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Updated: May 3

We have all heard the phrase “you are what you eat.” As something of a health nut and fitness enthusiast I can say that most people do not understand just how true this statement is. If you eat greasy pizza, for instance, every day for a week then that grease will remain in your body if you do not exercise and sweat it out. These greasy toxins cause short term issues such as greasy hair and skin and can cause acne. Long term abuse of diet in this way often results in diabetes, obesity, heart failure; the list goes on and on. However, this article is not concerned with actual food that we consume to the benefit or detriment of our bodies. Instead this article focuses on what we consume with our minds which is to the benefit or detriment of our mentality and our souls or if you prefer, spirit.

When we talk about spirit, we can use the term to describe that aspect of the human experience that cannot be explained or quantified by numbers or experiments. David Hume once said that things of the spirit hold no value. It cannot be measured by mathematics or explained by science and therefore “let us commit it to the flames.” He meant that it is pointless to study spiritual things as they cannot be measured then there should be no consideration of it or have any bearing on our lives either public or private but especially public. Robots did not exist during Hume’s time but we must rebut Hume and proclaim we are not robots. There are dimensions of being a living being that extend BEYOND the scope of cold numbers. This is the problem that we run up against when we address social issues. The left has adopted a very smart and effective tactic to move society in the direction they prefer. One informed by the same line of reasoning David Hume exhibited. This tactic and line of reasoning manifests itself thusly. Liberalism and secularism will argue that if one cannot prove, using the scientific method, that homosexuality is bad for society then if you are against such spectacles in public you have no foundation on which to base your opposition to it. A better example still is censorship of film and otherwise the entertainment industry. It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. We know that when we watch pornography or even less offensive entertainment such as the shows on Adult Swim and other platforms we are consuming this material through our eyes into our mind; our soul. We cannot prove with mathematical reasoning that consuming this visual junk food does us mental harm yet we can look around us and observe that the effects upon society have been disastrous. The secular liberal tradition however does not allow for censorship of this material by the state because there is money to be made and because matters of the spirit cannot be measured or quantified. We cannot calculate the harm this material does to our minds or show it on an x-ray the way that we can show tar and cancer in a smokers’ lung. Yet we know that this material acts as a drug. It excites for the moment but it dumbs us down, makes us unhappy, and once we have become addicted to it there is no taking it away or else you go through withdrawals. Eventually, using this drug habitually causes permanent and irreversible structural changes to our mentality. Junk food that we consume into our minds makes us weak and sick just the way actual junk food will in time make our bodies weak and sick. From these materials flow the beginnings of perversions of all types. This junk food does not cause obesity it causes depression it causes in some cases mental illness. As a society it cripples us so that we are unable to act aright. We are unable to be a strong nation full of healthy and happy citizens. For this reason, we must have a state with the power and will to strangle shut the pipelines through which this trash flows. The liberal state always speaks of freedom but you are not free to avoid this material it has become so pervasive in this society. Only the most thoughtful of us know to reject it. Most, sadly, are all too willing to consume the trash being forced upon society. Their “freedom” is in reality slavery. You become a slave to the vices that capital and the entertainment industry peddles. Only through a strong and ethical state can we be freed of this pestilence that pollutes our mind and soul every day. This is true freedom. And when we burst these shackles asunder our freedom will allow us to become a strong and healthy nation. And a strong and healthy nation comprised of strong and healthy citizens cannot be subverted or controlled. We will be true masters of our own destiny.

To these points I have made we find Plato himself in agreement. In The Republic, Plato arguing through the persona of his master Socrates by way of dialogue begins to construct a theoretical state. In this theoretical state it is admitted right away that the youth of his state must not be allowed to see anything that is not conducive to their upbringing and moral edification. Nor should they be allowed to view anything that would inform them to become bad citizens. This is an admission in early and highly regarded philosophy that what we consume with our eyes affects how we think and who we become. I find it disturbing that in modern political discourse philosophy of any kind is discounted more and more. Plato’s reasoning in The Republic is meaningless to the modern state and culture. At one time it was common knowledge to keep our children clean from such filth as adults become aware of sooner or later. Disney movies were for the most part wholesome entertainment extolling the family and other traditional values. These days even the children are not safe. I have seen children as young as eight years of age subjected to transgenderism. The parents of these children should be charged with child abuse at the least. Yet the liberal and secular state, unable to prove with cold numbers it is a detriment to society (and really not interested in trying to do so to begin with), does nothing. Therefore, sickness and perversion propagates; deeper into bondage society slips. From this culture and from these industries it has become impossible to run and to hide but we can and must fight. Remember, you are what you eat.

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