Coronavirus Containment

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

When often it is necessary to highlight the need for reformation in leadership, there are times when we are stronger by standing behind what leadership is in place, in solidarity, to overcome a common crisis. This is no more apparent than with the management of the coronavirus epidemic that is affecting humanity. The position of the National Reformation Party is that we will stand with the leadership of the United States, and support constructive efforts in cooperation with allies, to contain this virus and to save human lives. No one can be callous and completely disregard the value of a person, even should we disagree with that person on any number of topics or issues. Preventing the spread of the coronavirus is essential in building bridges that may one day allow other crises to be put to rest. Common dialogue between nations can build the bonds of friendship and mutual security. A new era of global security and harmonious existence can be sparked by the victory of international partners over a common threat. The thoughts and prayers of the membership body of the party is poured out to the families of those who have been lost to this crisis, and the hope of this party is that we may be able to honor their joined legacies for the benefit of future generations. Above all, let it be understood that should the National Reformation Party be called upon, in any capacity, to do its part in helping fellow Americans who are struggling through this, we will rise to the occasion and display to the people that we are also a solution for any crisis, a solution that America can stand behind.

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