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  1. The problem

Once again, the quadrennial dog and pony show under the rubric of "elections" rolls out 3 November 2020 demonstrating the fraud of democracy. It is fraudulent because to work as intended, democracy assumes the equal ability of the voters to make decisions. A generic example is a knowledge of science required in deciding scientific affairs. If an electorate of persons believes in the pseudoscience of astrology, homeopathy, and witches, ___ … well, I think you can fill in the blank. Another fraud is about choice; there is none. There are other reasons, as in the structural defects of the US Constitution, the Electoral College an obvious one.

"Election" means generically, "...the formal process of selecting a person for public office or of accepting or rejecting a political proposition by voting.", i.e., a special type of selection. To meaningfully select something, you need a real choice, each with substantial consequences. Logic instructors routinely teach their students informal fallacies, a main one "false dilemma", either-or. More often than not there are more choices than two, or even more than immediately specified. Such is no different in elections, but the ones controlling the election process ask voters to buy into the fallacy every election cycle.

This not so funny circus is a public display of Tweedledee Tweedledum, the last act of which is the so-called debates put on by the media-orchestrated Commission of Presidential Debates, sponsor of all of the presidential debates since 1988, an exchange clearly demonstrating the vacuousness of US politics. I marvel at the millions of people gawking at these Wall Street totem poles, like a person staring endlessly for hours at a chicken egg, thinking an elephant might emerge. The level of stupidity is the same. Or, it could be insanity, Einstein having supposedly remarked (never said it, but 1938 mystery novelist Rita Mae Brown did), "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results." Right out of the box, we have a scam in that, although it purports to support "democracy", the "elections" are no such thing; they are brought to you by two factions of the Big Business Party, the Democrat and Republican parties. A third party need not apply, as Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik and Green Party candidate David Cobb in 2004, and presidential nominee Jill Stein in 2012 found out. Don't even entertain the bizarre idea of a socialist, communist, fascist, vegetarian, or anyone else having a voice. Even before in 1996, Ross Perot was excluded. Dutifully, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) went along, upholding the tight grip the Big Business Party has on the US electorate. In essence, the "debates" are part of the fraud of democracy, confirming the fact there are no real alternatives choices of candidates at all. I chuckle at the hypocrisy of politicians and their capitalist backers perpetrating the scam attacking other countries for their elections allegedly offering only candidates beholden to the established order. Then, the idea of members of the general population directly asking the candidates real questions about social philosophy or policy simply is not on the table for discussion.

  1. Who votes

So, let's look at the US voting process a bit and ask some serious questions about its efficacy. "It is their right to vote", say the liberals. Where the "right" comes from is a research area all by itself, but suffice it to say, "rights" do not grow on trees, come from the stork, are not granted by a god, or are innate (existing on their own). Rights emerge from two sources. First, is the State, [Hegel – The Philosophy of Right ; Durkheim – The Division of Labor in Society], where the citizens are happy. Torture, false arrest, arbitrary decision-making, search and seizure without a warrant, and shakedowns for money and property are not conducive to that happiness. For the State to thrive, its citizens must be content, and vice versa. The second source of right is reciprocity. Without the State, there are few protections and opportunities for self-fulfillment through virtue. These protections come about because the citizens are responsible. They practice virtue – doing the best they are able for the benefit of all - against the highest value of all, truth. Here, the State is only as strong as its citizens. That is, this reciprocity is dialectic.

In the present case, we are presented a "right" of participation through voting by the power elite, but what good is it if it has no substance? The method of deception differs little from the bourgeois demagogues who run the US under the illusion that the economy is as strong as the confidence of those in it. It is these same parasites who repeatedly lie to us, live off the labor power of others, speculate with ill-gotten wealth or other's money, and otherwise hoard wealth by not doing an honest day's work for a fair wage. The substance of voter "rights" and confidence are just as variable as the opinion polls, swaying like the grass in the wind.

  1. Who votes

Half of US adults cannot read past the eighth grade. Many cannot even locate on an outline map the countries the US military complex bombs. The average US adult thinks antibiotics are effective against viruses. On and on with this dismal display of ignorance. And you want individuals of this caliber to drive your bus? Coupled with the average individual's inability to decide in complex matters is fickleness, resulting from the lack of a coherent well-grounded social philosophy. During the mid-1960s in my international relations programme, we read Gabriel Almond's American People and Foreign Policy, a work demonstrating how voters' core opinions varied inconsistently as the wind in response to events. Georges Sorel half a century earlier (1908) argued in his Reflections on Violence that myths and emotions were critical in moving the masses to action.

We are bound by inexorable physical and biological laws. To fantasize about equality is on par with attempting to invent a perpetual motion machine. All the reforms of democracy in the world to make it incorruptible and guaranteeing one person-one vote will not change the underpinning disparate innate biological abilities to make decisions. Our dissatisfaction with the inequality and all attempts to compensate for it by providing equal access to decision-making is for naught in the same manner as railing against gravity, the inverse square law, or the Pythagorean Theorem

Let's talk about the responsibility of voting, keeping in mind that you need to be capable of responsibility. Think of a stationmaster required to report tallies of the previous night's event but unable to read or count. Do you think it is even fair to ask an electorate, half of which cannot even effectively read, to make decisions beyond their capacity? Place yourself in a position to make a medical decision or any professional one in which one's life or a whole bunch of lives are at stake and you do not have what it takes to make an intelligent decision. You are pressured to do so, the demagogues telling you are not a good citizen if you don't. Is that fair? Just as a matter of ethics, the answer is a clear "no". Yet, hundreds of millions of voters are pressured to choose leaders who make life and death decisions, such as:

  • nuclear policy

  • health care

  • infrastructure

  • international relations

  • energy policy

  • schools – training and education

  • environmental quality and resource depletion.

Even if you do not possess specific knowledge (and, for sure, most persons do not), you need minimally an excellent liberal arts education and abilities in critical thinking, logic, and scientific methods. Again, if you can't even read a book – take it from there. Knowledge is not sufficient for wise decisions, as the case of former mathematics professor Theodore John Kaczynski, AKA "Unabomber") demonstrated. Mental health is critical. We do not need any Caligulas or Neros to run the country. These are not Medieval times when a wrong decision usually did not cause widespread consequences, save for pandemics. Even wars were more regionalized. Now, because of bourgeois anarchy and selfishness, global warming, environmental contamination (as in the oceans filled with micro-plastics), and resource depletion threaten populations globally.

  1. The "choices"

Now (mid-October 2020), we are in quite the fix with a president whom so many mental health professionals and even his own niece Mary Trump (a Ph.D. psychologist) are saying is mentally disordered and who contracted the COVID-19 virus, is heavily medicated, presents a cough, refuses to wear a mask, has contaminated others, and now is venturing forth in public, competent doctors seriously asking if he is a vector for transmitting the disease, all the while trying to prop up his failing re-election campaign. I cannot help thinking of Hitler (heavily drugged by his physician Theodor Gilbert Morell) ensconced in his bunker during the last days of WW II, frantically making decisions based on delusions, calling on non-existent armies, and winding up taking down all of Germany with him. That his physician Sean Patrick Conley, the same one who prescribed hydroxychloroquine to Trump, a drug shown to be ineffective against COVID-19, said Trump no longer is a transmission risk and does not need to be isolated is specious, at best.

As to Mr. Trump, the US Caligula, he was truly an accident, the burned muffin of the Wall Street political production machine, the power brokers, knowing that Trump was such a grievous error and that he is so outrageous folks probably concluded he has to go. Now, they could correct the error by sporting their "moderate" candidates of the Democrat Party; just about anyone probably could win. So, go for the most reactionary without Trump's boorishness. Biden and Harris fit the bill nicely. Deep down inside, Trump's "opposition" secretly admires him, their jealousy of his obscene riches and power. The only real reason so many ostensibly detest him is he burps, is flatulent at the table, and acts like a petulant child, at the same time not all that bright. So panicked by Trump's total disregard for science over his libertarian ideology that for the first time the Scientific American directly and the New England Journal of Medicine tacitly endorsed a US presidential candidate, in both cases Biden. You see, the US Constitution is so deeply flawed there are no substantiative criteria for prevented even a mentally handicapped and intellectually-flawed person from attaining the presidency. All you need to do is fog a mirror, be 35-years or over, and a native-born US citizen.

Balance this with a known plagiarist who (as in the Obama regime) steadfastly supported large drug and insurance companies in the massive giveaway under Obamacare, insane Mideast wars, and massive military funding for Latin American corrupt regimes to fund the miserably failed "war on drugs". While Biden supports through subsidies and grants student aid and obviously gets behind social security, climate change mitigation, building the infrastructure, and increasing somewhat the taxes on the super-rich, his overall thinking is peppered with the usual banal identity politics and paranoia about Russia and China. Not to say that his policies would not help somewhat everyone's material plight, but the critical question is "whose side are you on?" Here, we are looking at social philosophy.

No one by now should be surprised at Trump's crudeness, the ultrareactionary liberal democrats deceived into thinking that he could be restrained and focused on presenting a civilized presence. Rather than accusing Trump of this or that action, the Democrats could lay out the whole predatory philosophy of the man, documenting his consistently working for plutocracy. However, doing so would attack the very same foundations Biden, himself supports.

I just listened to Michelle Obama's speech pleading with voters to choose Biden over Trump. She sees a threat to "democracy" if Trump is elected. It does not take a professor in recent modern history to see Obama's "A change you can believe in" an absolute lie, with his bailing out the banksters and large corporations, failing to create meaningful work programmes for the unemployed, and shoving through his infamous "Obamacare" giving hundreds of billions of dollars to drug companies and insurance company parasites. His whining about "democracy" is fraudulent, as well, since it really doesn't exist, given the severe income stratification, the inability of third party candidates to participate in the debates (let alone any realistic chance of running in elections), and the corporate-controlled mainstream media that has become little more than collective cheap yellow sheet propaganda rags and airwave propaganda outlets. Digging for gold is a lot easier exercise than finding meaningful news these days.

Then, I guffaw almost uncontrollably about sycophant Rudolf Hess, starring Michael Pence paired against Ms. Whack-a-mole and wallpaperer, Kamela Harris, the first outperforming a recording machine of Mr. Trump, the latter all too ready to do the law and order thing and provide a lot of smoke in the shape of reforms, totally ignoring the "why" for all the crimes and why we are not getting the social services we need and deserve. This is like saying the elephant track crushed the villager, instead of the elephant. For what we deserve, many could do more (as in getting better schooled/educated, following CDC guidelines on COVID-19, recycling and conserving – as opposed to consumerism), they have paid their taxes, been available for military service, and provided legitimacy for the regime.

  1. The social environment

Unless we come to terms with bourgeois-run elections as inherently fraudulent, we will not understand their banality. They are dog and pony shows put on by a well-heeled financial and social elite. What has the series of these electoral frauds produced over the decades? Truly, US society (and other liberal democracies, as well) is sick, not only because of COVID-19 (with the regime incapable of effective response – even that of control), but incapable or unwilling to establish universally-accessible free health-care (like most civilized countries), and is mentally disordered, as well, Mr. Trump an ideal representation of the population's narcissism, hedonism, predatory behavior, corruption, anger, and general incompetence (look at the sorry state of the schools, for example). Paying some insurance parasite premiums to line its pockets for health care illustrates the mental health issue of sociopathy, with its attendant anti-social behavior, disorders listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-V) and International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10).

The toxic and shallow identity politics reminiscent of Nazi times has translated innocent stray remarks into full-blown hate campaigns, further stressing the social environment. "Wokeness" now literally and often cancels a whole person's life, disabling their ability to hold a job or even communicate with their fellow human beings. As a sidebar, think how the "woke" movement with its "cancel" culture is not unlike Robespierre going after those making perfectly innocent occasional remarks but seen by the fanatics as counter-revolutionary.

Then, we have the corporate mainstream media that conspicuously dodges real news that motivates people to think beyond their bellybuttons. I am shocked at "Around 40% of the world's plant species are threatened with extinction " and "Greenland's ice sheet is melting as fast as at any time in the last 12,000 years, study shows", but what does the mainstream media think equally as newsworthy on the same front page? "The trailblazing BA pilot who came out as transgender". Hardly a day goes by that the press doesn't feel compelled to run a front-page article on homosexuality - "National Coming Out Day", that "Erica Woodland first came out about his queer identity in middle school.", CNN running on its 11 October 2020 front page a perfectly disgusting "soft porn" photograph showing one man's hand on the leg of another and both crotches. Learning more about how to increase the libido, sex toys, and how to "make love" seems to be easier through the mainstream media than "adult" book stores. This is how degenerate (literally in tearing apart the traditional family) liberal democracy has become in this oversexed society. Never mind that The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is escalating out of control despite the ceasefire, COVID-19 mutating in Chile, the Covid-19 virus 'survives on some surfaces for 28 days', or Pyongyang showing off BRAND NEW intercontinental ballistic missile during military parade. On the same day, we also read on the CNN front web page about the critical importance of:

  • Texas teen has the world's longest legs

  • Unseeded teen wins French Open

  • Woman gives birth in the middle of bar exam

  • 'It's almost unsurvivable': Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, discusses her struggles with being trolled online

  • Take a closer look What to expect from Apple's iPhone event (not-so-veiled advertising - infomercials)

… such cheap banal trash occupying over 50% of CNN coverage and coming out during a pandemic and mounting conflicts worldwide. I digress, though, the sensationalist guttersnipe press a subject needing attention in a future article. Am I just picking on CNN? That it claims itself to be the nation's number one digital news source in 2018" I think justifies my using it as a fair sample of what is presented to world readership. Yet, the New York Times fare little better with its obsession with identity politics, shallow differences between Trump and Biden, and nods of the "importance" of sports, fashion, and "entertainment". Give credit where it is due to both CNN on its environmental reporting and the New York Times for exposing Trump's tax frauds, but these are a far cry from probing the depths of the capitalist predatory philosophy.

The socio-economic system creating and defining conditions in the United States is capitalism (driven by hedonism), albeit modified by attempted regulation and characterized by large corporations, whose status is not unlike countries. Some of these corporations have wealth exceeding the GDP of some countries. Have you ever notice the ubiquity of corporate flags, as if people should stand up and salute? At the heart of capitalism is the private ownership and control of the means of production and distribution of goods and services. Major outgrowths are living off the labor power of others (surplus value – not paying workers the full value of their work), speculation, rents, and profits (money received above and beyond the costs of operating an enterprise), all of these are parasitic, the hallmarks of the bourgeoisie. The ideal world of the capitalist is free money. The capitalist cheapens quality (as in planned obsolescence), underpays workers, cheats, and engages in any activity enabling the "bottom line" – profit over expenses/losses. Aside from the inherent parasitism of capitalism, the goal of the capitalist and those supporting their environment is material gain. It is not truth or the search for it. It is not about cooperation or helping your fellow person. It is not about social solidity (Durkheim's "collective consciousness") in the form of the State. It is not about the care for the environment and its species. That is, capitalism is inherently predatory. Capitalism bespeaks an ideology, a set of ideas not subject to question, and it surely is the case there will be no competing systems at US election time.

Over the years, both political parties have kept afloat this hideous predatory socio-economic state of affairs. They also defend a constitution that became antiquated toward the end of the 1800s, evidenced by the current SCOTUS debacle, convoluted and internally contradictory electoral college machinations, lack of uniform voting procedures (each state anarchically "doing its own thing"), and overall randomly sticking in modifications as amendments, instead of integration into an overall coherent framework underpinned by a social philosophy. Not only structurally but psychologically there has been a marked deterioration of affairs in the US over the past decade.

More recently, I have observed an increasing outright meanness, as in turning away the poor from hospitals and health care, physically beating on the homeless, scamming senior citizens, and price gouging during natural disasters. Add to the mix the "Black Friday" events after Thanksgiving, people trampling over each other in rushing to get to the limited number of "bargains" stores offer to those first in line. The general atmosphere is tense and predatory, as well. I was driving in a city when in two separate incidents, the driver leaned out the window, shouting, "get out of the way old man." As impoverishment mounts and we get more desperate with COVID-19-related problems and no health care, greater unemployment, and growing social anarchy, expect more predatory behavior. Only when the excesses of the system threaten the system, itself, or when some entities seek to leverage themselves against their competitors might you find intervention, but there are few signs of this happening.

A case in point of the inability to regulate capitalism is the history of anti-trust legislation. Regulation, in general, comes about when one or more corporations think they can benefit or when the excesses threaten a whole country, as in the case of the flood of quack cures peddled in the 19th century and requiring Federal regulation with the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Regulations usually are not for social benefit but to allow other predators into the arena, not unlike Roman gladiatorial times. Regulation, then, is not the answer but a complete re-thinking and restructuring of society. I can take another example of the impotency of liberal "reforms". Amidst the lurid, sensationalist, and petty fare of articles on the front page, yet, (shark attacks, celebrities, UK royalty, the "French Open (sports - oh how so important), and the usual jingoist trash against China and Russia) a very telling article appeared in CNN 12 October 2020 freely disclosing how banks can actually become stronger and more profitable with corporate income tax increases. In "Biden wants to undo Trump's tax cuts. Wall Street is backing him anyway" Paul R. La Monica describes how these parasitic institutions by manipulating the US tax code, increasing fees, and fooling consumers into making more deposits and signing up for "services". It is well worth the read to better understand how capitalism works. Suffice it to say, trying to regulate it is a fool's errand. I admit, an occasional article does slip by ratting out the capitalists. You have to have at least some illusion of opposition to perpetuate the fraud of choice.

Now, we are in a more serious situation where the need to act meaningfully is driven by the onrushing Holocene Extinction, marked by global warming, resource depletion, habitat loss, extinction of species, polar icecap melting, mounting complexity, and population growth, among other events. Perhaps necessity will be the mother of invention, but all we can say at the moment is the proverbial "stay tuned to learn of your future." That "Mother" surely will laugh last.

So, tell me, how do you think voting in a corrupt, degrading, and unbalanced environment like this will change anything when the whole apparatus is run by the bourgeois power elites? The truth is that a material-driven socio-economic system is inherently destructive, not only physically (as through environmental degradation) but socially and intellectually (as in orienting the schools towards production, rather than fostering benefit of all citizens and pursuing truth the highest value of life.

  1. Consequences of not voting

So, what if a candidate wins who just about guarantees with her/his own greed and selfishness the downfall of this predatory, narcissistically-oriented, materialist social system? I often remark that Trump will goosestep with Wall Street and Biden will waltz towards it. The first will be march-time to regime collapse; the second will be a dance. You need to understand the nature of the philosophy underpinning the ideology of both candidates to see the validity of my assertion. That philosophy is hedonism, every person for her/himself, and social Darwinism.

Let's back up for a second and look at our world, where capitalist predators for decades have been gutting the US Treasury (like rats leaving a sinking ship with a 27.5 trillion dollar debt) and income stratification has been increasingly severe as a result of these predators. Concerning the first, "The US federal budget is on an unsustainable path, has been for some time," Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said this week. But, Powell added, "This is not the time to give priority to those concerns." I guess the degenerate and perverted focus on identity and gender politics is more important. There is only so much wealth you can loot until the vault is empty, and that wealth includes values. Then, we look at the greater violence from all quarters, as in street protests, private militias, rampant police brutality (especially against blacks), mounting alienation, and prolonged devastation of the economy, all exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, regime incompetence, and an "opposition" with no social philosophy that only can narcissistically whine. Obviously, very large critical problems have not and probably cannot be solved under current assumptions, structures, and trajectory of actions. Let's take a simple example because citizens are hurt directly, the solutions are easy, clear, and direct, and failure to solve the problem evidences the inability or unwillingness to protect citizens in more complicated situations.

Tens of millions of us are scammed to the tune of nine or so billion dollars a year, as a search for "cost of phone scams in US" and similar phrases will show. Many of the scammers will either use false numbers (usually inoperative) or unused numbers, both of which can be translated into an operating number used by the scammer by spoofing. The simple, obvious, and immediate solution to protect us is to require the phone companies to disable the inoperative numbers (blocking them) and to make their phone lists available to law enforcement agencies and establish an alert center, whereby information would be collected on the one attempting to access or use the number (the scammer) through call tracing. Too, re-instating the old criss-cross tables, where a number can reveal a legitimate address would enable investigation of the one using the number. I am sure there are other and more direct security measures that could be instituted to prevent abuse, but the "free enterprise" libertarian ideology prevails, the citizenry be damned. Believe me, the State would nationalize all communications and phone numbers would not be abused like this.

Let's throw some spice into the mix. Headlines about violent conflicts, North Korea's missiles, local conflicts threatening to become regional and maybe worldwide, and rising tension between the US and China. It would be surprising to see a worldwide shooting war. More likely, it will be cyberwar, arguably more dangerous, given our dependence on computers. You can shut down the power grid, stop financial transactions, halt food distribution, cut off fuel, and, overall "fiddle" with the Internet. Yet, we see liberal democratic regimes stand by, relying on the same "free enterprise", who brought you the problems in the first place, to solve the problems. Again, this is fare for a separate article but illustrating the impotence of liberal-democratic regimes.

Now, return to the crumbling infrastructure, growing threat of war resulting from the jingoism of both political parties, the rising impoverishment, dumbing down of school curriculums, persistent joblessness (or if there is increased employment, only so with poor wages), and immediate failure to take scientifically-proven measures against COVID-19. (Hint: injecting bleach is not one of them.)

Don't even think about the looming Constitutional emergencies about to overcome the US, due exclusively to a primitive narcissistic reactionary ideology of libertarianism. Start with trying to winnow out who really won the 2020 elections, where there is no nation-wide uniform voting procedure or tallying method. It will be an anarchist's fire drill, with every two-bit yahoo waiting in the winds to act out what s/he thinks the US should look like socially.

Hegel's Philosophy of History says reason has to work itself out over the ages. Many times, the utter bankruptcy of an ossified philosophy (one changed into an ideology – a set of ideas not subject to question) causes a regime to fall because it cannot overcome its internal contradictions. In systems theory, it fails to adapt to a changing environment. In social organic theory, the organism fails to do that which is necessary to be healthy.

Presently, there is an ongoing crisis that threatens the whole fabric of the US regime structure, mainly the inability to hew to its principle document the Constitution. Without going into the details (yet, another article), it is sufficient to say that failure to address the very outmoded and self-contradictory Electoral College, disparate state election procedures, the overbearing centralized and critical power held by the SCOTUS without any meaningful checks and balances, and absence of underpinning social philosophy beyond the regime's role of protecting private property (even if ill-gotten) very possibly will create turmoil leading to violent conflict, as in irregular or civil war. Think of and research "plot to kidnap Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer", "US armed militias". For every ten incompetent boogaloos, there easily could be a competent one not so stupid as to use social media to brag about her/his exploits and knowing how to use a weapon or make explosive devices. I remember an expression in the 1970s about "bringing the war home", with all the Viet-Nam vets traumatized by US war crimes and rightfully cynical about US foreign policy. I wonder how returning Mideast war vets have learned modern technology to apply in the coming mayhem.

Wouldn't I want to vote for the "quicker alternative", i.e., knowing that everything probably would crash sooner? Such would be consciously voting for an evil, besides legitimizing the regime. Just let the events take their natural course. There may be some hidden unknown, where the population has an epiphany and acts accordingly and peacefully. I wouldn't make book on it, though.

  1. The power of the non-vote

What does a non-vote signify? First, a non-vote is just as much a vote as voting in the usual way. Think of a crime in progress and you are invited to participate, as in the person on watch to alert the others of the approaching police. In the present case of the US "elections", it is a crime of fraud, purporting to offer us real changes, such as reversing income stratification, providing universally-accessible social services, full employment, and so forth when the candidates display no intention of doing any such things. Yet, these corrupt demagogues slander persons in saying they are not patriotic, don't care, lazy, or are bad citizens when they refuse to participate in the fraud. The fraud is lying to us by saying there is a real choice.

Each year we hear everyone voting for the "lesser of two evils", generally realizing how managed and unprincipled and corrupt the candidates are. Mistakenly, voters think by voting for a candidate s/he will be at least putting a finger in the dike, slowing down the flooding until other measures can be taken. My response is that if you see both sides as evil, why then participate in it? Again, I defer to Hegel, reason working itself out in history; you cannot force outcomes absent consciousness (ethos), however tragic that may sound.

Another reason for not voting is legitimizing capitalism and its ethos. This means you recognize the prevailing order should exist by participating in it, just like the crime example above. Legitimacy results when people say that it is OK to continue with a structure or action. Codification by law solidifies it formally, but there is de facto legitimation, as in using crypto-currencies, union-busting, not paying workers their fair share, or making substandard quality goods.

So, now, here the two real choices:

Get out and vote - what the demagogues want.


Don't vote, meaning that you realize there is no real choice and saying you will not legitimize the fraud of US "democracy".

Think of it, 80% of the population refusing to vote and refusing to recognize the legitimacy of the power brokers, whose only interest is preserving their corrupt socio-economic system and their power. That surely is a more powerful message to the world than continuing the fraud of US democracy and electing another corporate shill.

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