I’m interested in anything about revolt, disorder, chaos, especially activity that appears to have no meaning. It seems to me to be the road toward freedom

— Jim Morrison

No charge laid at our feet is so vexing or worrisome perhaps as the accusation that we are by necessity proponents of tyranny and enemies of freedom. This false accusation hurled at us by the liberal world has a few sources, first and foremost being ignorance followed by knee jerk reactionary impulses to preserve what is known and what they have become accustomed to (fearing any delineation therefrom would be worse than what is currently afforded us) and an inability to think outside of the parameters constructed for them by the modern liberal world, or “the system” if you like, which is closely associated with ignorance. This last source for us is the most problematic when it comes to explaining many of our positions and as a movement presents the greatest challenge to our success.

All accepted political activity in this country operates on one basic template. It is useful to imagine this template as a club with all elected officials as well as unelected people that wield power being members of that club. As long as you pose no threat to the system, that is capitalism and above all liberal democracy, then you can be a member of this club in good standing and are permitted to debate ideas and policies and vote. Whether you vote for a Republican or Democrat it is a vote of confidence for the system and things will generally continue as always, liberal democracy having gotten the proverbial thumbs up from the population and newly emboldened, the system continues down the river we have been on now for nearly 250 years at least formally not counting the general drift of western society starting with the enlightenment. Leaving this caveat behind and returning to the idea of accepted practitioners of politics in the current government as members of a club that operates on a template, all ideas debated and approved by same is only a pendulum swinging back and forth (left and right) within a clock. Taxes may be increased or slashed depending on those elected and their sentimental leanings or leanings of their donors, being perhaps more to the point, but the system of capitalism (our clock within which the pendulum swings) will remain untouched and the general structure will remain intact. For us it is critical for others to understand that as we no longer operate in the approved template. We have willfully removed ourselves from the club and as such, ideas like freedom become relevant to a particular perspective. We are no haters of freedom. We simply do not define freedom in the same way that the modern liberal democratic world would have us define it and in fact we refuse to do so.

The quote used at the top of this article is an interesting and telling reference point of differentiation. For those who may be unaware, Jim Morrison was the singer for a rock group in the late 60’s and very early 70’s known as The Doors. I must admit that I myself am a fan of much of the music that the group produced though not a fan of the influence they pushed on society and popular culture. The Doors were different to put it nicely. They were one of the original shock groups as in live performances they were known to use profane language up to and including the F word, at a time when saying it publicly was illegal in many locales, simply for the sake of using it as well as utilizing nudity on stage as a form of “art” as Morrison viewed it. The Doors tapped into the great liberalizing movement of the 60’s in ways that no other group had been so bold as to do resulting in Morrison being arrested once on stage during a concert and the group being banned from performing in several states. In using Morrison as a case in point it is prudent to note that Morrison was no politician or even a politically opinionated person but rather viewed himself as a poet and a philosopher. Increasingly, I have seen fit to distinguish a difference, regarding a disagreement on some matter or other with the current system, between a disagreement of politics and one of philosophy. Politics are surface issues but the more basic underpinnings of these disagreements are rooted in the level of philosophy. This is the case with the our conception of freedom and characterizes the disagreement we have regarding Jim Morrison’s quote and hence the view of freedom by the modern liberal world.

Morrison’s view on freedom is one rooted in radical individualism which is the spawn of the enlightenment and a hallmark of liberal democracy. Morrison was a fan of Nietzsche and likely took much of his philosophical cues from him. We often have a much stronger bond with Hegel. This is the base of our difference on what we consider freedom with the liberal world but it builds up from there. In Morrison’s quote we have a microcosm of the basic philosophy that defines freedom in the popular way of thinking. It stands in direct contrast to our view of freedom. Morrison was a product of his time and the above quote is representative of the spirit of liberal individualism that was emerging from its cocoon at the time which was an outgrowth and flowering of a certain philosophy of life and line of reasoning. As stated before it is one of radical individualism which implies the throwing off of authority from state or church or any sort of institutional structure of a state. This is the natural conclusion of individualism as institutionalized by liberal democracy. From this we can see the power and real effect of an idea and belief system proving that it very much matters what we believe and what mores and values we live by and that it is no individual matter but rather a collective one. Today it has resulted in the chaos and disorder that we see in society and in the state; exactly the way Jim Morrison states it. No doubt Jim Morrison had much more philosophical, intangible thoughts when he said what he did regarding the road to freedom but when we look around us we can see how it has worked out practically and where Morrison’s road to freedom will lead God only knows. One thing we can be sure of is that we are part of the few who vehemently disagree that the road we are on will lead to freedom and we intend to grab the wheel of the bus we are all in and change roads completely before it is too late.

Now the conclusion can be made and stated plainly that our view of freedom is diametrically opposed to that of Morrison’s. We do not find freedom in anarchy, rather we find it in order imposed by a State with the authority and will to do so. The modern liberal world teaches a sort of freedom that the church fathers would have viewed as slavery to sin and in fact Christ as well as New Testament writers such as Saint Paul explicitly says so. You have freedom and liberty to practice homosexuality but in the Christian view this is not being truly free but rather you are enslaved to that sin. Very much along these same lines we view the liberties and “freedoms” allotted and encouraged by the modern liberal world not as freedom at all but rather the very antithesis of it as the attitudes encouraged by the liberal world is one against any structure of a state that in fact allows true freedom to be possible and thrive. The freedom of liberalism is destructive to order and a cohesive society. It is only within the sound existence of these structures that true freedom reigns. Without them there can be no freedom in our view but only slavery. It is because of this very basic disagreement of philosophy between ourselves and the liberal world order that we cannot work to simply reform the system as some well meaning conservatives would do but rather destroy it completely and institute a new one. If we fail to do so our fate will likely parallel that of Morrison’s. While Morrison no doubt was a talented, educated, and bright individual the sort of freedom he espoused ultimately proved to be his downfall. His quote, just like the philosophy of the modern world is intriguing and therefore seductive, yet for all his talent and intellect his philosophy of freedom proved him to be no wise man as his philosophy of radical individualism and personal freedom led him to his early grave at the all too young age of 29 due specifically to drugs but in general a hedonistic lifestyle that set him spiritually adrift. It is my belief and conviction that following the philosophy of freedom espoused by liberalism and lived by Jim Morrison will indeed inevitably lead civilization to its own early grave.

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