Foreign Policy Statement

1) Brexit: A process, which has highlighted the weakness of the international system of finance and credit, has carried on for far too long. It is the opinion of the NRP that the British government has not only been half-hearted in its efforts towards carrying out a process that it has no genuine desire to see completed, but that the British public has had its demands for national integrity and sovereignty ignored by the political elitist establishment. The NRP extends its sympathies to the British people, and hopes to see a rise in like-minded people in the United Kingdom. A National Reformationist government in London would significantly more capable and effective in negotiating from a position of strength against “the Brussels clique”.

2) European Union: The opinion of the NRP, regarding the European Union, is one of complete contempt and disgust. We wholly reject the idea of cooperating with this organization, and we will refuse to work with this institution which has done so much to suppress the rights of the constituent nations it purports to represent. We will not pay homage to this temple of international power-mongering, and will instead only agree to negotiate with the individual nations of the European community. We would also encourage the individual states of the Eurozone to leave that currency and to adopt their own national currencies. This would allow those individual national economies to internalize and become inherently stronger, creating a more stable economic stage for the European community. We would find ourselves in a position to negotiate with a European community that would be significantly more amenable to our principles.

3) NATO: With the conclusion of the Cold War, the purpose of NATO was met. A new, clearly defined mission should have been set to give the alliance a new focus. Otherwise, the group should have been dissolved. However, neither of these things happened, with the result being that NATO evolved into nothing more than a projection of capitalist, imperialist ambitions, particularly those emanating from the United States. This is wholly unacceptable and, at the heart of things, unfair on the part of the US. We should aspire to be viewed, by the international community, as an honest broker in various dealings and affairs. Even if others think we are wrong in our assertions, it is still right and just that we strive to be viewed as honest and fair in our dealings. A National Reformationist government in Washington will be one of integrity, authenticity, and transparency. We will either withdraw from NATO, or demand the complete overhaul of the mission that alliance seeks to achieve. This must include, as a non-negotiable item, the limiting of membership to those already in the organization. It must be made clear to the rest of the world that this alliance is meant to be defensive in nature, and that it will no longer be used to impose the will of a global capitalist oligarchy.

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