Denouncing the Willfully Ignorant: Why the American Blackshirt Party Denounces Unite the Right II

Updated: May 4

The history of the United States is stained by the eternal mark of racism. Crimes and atrocities have been committed by one group or another, senselessly prolonging a struggle that cannot be victorious for any combatant. Race and heritage are immovable facts of our society, and thus the effort to restrict or hinder their freedom of development is short-sighted, foolish, and wasted. Any attempt to impose a sense of worth or moral inferiority upon an individual or group based on the color of their skin or their place of birth is to do so while drawing from a non-naturalistic source, and will ultimately leave the person searching for moral superiority in their race wanting.

That is why the American Blackshirt Party denounces the racially motivated movement of “Unite the Right” and other such movements, and why this party will not cooperate with nor lend support for any group that participates in activities to promote this cause. There can be absolutely no confusion on this issue, for we as a party will not allow our reputation to be marred by racially motivated hatred towards anyone. Also, let it be understood that if, at any time, the opportunity presents itself for the American Blackshirt Party to participate in counter events against such prejudicial drivel, there you will find Blackshirts defending the honor of genuine fascism.

On the issue of what constitutes the state, Mussolini and Giovanni Gentile clearly outline in “The Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism” that it is “Not a race, nor a geographically defined region, but a people, historically perpetuating itself; a multitude unified by an idea and imbued with the will to live, the will to power, self-consciousness, personality.” Therefore, any true fascist is charged by Il Duce and Gentile to build a state based on a positive moral spirit and through ethically expressive means. The race factor is an irrelevant one, and should not be considered in either the decision making process, nor should it be taken into account during the execution of the social will.

Racially exclusive theories also fail at the community level, as it would require significant shifts in the style and standard of living for those communities. Such practices being carried out, as at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, have had horrendously detrimental effects on the institution and on the community as a whole. By abandoning such practices and returning to reason, the college would have recovered from any damage sustained rather quickly. It should also be noted that the practices of racial exclusion did not stem from official policy of the administration, but was instead born out of the minds and imposed by a number of ill-informed and intellectually disinclined students who promoted the practice of separating out fellow students simply based on their skin color. With the failure of the administration to bring resolution to this issue in a timely manner, it should have fallen to the state to bring about closure, as it is a public college. A fascist society is one of action and resolution, and such a disruption of the social process would not be allowed to linger and fester like an open wound.

Finally, even at the family level, racism cannot be allowed to grow, and the gardener of the state should remove this terrible weed from the social garden. Future generations will be educated to promote social unity, beginning with the family unit. While the idea of patriarchal domination of will is not what the party is advocating for, the father figure remaining with the family is a critical element in promoting this vision. The family unit working as a team will encourage members of society to work together as a team, bringing this spirit of unity to the nation as a whole. This will leave no room for racism or bigotry to exist. This menace could be weeded out in a generation or two under the fascist model because of our approach of starting in the home. Fascism does not express a message of hate, such as Black Lives Matter on the one side and Unite the Right on the other. It instead allows children to explore the possibilities of an orderly structural system from the family, to the community/religious institution, and finally to the state.

For those who would push the defensive narrative that the white nationalist groups apart of Unite the Right are only advocating for “white pride” and not for hostile actions against other racial groups, one important question that should be asked is “Have you participated in events promoting appreciation for other racial groups?” To show appreciation for the achievements of people of European descent is reasonable and acceptable, but it is no less so to show appreciation for the achievements of people from other racial backgrounds. It isn’t necessary to exhaust oneself in studying such histories, but one should gain at least a basic knowledge of the impact humans from all walks of life have had on the development of the world around us. Doing so will allow the student to form a coherent and consistent opinion for the particular subject and how it connects to large contexts. Formulating an opinion of an individual or group in the absence of knowledge is reckless and naïve.

Equally as reckless would be to form an opinion of the American Blackshirt Party that assumes that we support racially motivated politics, despite our words, just because we profess to be fascist. To say that we threaten the life or health of an individual or group on the basis of their skin color, heritage, religion, or for any other reason is totally incorrect, and to suggest otherwise is slanderous nonsense. People who would make such false allegations about us do so because they cannot reasonably debate us intellectually, so are forced to resort to these crude and vicious tactics. It is obvious that the word fascism is bound in, at this time in history, negative connotations, and so it is necessary that we as a party must work to restore the respectability and dignity of the word and the authentic ideas behind that word.

Future generations should look back to this place and time in the life of our nation, and note with pride the dedication of the new “Founding Fathers” of a new republic. People will reflect upon the courage we show in standing up to the disruptors of our social cohesion, saying to them that “We will no longer sit idle as America is consumed by infighting, while also suffering the derision of an ever increasingly hostile world.” In those future days, humanity will contemplate and wonder at our professed belief in the potential of the American spiritual race. The America of tomorrow will rejoice at remembering that it was we who put aside our differences, and instead set about the work of building fascism for all.

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