Fascism is Unity

Updated: Jan 30

In the latter stages of the Kali Yuga, we find ourselves in a state of increased dispersion and confusion. Where the rock-solid and eternal principles which guided our ancestors and the civilizations that they built have all but been forgotten. Before the foundation of the world, existed primordial unity. This primordial unity, being in itself divine and supreme principle, then went forth manifesting into diverse and everlasting multiplicity. This multiplicity, by default compounds upon itself, creating an ever more dispersive corporeal existence. This process has been expedited and enlarged in the latter days of the Yuga (biblical end times). So, in the beginning, you had the monad, existing simply as itself, while simultaneously containing all possibilities within itself. This may seem like a contradiction, but it is not. It is simply being existing as a principle before subsequently being moved into the realm of action and manifestation.

The modernist cosmopolitans of our time fancy a vile and perverse viewpoint of ever-increasing progress. They believe that the ancients of our world were vile barbarians who were simply unfortunate enough to be born and live in a time thousands of years before modern liberalism would have the means to “liberate” them. That they lived in a time of primitivism and barbarity free from the “enlightening” trends of the profane conceptions of science and culture that seem to permeate the minds of our opponents. As we have seen, and continue to see, the myth of an ever-increasing and linear process of progress and enlightenment culminating in the information age of the Western world’s collapse is simply ridiculous and farcical. One who turns their eyes to God simply sees that this is nothing more than the propaganda of the utmost smear-merchant variety.

In reality, we are living in a time and place that is antithetical to any real or true knowledge. What I mean by this is that the knowledge of the modernists is simply that of a utilitarian and corporeal purpose. In other words, a form of profane knowledge which can only be observable within the realm of corporeal action. This form of knowledge should not even be referred to as such. Because it lacks connection and relation to any supra-personal principle(s).

The decadence of the modern world can be summed up in the need of the modernists to quell and attack any form of genuine spirituality that allows individuals to return to these supra personal principles. They say that they are our “liberators” yet what form of liberation has really taken place? Those who are in the truth can see that the word “liberation” within the modernist vocabulary simply means the abandonment of principles that seek to arrest human will from fulfilling its most bizarre and unethical forms of utilitarian and antinomian destruction.

This is an observable fact within our communities. Who are no longer communities in the proper sense of the word. They are merely mediums through which people and commerce travel. A clear example of this phenomenon can be seen by the fact that most Americans are now urban dwellers, this is the first time in history that most human beings have lived in large cities anywhere in the world. And in these large cities, you have entire residential communities in which the occupants know nothing of those who live right next to them, and even share walls with them! This is the first society in the history of man, where one could live next to someone for multiple decades yet not even know their name, or anything else about them. As depressing as this is to say, this makes complete sense when one observes the prime trends and variables, both past and present that led to this decadent and dispersive state of reality.

There are now entire organizations dedicated to “combating loneliness” and “ending social isolation” yet these organizations inevitably fail because they are ensnared in the modernist fallacy that real and authentic change can and should come from below. When reflecting upon this phenomenon, one who is in the truth will urgently reference the ancient hermetic principle “as above so below” in other words, all truth descends from the celestial to the terrestrial. Just as raindrops form in the sky and subsequently descend upon the Earth. The modernists love to delude themselves into thinking that they live within a system that values human life, yet how could this be so in a society where an entrepreneur in the porn industry is wealthier than any human being who has ever previously lived, and our undervalued educators can barely afford to eat or keep a roof above their head. One has to wonder the extreme lengths required to believe in any sort of sentimental humanism within the modern context.

While we are on the topic of social dispersion and lack of unity, let me also state the length and degree to which the modern American mindset has fallen into a state of deep decadence and depravity. Young men and women are now encouraged to forsake goals such as marriage and procreation. And almost always for the reasons of accumulating wealth and partaking in rampant consumerism. The nuclear family, based on Judeo-Christian values, has been a longtime pillar of our civilization. And for good reason, time and time again we have seen this to be the best situation for child-rearing and overall societal health. Yet the modern cosmopolitan, to whom everything, including the most perfuse and malignant suggestion, is up for discussion and consideration, seeks to even call this form of eternal truth into question, and once again; in the name of “progress”.

I need not list any more dire examples of the profound lack of unity, morality and apparent divisiveness that is the current norm within the American Milieu, to do so would be overly redundant and pedantic. I have already proved my point several times over, in order to move beyond the realm of nihilism and depression, I will now focus on the solution. The phrase, “Fascism is unity” can be summed up within the realm of metaphysical absolutes. Where the primordial state is one of unity and cohesion, both before the creation of corporeal existence and subsequently after, albeit in a more limited fashion.

The word “fascism” is derived from the Latin root word “fasces” which is defined as being a bundle of wooden rods tied tightly around the sturdy blade of an ax. This term and symbol has its origins in Etruscan civilization, where it symbolized strength and power through unity and cohesion, qualities which are sorely lacking in our modern hellscape. It is precisely this, which we fascists hope to revive. We seek a national society that is free from the oppressive internationalist bonds of finance capital. We seek a society that is right with God and the morality that he has impressed upon every human heart. We seek an end to the exploitation of working class citizens and their families by international corporations who care nothing for the nation. In short, we seek to restore the unifying and transcendent principles which made western civilization great, and an abolition of the sicknesses which have brought western civilization to the brink of destruction.

Many would share a portion of our goals and values, yet under a different name and set of methods. The international neoliberal establishment has done an excellent job at branding the word “fascism” and anyone associated with it, as persona non grata. And let me say this, it's time you all did your own research, and discover for yourself what this word truly means. The Nazi buzzword which is thrown around all too commonly and is often thrown at even establishment “conservatives” has come to mean nothing, much to the common stupidity of both the left, and the far left. The National Socialism of Adolf Hitler and his compadres was not the fascism of Giovanni Gentile, who’s book, The Doctrines Of Fascism served as the manifesto for the orthodox section of the movement, before the National Socialist deviation came to be which was fully explored and manifested by Adolf Hitler.

I suggest you read this book for yourself. Know that there is an alternative to both capitalism and communism, and it is not one or the other! There is a higher way, a way that seeks to unify society with divine principles of unity, strength, fraternal love, and positive spirituality. Where the classes cooperate instead of making war, and meritocracy truly reigns. One may be surprised to find that many of the qualities falsely advertised as being integral elements within this society, would actually be more adequately and fully embodied to their full potential within a fascist context and framework. The world of politics, and life in general, is full of transcendent correspondences and mysteries which are ripe for the picking for true and honest seekers like yourself.

May you find the truth! and may God let it be so!

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