Immigration and the Capitalist Problem

Updated: May 3

I have often said, as it is my conviction, that the defining issue of our time is immigration. Both legal and illegal. The reason for this is not because there is a fear that America, or Europe for that matter, will become more brown but because it has the capacity to destroy western civilization and whatever is left of the culture. It is a veritable barometer, an indicator about the nature and state of the political machinations currently going on around us. The implications of the current debate are enormous and yet day after day and in fact decade after decade we watch a pitifully inept political system bumble along without having accomplished anything concrete to definitively solve the matter. The inability of our government to act with one mind and purpose on anything, least of all this particular emergency, has led to the situation that we find ourselves in today. One which puts on full display the wretched way in which those who are allowed to have a voice in matters who really have no business having a voice to begin with, make it impossible for there to be intelligible and mature discourse pursuant to guiding public policy in a way that guards and provides for the interests of the nation and its native inhabitants i.e. citizens.

It has been and is today my endeavor to stress to anyone really but more especially my fascist brethren to learn to pull your head out of the noise chamber created for us by politicians and all forms of media. Learn to candidly look at the big picture and see things for what they are. In furtherance of this, learn to think critically about things that you yourself can plainly observe without anybody shoving a lens in front of your eyes through which to view it. As a party we do not fear or discourage candid observation by our membership the way that the establishment bourgeois parties do and indeed must for self-preservation and perpetuation. Rather, we wish and really expect our membership to do right the opposite because we value quality and because when one learns to look or finally allows themselves to look at things for what and how they truly are then they have learned to look at the world as we do and we only stand to benefit because the truth is on our side. There is no more a shining example of this than the issue of immigration. One does not need a political analyst to see that the influx of foreign humanity, especially of the type that comes illegally, brings with it a wave of crime that menaces our own people. In fact, by its very nature, the very first act committed by these people upon setting foot on American soil is one that is criminal and let no one tell you otherwise. One needs not believe a snake of a politician with a silver forked tongue flickering sweet and fanciful lies in our ears when with our God given eyes, we can see that good paying middle class American jobs shipped out just about the same time we started shipping low wage workers from south of the border in. As with nearly everything in life one really needs look no further than the trail of money. This particular trail almost always leads straight to that ever-elusive concept known as ‘truth’.

An interesting case study on immigration can be had by observing the evolution of our labor unions that now and in former times constituted the AFL-CIO. For the more gullible and less educated on the history of the matter however well meaning, it would be easy to be taken in on the side of illegal immigration by observing that the current coalition of labor has actively come out in support of illegal immigration by and large and indeed have supported candidates who also wish for borders to be a thing of a by-gone ‘bigoted’ era. Yet, again, candid observation informs us that with a disappearing middle class and an ever-widening income inequality gap, those who are not wealthy and who comprise the ranks of labor are more and more in direct competition for jobs with these “undocumented workers.” Furthermore, even if a particular worker has nothing to fear as far as his job security is concerned from an illegal immigrant, he will still feel the effects of the phenomena as this undercutting of the American worker necessarily acts to depress wages across many industries and because of the Supreme Court’s decision in 1983 to ban refusal of educational and health services based on an immigrants legal status, them simply being here would increase strain and costs on both which gets passed right along to the average joe busting it to make a living. In fact, one needs look no further than the not so distant past to see how organized labor once opposed illegal immigration and adamantly stated that foreign labor undercut the American worker and depressed wages; the exact opposite of what they scream to the masses today. Proof of these sentiments in labor back then was put on full display when many in organized labor formed a large part of the coalition that supported George Wallace’s candidacy for president in 1972. How then can we square these seemingly obvious facts of economics and the labor market with the stance that labor has taken? It would be all too easy to make the same mistake that the right usually does and point to the bogeyman of the left having taken over the labor unions as the culprit. While this is not untrue, in reality, the larger picture is much more complicated than that. The AFL was a grouping of unions that represented skilled workers. As such these workers did not take kindly to the prospect of immigrants as they had everything to lose and nothing to gain from it. The CIO on the other hand was a grouping of industrial unions. The workers that comprised this faction of labor saw in immigration a way to swell its ranks and a path to power. As we have shown, it is this faction that has clearly won out but why? At the height of the labor movement which was in 1954 approximately 35% of the labor force belonged to a union. Today that figure has shrunk to the single digits and much of that is public sector unions not private. Knowing what we do about how the AFL-CIO was comprised it is plain that, while both types of membership shrank, it was the skilled labor of the AFL that bore the brunt of the best paying middle class jobs having been obliterated. Leaving the skeleton of labor today easy prey for radical leftists’ intent on organizing labor as nothing much more than a voting block to push the national agenda the way they want under the guise of fighting for labor’s interests. Let the reader here be reminded of the beautiful maxim; Democracy is trickery. Set all of this on the back burner momentarily and let us now turn our attention to a time that predates all of this. The year is 1946. America was sitting on a booming war economy, labor had made incredible gains in governmental representation through The Wagner Act and other initiatives taken during The New Deal and prospects of trade, industry, new markets, and new regional and in fact global hegemony lay before us shining as bright as the golden streets of paradise minted with all the gold that could and would be hoarded in the national treasury. Labor was on the uptick. A burgeoning middle class would swell to the likes of which no country had ever seen before in the history of mankind. But then, in accordance with the structuring of the system, a conservative Republican congress was voted in to act as a counterweight to the somewhat liberal and I would say rather populist Democratic president Harry S. Truman. Right away, in 1947, this conservative congress passed the Taft-Hartley Act. The cornerstone had been laid for the dismantling of labor before labor could dismantle capital. The strength of labor and capital over the following decades would wane and wax, the political tides would ebb and flow as they always had done until one day a B-movie actor from the state of California named Ronald Reagan became president. This was capital’s big moment. The man known as The Gipper was for capital The Game Changer. Ronald Reagan did so much to absolutely destroy this country but as it pertains to the subject at hand, he accomplished at least three things that set labor, as an actual movement acting in the interest of labor, in a tailspin forever. He did much to outspend the Soviets and browbeat them into oblivion that in time would open up new markets for capital the likes of which up until then could have occurred only in their wildest dreams. This move toward globalization was actually antithetical to traditional conservatism sometimes known as paleo-conservatism. Second, he deregulated business and financial markets. And last but not least he signed into law The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. While not wanting to get into all the details it suffices to say that the law was long on reform alright but short on control. Most importantly it granted amnesty to the vast majority of immigrants here illegally and actually made it easier for a very small business to employ one of these migrant workers. The issue of illegal immigration would not be revisited in earnest until 2011 as Obama was running for re-election. All the while during the intermittent period the problem festered. So, while the right dismantled labor and the middle class they increased the demand for cheap and illegal labor to further undercut organized or, perhaps as they thought of it, privileged labor as much as possible which inevitably reduced the cost of overhead for businesses. They see in illegal immigration the means to keep the gravy train rolling and profits margins growing. However, they have also disenfranchised the segments of labor that would have repelled this tactic by influence in government through organized labor. The organizers of labor that is left and the neoliberal movement in general, sees in illegal immigration what the CIO always did, a means to swell ranks and gain political power. What we are left with is a very queer coalition of the left and the right working in tandem toward the same ends but with the idea of each other’s demise in mind. Left-over conservatism in many fascists would tend to propagate itself here in a stubborn belief that the Marxists in the labor movement are truly the driving force behind all of this but if my analysis is correct then it is clear that in this battle it is capital who is Goliath and Labor/ the left who is David even though it cannot be overlooked that the left has some very wealthy financiers for their cause now also. Capital’s approach has been methodical and a double-edged sword in nature in bringing in illegals while also destroying the middle class through political influence in some cases and corporate terrorism, as I like to call it, in others. Labor can do little but become part of a federation of other leftist causes if they are to have any influence at all anymore so thorough a job capital has done at dwindling their ranks. Again, follow the money. In a nutshell this is a good illustration of case in point on how we got to the abysmal point we are at in the present day with illegal immigration. As I have demonstrated, it is as we preach, neither the left nor the right are our friends and the system they preside over and perpetuate is farcical at best.

The current situation with the caravan(s), let us not forget there have been more than one, is to me a travesty and national embarrassment beyond all measure. Let us admit, as no serious observer of the situation pretends otherwise, that this caravan that is currently meandering through Mexico toward our soil, was organized and the participants (at least the initial ones) were most likely bought and paid for. Although we fault Donald Trump for many things, it would be pointless to try and deny that his election was a shock to the established powers in the beltway, Silicon Valley and beyond including foreign governments. It is also pointless to deny that he has at least paid the best lip service toward the issue of illegal immigration of any president to my knowledge. I believe that capital will prevent the big beautiful wall from being built but at the very least Trump is moving the conversation in a direction that we would favor. I have found it very queer indeed that, when listening to political pundits, there seems to be a running sentiment shared amongst them that they do not care who organized this caravan only that it is stopped and a precedence set. One of my first questions upon learning of the caravan was who is funding it. Why is it that our government does not investigate and charge these people for what surely in some form or other must be a crime?! Yet even Donald Trump being who he is does not bother to say a word about who these people are that conspire to break multinational immigration laws and threaten national security and more than this actually fund it! In order to actually get this large a group of people to agree to uproot themselves with children in many cases for a sort of shameless insurance policy and political ploy, would require a highly coordinated effort and plan along with actual organizers on the ground in a foreign country. When one really stops and tries to wrap the mind around this reality that almost certainly took place it really leaves one dumfounded that this sort of charade is allowed to pass for a legal and valid way to play politics. Knowing all the while it would most likely ultimately fail. Those people’s lives in the caravan didn’t matter to these organizers. It was all to create a huge scene, preferably at the Mexican border, for the media to capture images of the military arrest and “separate” children from parents. An interesting thing to keep in mind is it could very well have been foreign powers involved in this. As the public we will most likely never know to a certainty however, we do know for a certainty that this could only happen in a world gone absolutely mad. A world where money can work to destroy the national integrity of whole countries. Even the most powerful one in the world without fear of reprisal or legal prosecution. This is the reality we find ourselves in today and yet somehow, we must fight against it and prevail. We as a party cannot really blame immigrants who want to come here, even the ones in this caravan. We cannot really blame people wanting to come here for a better life when, due to the hegemony our capitalism wields over Latin America among other things, their own countries have become a veritable hell to live in with no hope for a better future. A sure sign that such a capitalistic power over these countries exists is the fact that Donald Trump has threatened to cut off funding to the countries who do nothing to stop this caravan. He threatened to cut off millions upon millions of dollars to Honduras if they did not stop the caravan. The logical question that everyone should ask themselves upon hearing this is why are we giving so many millions to Honduras of all places? The leverage over them that Trump has sought to use is exactly why. I have to admit however that I would do anything to come here too if I thought my children could have better prospects in life. Not all illegal immigrants have such lofty sentiments at heart when they start their pilgrimage to our southern border to be sure, but many do. They are just as much victims of the system and the moneyed vermin who wield power over it as we are. I believe that they have a duty to fight for a better life in their own country unmolested by others rather than travel thousands of miles to leech on someone else. For this reason, among others I have often taken a stance opposite of others in this movement who wish for a fascist America to wield the same hegemony over Latin America once we take power. I see this sort of thing largely as a capitalist phenomenon and I wish to see a much more isolated America only sticking its nose in other country’s affairs to support fascist movements and perhaps some other limited reasons necessary for preservation of national sovereignty or security.

To bring to a close a long but hopefully enlightening and thought-provoking dissertation, we as fascists aim to go further than any conservative will go. We aim to stop ALL immigration into this country and only we can do so by the will of a strong state and by cutting off the power of money wielding influence over the state. We want to do this because we must create an AMERICAN culture. Preserve what is good, throw out what is bad and create anew. Because of the atomizing and culture destroying effect capitalism and democracy has had on this country and any country in the world it has touched, we are absolutely incapable of assimilating immigrants now. The national capacity for it is simply no longer present. Fellow Blackshirts, I wish you to be aware that things will get much worse over the long haul before they get better. Illegal immigration is the defining issue of our day and while those on the left will try to play on our sympathies for other human beings, we must not let them for if we do not do the hard thing and take a strong, resolute stand against these crimes then it will never cease. There will be no end to it until we put an end to it. I for one have made up my mind and I will not be turned.

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