Communism in Decay

Updated: Apr 15

One of the common criticisms levied against Fascism by adherents of Marxism is the asinine accusation that Fascism is, “Capitalism in decay” and serves as a means for the capitalist class to maintain their power. This is, however, a deliberate debasement and misrepresentation of our program and proposals.

Despite our adamant opposition to the philosophical doctrine of Dialectical Materialism, which serves as the foundation for Marxism, the rejection of materialism scarcely makes us crusaders on behalf of Capitalism, which likewise relies on materialism as its basis. Both these systems are incapable of escaping the presupposition that only the material, understood as economics in both theories, is of true importance to humanity. Make no mistake, we are crusaders, but for a cause which strives to elevate us above the decadent consumerist culture modern capitalism has insidiously imposed on the American people. First, it is necessary to address a particular quote which is too often used by the detractors of our movement. Whenever asked to define Fascism, the most common response from people is to provide the quote, “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power.” which is commonly attributed to Benito Mussolini. There are two problems with utilizing this quote: A.) It’s fake.

B.) What is meant by corporatism and corporate power within the quote cannot be (properly) defined when removed from the context by which these terms are defined and used.

An important distinction must be made between the “Corporation” as understood within the confines of our modern capitalist society, and what is meant by a Corporation within the confines of Fascist thought. When Fascists speak of corporations, we are not referring to McDonalds, Wal-Mart, or any other manner of private business, but as something which is better understood as an organizational entity of associating occupations and professions, and we shall expand on what is meant by this.

Corporations will be formed for the purpose of collectively managing not only the economy, but to additionally elect those whom shall serve as legislators for laws related to business and commerce, labor relations, public services, trade, etc. A more concrete example shall be made. The United States shall be the basis of this example. Individuals belonging to the retail industry: sales-peoples, cashiers, and store shelf-stockers would be organized into a corporation dedicated to Retail Workers. Primary school teachers, college professors, college students, and others within our education system would be organized into a corporation dedicated to representing their interest. Every occupation would belong to a corporation which represents their interest, thereby ensuring American workers have a true means of representation within the system we propose.

Despite their claims of struggling for the rights of workers within the United States, their actions paint a much different portrait, one which casts their claims in a suspicious light. The rhetoric espoused by Marxists does not align with reality. Marxist are proponents of Internationalism, as they assert the working class of all nations must eschew the distinction between nations, and work in unison to combat capitalism.

However, there is a crucial error in their call to arms. It is none other than the global character of Capitalism. Internationalism is not of any discernible benefit to the American worker, and in fact, is far more of a detriment than anything else. The international financiers, international bankers, and the international capitalists, all love nothing more than open-borders and trade deals, which have always been to the detriment of American workers. These forces adore reducing peoples into nothing more than consumers, bereft of any commonalities, culture, or national ideals which unify them.

The chants and cries for open borders and open immigration are heard from the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, and the multitude of Communist parties within the United States. Why? Immigration has discernible consequences on American workers. When an influx of migrant workers is introduced into the economy, the wages of workers begin to decline, as employers can afford to pay their workers less as a consequence of increased competition for positions within a business. Of course, it must be stated this is merely a symptom of the much larger issue, which is the prioritization of financial interest over the wellbeing of our nation as a whole.

Furthermore, it is not uncommon to find various communists exalting and praising China. Without a shred of irony in their words, these individuals and organizations demand cooperation with China, arguing that the United States should partner with various Chinese owned companies to rebuild our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. Do not let us be misunderstood, something must be done about our infrastructure, but it must be done by American hands, American workers, and with American resources.

Americans have nothing to gain from increased cooperation with China. Between 2001 and 2015, U.S.-China trade deficit robbed the American people of 3.4 million jobs. Likewise, between 2001 and 2011, trade with China reduced the income of directly impacted workers by 37 billion dollars per year. [1] What worth is there in working with a country that directly prospers from negatively impacting the American people? There isn’t any. And the communist charlatans know this. They view it all through the lens of, “What is to the detriment of Americans is to the benefit of the world.” and wish to see the American people suffer to “heighten the contradictions within capitalism”.

Communist organizations, ironically, prosper from the exploitation and suffering of workers in a manner not unlike that of the capitalist. Without reducing Americans to a life of abject misery, without a complete and utter devastation wrought unto them, and without casting them in a cauldron of pure chaos, there is no hope for their so-called revolution.

This is what differentiates us from the communist. We call for true end of conflict between the classes. We are not content with seeing the capitalist hanging up his top hat in favor of the ushanka. We are not content with trading one form of exploiter for another. We shall only be content when the economy is subordinated to the interest of the nation as a whole. Both Capitalism and Marxism believe the economy is the destiny of mankind. The center of human existence is not technology, production, and consumption. We must move beyond such a narrow conception of humanity. We eschew our place in a cold, calculating, and lifeless machine. Instead, we must integrate ourselves into an organic, spiritual, and ideal existence.

[1] 3-4-million-jobs-heres-how-to-rebalance-trade-and-rebuild-american-manufacturing

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