Fascist Meanderings

Fascism is a party, a political doctrine. But Fascism, while being a party, a political doctrine is above all a total conception of life. So, the fascist, whether his is writing in newspapers or reading them, going about his private life or talking to others, looking to the future or remembering the past and the past of his people, must always remember he is a Fascist. Thus, he fulfills what can really be said to be the main characteristic of Fascism, to take life seriously. Life is toil, is effort, is sacrifice, is hard work. -Giovanni Gentile Fascism is a way of life. One that promotes, no, preaches, that the best in mankind can and shall be brought out by the synthesis of the individual and the State, a State that provides order, unity, and structure. By ensuring the loyalty of the individual through all levels of his life, through the church, the family, and the State, Fascism shows the goodness in men. Not by inherently believing that humanity is without fault but by tempering the evil in men through one’s devotion to the State. Through this synthesis, a person becomes part of something more than themselves. They become part and parcel to the State. Two parts of an inseparable whole. And each gives the other meaning and purpose through a shared destiny. A destiny that will be welcomed openly by those who embrace this synthesis and ascend above the false morality of liberalism and individualism. This is, however, not to imply that the individual will lose personal agency in a fascist society. On the contrary, personal agency will be given greater purpose through alignment with the agency of the State. In this rejection of individualism, one will find themselves drawn closer to their brothers and sisters. And, in following Corporatist ideals, one will find themselves linked together with other citizens of their great nation through the Corporation. In addition, Fascism leads one to become the greatest that they can be. Through understanding that life is struggle, and that without struggle life has little meaning, Fascism leads those under its influence to better themselves in preparation for the great struggles of life. Be it through physical or mental means, a true Fascist will never cease to grow. As through this growth, one shall find themselves to be further connected to the State, as their physical and mental growth, will promote the martial and philosophical might of the State. Lastly, Fascism leads the State to a heightened, more enlightened, place by the advancement of the faith. By placing religion in a forward position, not at the back of public thought, Fascism pushes for the reinforcement of morals and the building of connections to the State through faith, leaving behind the absence of morality that is propagated by political and economic atheism. It is through Fascism that the individual and the State are combined, and through this combination, which is assisted by the propagation and encouragement of the faith, unity is found. Thus, allowing for a united, strong, and spiritual State, that leads to the very best in humanity.

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