an alternative to Obama, who I considered a terrible president, so I watched the debates, studied the issues and paid close attention to the dynamics of the campaign. As this was happening I began to feel a transformation taking place within me. Because I asked myself one question. Would there be any significant change if either Obama, Romney or anyone on the right that I admired became president. The answer while not immediately obvious would eventually come to me as I looked back through History and saw that great revolutionary change never just happens, but was the result of ideological revolutions that in turn created institutions and structures that work to transform society. The Republicans while sharing my values of patriotism, morality and community undermined those values through advocating a State extracted and separate from society, a market free of any ethical or moral restraint and a naïve view that through moralizing by an executive figure people would reclaim the Constitution as their rightful heritage. In short there never was a path laid out to make these ideas a reality, just a fairy-tale feel good ideology with no substance and a history of abject failure. The left on the other hand shared none of the values I held dear, but they did have a more logical and consistent view of how society and government functions. Both the left and right worked within a construct, structure and ideas which had shaped American politics and society since its founding, a founding that I was beginning to doubt more and more. I came to the realization that it was not any one candidate which would make a difference but only through changing the system could substantive social transformation take place. The problem I was faced with was taking from the right those values I cherished while using the more reality based approach to government of the left to create a synthesis which would go beyond both left and right and the whole American political context.

The obvious solution at this point would seem to be Fascism, as it was something I was familiar with through my study of History and politics, and while I was always sympathetic towards it, there was a hesitancy on my part to let go of the Classical Liberalism of my youth. My family had come over to the United States in the 17th Century and helped to found its institutions and fought in its wars. My identity and patriotism were wound up with the founders and their political ideology. To abandon them to me felt like abandoning a part of myself and my identity. On the other hand as a father and as a human being I had an obligation to my children and my descendants to help provide a society I would want them to grow up in. My choice came down to continuing to advocate something I knew was wrong, for the sake of being safe and socially respectable or to be honest with myself, take that leap of faith, and light the fire which would burn across the country. It’s at this point I decided to embrace the most hated, derided ideology the world has ever know. I became a Fascist.

At this time the ABP was nothing more than an idea. In the latter part of 2012 I was contacted by a colleague in New Jersey and after some discussions we decided to give material form to the ABP. Shortly thereafter we were joined by anther supporter out in Louisiana. And that my friends was the ABP circa 2012, an organization with about as difficult a situation geographically as you can ask for. Realistically that would be the story of the ABP for the next few years, a skeleton organization, with a motley assortment of members and supporters (some of who are still with us) doing whatever we could to keep the organization going. We faced our share of challenges along the way. First and foremost from White Nationalists and National Socialists who from day one had us on their radar as a group to be co-opted. And indeed there were times when the idea of the ABP being an umbrella organization to include a variety of viewpoints of those opposed to Liberal Democracy, including those who are racially motivated for the sake of gaining members and publicity looked appealing, but what we discovered was that every time the idea was flirted with we drifted further and further away from our ideals, so much so that our identity as Fascists had to be questioned. As a result it was decided to take the honest approach and go down a road which is definitely longer but will lead to more fruitful results. This dedication to doctrine over opportunism explains our extended lifespan when most of the Alt Right groups are currently in the process of dissolving. The belief that the doctrine of Benito Mussolini and the original Fascists are ideal for 21st Century America and our dedication to applying that doctrine is what has given us the organization that you see today, our technology platform, YouTube Channel, blackshirt Blues and a membership with the diversity of skills and passion to make the ABP a roaring success.

But if we’re going to continue to grow and be influential it’ll only happen with the continued dynamic growth of that doctrine. A doctrine not just defined by the 10 points in the manifesto, but a doctrine which is continually being illuminated in the articles we write, the ideas we present, and the way we conduct ourselves as Fascists in our normal everyday lives. Because Fascism is not just a policy position or an economic point of view, but an integral faith which guides us not just politically but spiritually as well.

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