Better to Dance with the Devil

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

American history is full of its brutalities and negative aspects. However, if the contemporary world has taught us anything, it's that present day Americans believe in absolutely nothing. We've been a country conditioned by Capitalism into being soulless zombies, educated to be efficient workers. While this state of affairs might be good for the bottom line, it leaves little in the way for originality or creative thought. Consequently, when anarchy appears on the horizon Capitalists do what Capitalists do, they attempt to incorporate it into the present structure, they attempt to commoditize it. If it means an increase in market share or profit they will take a knee in a show of submission or look the other way while whole statues and idols are torn down. In the meantime those who compose the system, the workers, after some initial apprehension come to follow society's celebrities and leaders. Being taught that the most valuable thing they could accomplish was to have a successful career, i.e. make a lot of money the average citizen never bothered with constructing a philosophy or politics of their own. Satisfaction is had by bringing home enough money to satisfy an insatiable consumerism. Lacking any original ideals, when anarchy presents itself in the name of justice (BLM) either through fear of being ostracized or a vague feeling of wanting to belong, individuals embrace their own destruction.

Admittedly, the NRP has a different/unique doctrine which goes against the grain of much of American history. But there is something sad and pathetic about watching a people reject and throw away their history without even so much as a fight. And yet in a few months we're all going to be bombarded by the same tired cliches about how it's our duty to vote and support the lesser of two evils. Lacking meaning in just about anything these cliches have become their own social religion.

What the devils who existed throughout American history lacked in compassion and consistent morality, they made up for with independence of thought and creativity. Traits much to be preferred over the the soulless conformism and self-righteousness of those who populate contemporary America; a nation which believes in and stands for absolutely nothing.

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