Chaos in the British government

In relation to the Brexit process, the people of the United Kingdom have little to hope for from their current government. The recent developments in the United Kingdom, particularly in the British Parliament, have clearly shown to the entire world the weakness of western liberal societies. In what should have been a rather straightforward process, we find absolute confusion and deadlock.It would appear to many that the ship is sailing without a captain, and that no one is in a position to decide anything in relation to the exit from the European Union. How will this process be finalized? Will a deal even be in place before the deadline? Is there anyone left for Theresa May to call on for aid? These, and far too many other questions, loom over the future for the UK.

In short, National Reformationism would not suffer from such uncertainty and gridlock. Through the one party process, decision making would be significantly more streamlined, allowing for a greater concentration of attention and effort to the foreign negotiations, which would themselves be difficult enough. A National Reformationist Britain would be much more wholly equipped to meet with the Europeans on an equal footing. However, such is not the case, and this should stand as an example to the people of the United States as to why it is so important that we embrace National Reformationism.

We can count ourselves grateful that we are not in such a strained situation. The avoidance of unnecessary foreign entanglements is essential to maintaining national security and economic freedom and prosperity. We should transition into a National Reformationist society now before it is too late, and we are caught in a compromised position with no way to extricate ourselves. National Reformationism is, and will always be, a means by which Americans can express their love for our national independence in every regard. Let no true son or daughter of our republic turn away from the call of fascism to safeguard our nation for future generations to enjoy.

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