Democracy's Problem

Updated: May 4

During college, I began questioning for the first time some things about the American system. I noticed a legal system that is out of control. Lawyers and judges could manipulate anything they wanted. You didn't vote for them;, yet they seemed to have total control. Which lead me to (finally) realize that the democratic system no longer works. It was not easy for me to finally admit to myself and others that I thought democracy wasn't all it's cracked up to be.

Now, I will say that I believe that when this young nation started, democracy worked. It worked because the population was small;, thus your vote actually, literally counted. People were at a beginning of a great adventure in a new, untamed land, and though differences in thought occurred (political parties, etc.), people of all stripes needed democracy to work. But it also seemed to me that as the nation grew older and more mature, and the population became greater, democracy became a bit of a farce. Your vote got lost in the shuffle because the population was growing so rapidly that money and connections became more necessary;, thus, voter fraud began and special interest groups began manipulating the system. The idea of giving a smart person a vote and a stupid person a vote and having it mean exactly the same thing was (and remains) absurd. I saw how Democrats' views and positions were mostly vile, traitorous, impractical wastes of time, money and resources, in addition to being grossly hypocritical. They were telling the supposed “oppressed” that they would make their lives better, but nothing seemed to ever change. And while I was much more agreeable to Republican positions, I noticed how only a few Republicans actually had the guts to fight and stand by their positions. Most only cared about their wallets, not the country or its people.

Well, why would I vote then? If I cast a vote, it only really counts if my candidate wins, right? Because if the candidate that I voted for doesn’t win, my vote was essentially wasted. But even if my candidate wins, what guarantee do I have that he/she will keep their campaign promise? And let's say they do attempt or intend to keep their promises;, what if they can't actually do anything because the other party is preventing them? (As would happen with a Democrat Senate and a Republican presidency or vice-versa, for example.) Now let’s say that they do keep their promises;, the next challenge then is that we live in a morally and ethically weak America where anyone can file a lawsuit to prevent a law or challenge a bill just because they don't like it. Even if the president writes a bill and it is passed, the courts actually allow or disallow it, so you end up with a long, dragged out process that hinders the democratic process itself.

It also became crystal clear to me that in addition to the courts, the media really run things. Imagine having in your power a multi-billion-dollar enterprise that can shape how you perceive things (not to mention can even decide whether you see or hear about it at all). In the early 2000s, Harvard and Stanford Universities performed a study that showed that the mainstream media has an overwhelmingly left-wing bent to it. I began seeing that it makes sense that left-wing media will hire left-wing employees who want to change the world. I also saw how much of a shill the mainstream media is for the left in general and the Democrats in particular. It seemed that democracy was being undermined. The media can't show you all the news in the world because there's just too much of it. So they have to pick and choose what they think (or want) you to know about. Then after they choose the topic, they slant it if they so choose. Essentially, what it boils down to is this: The left has a position. The media tells you what it is and why it's so great. If you don't happen to agree with that view, you are branded a racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe, or (gasp!) a “Fascist”! The court system (with leftist lawyers and leftist judges) back this up with rulings and lawsuits until you submit. What we have here then is a left-wing party (Democrats and Marxist/Socialists) with a left-wing propaganda apparatus (the media), enforced by a left-leaning court system that does not answer to the people. Is this Democracy?

If you look around you, pick up the newspaper, read the internet, watch the news…are these the people you want voting in your country? Or running it? American society is a herd of sheep, I’m sorry to say, and while all of us are affected to differing degrees by marketing and media, democracy has become really nothing more than a popularity contest on a massive scale. As Fascist philosopher and writer Mario Palmieri states in The Philosophy of Fascism, “All possibilities of the realization of Democracy rest ultimately upon the implicit belief in the capacity of the common man to know what is good, beautiful and true; that is, upon a naïve, unbound faith in his wisdom.” Democracy also essentially holds false hope (and one could even argue, lies) in the equality of men. Again, Palmeri, “Fascism holds instead that all men are unequal in intellectual, spiritual, moral and physical attributes. What is common to all men is their humanity.”

The truth is that most people are easily manipulated. Some are too dumb to understand anything more complex than “hate bad, love good” and other bumper-sticker logic, and some are just too busy working and raising children and paying debts to take anything more than a momentary, cursory interest in what is really happening to our world.

Do you think the rest of the world really envies a nation that is constantly trying to discredit their own presidents? Should a nation where some people actually not only believe, but actively lobby for, illegal immigrants being able to vote even be respected? Because if you allow illegal immigrants to vote, then you are openly breaking laws that directly affect electoral outcomes. And that is intolerable. At that point, I would question then who is “an American”, because if you allow non-citizens a say in politics, then there is no difference between them and a citizen. And if there is no difference between the two, then you have no nation. To be an American would be nothing more then a geographic location that by pure chance you have been born into.

Because of America’s idea that anything OTHER than democracy is somehow tyranny, I will submit to you that the democratic idea and format gave the world Adolf Hitler through elections as well as the Muslim Brotherhood. How many people have died in wars to “spread democracy”? (Not to mention that during World War II, America’s democracy sided with the Soviets and helped hand over Eastern Europe to a Communist ideology that killed even more people than Nazism did.)

One concern people have against those who criticize democracy is that it would lead to a nation run by a one-party rule and thus would inevitably mean a dictator. Democracy no longer has the field largely to itself as to how to create a prosperous and powerful nation-state. For example, China has shown how a single-party regime can create a world power, and how democracy is not a necessary precondition for extraordinary economic progress. As Palmeri says, “If Authoritary [sic] rule is temporarily a necessary element of Fascism…it is nevertheless also true that Fascism does not imply necessarily dictatorship.” Should we assume that just because a majority find something acceptable, does that inherently mean that it is correct? Moral? Ethical? Just? or Sound?

How “democratic” are the package deals we’re supposed to accept? For example, fair wages for working people and/or promotion of the traditional family unit will be “packaged in” with promotion of gay rights or protecting (i.e., promoting) illegal immigration. So, democracy again robs Peter to pay Paul, so to speak.

Should we wait to do what is right until 51 percent of the human population of the United States agrees with us that it is right? And if that time never comes, should we do nothing? Should we spend all our money, energy and the minutes of our lives trying to sell the sheeple (who would gladly give up their right to vote if they could have the latest technology instead)? Or, should we start doing what is right right now to the best of our ability, immediately and enthusiastically? Twenty-first-century American democracy is now a lumbering political dinosaur that is not equipped to handle big problems and certainly not quickly. It does not serve the people well anymore. We need something else, because the ship is sinking, folks. Fascism Forward!

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