An Interview With Blood & Honor Hellas

1. When did you start your activity? In which city were you based and where do you have the most support?

We officially started in October of 2013, at which time there were three of us. I was located out of San Diego, CA. The other two were in New Jersey and Louisiana. Since that time our strongest growth has been in California, Texas, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania.

2. You present yourselves as Fascists and not National Socialists. Please explain to us how you realize this difference, only in economical way or something more? Why do you feel closer to this ideology?

Economics certainly plays a role. Fascism being derived from National Syndicalist thought already had a well-defined ideology from which to draw upon as compared to National Socialism which being primarily concerned with race never bothered to develop an articulate economic doctrine. But differences also exist on a much deeper philosophical level. The Fascist alternative conception of the world is in large part a result of the rejection of liberal democratic thought and the breakdown in morality and unity brought about by its policies. An alternative had to be based upon the nature of man as revealed through history, and observation. So the political model of Fascism was built around the idea that Man is social in nature; that through the family, church, nation and State the individual can become truly human. This requires a strong ethical State which can provide the structure for these communal institutions to thrive. On the surface National Socialism would seem to be very similar with its emphasis on the Nation and also a strong State during Hitler’s regime, but much of this owed more to necessity than anything else. Much like Fascism National Socialism was revolutionary for its time and was perceived by Hitler to have a short window to achieve its goals, so he used the most effective and recent model he could find. Even though the aesthetics were related the philosophy behind them were not. National Socialism is materialistic in nature, believing that Man is the product of his ethnic race; that his genes determine his destiny. Nation and State are reflections of the race and exist to serve it. Societal decay is the result of racial mixture with inferior racial types. This is in direct opposition to the Fascist view that man is formed by the collective groups which compose society. Once a nation is purged of different racial types and becomes racially pure. The logical conclusion to National Socialism would be a limited State as the purpose for its activism no longer exists. This is in direct contradiction to Fascism which believes that individuals are a reflection of their societies, and constituent collective units, constantly being molded into a higher type and a race of its own. The need for an active, ethical State never disappears. We choose to identify more with Fascism than National Socialism because it addresses problems which are more real to the society we currently live in. We reject the view prevalent in many Alt Right circles that the societal problems we currently endure derive from increased immigration levels and its consequent racial diversity. This view ignores the influence of enlightenment thought and its emphasis on individualism, equality, and Democracy. Our fight didn’t start in the20th century. In Europe it started in the 16th and here in America in 1776. Fascism is the ideology which most effectively combats these evils and presents a functional alternative. The world Mussolini fought against has become more pronounced in our own time and Fascism more necessary.

3. Which persons do you study and feel represent you? Politicians, philosophers etc. from the past and present days?

For obvious reasons, our political inspiration is Benito Mussolini. He was able to take different strands of thought and make them into a functional whole, which not only applied to the problems of Italy but to all parts of the world where liberal democracy was the dominant paradigm, revealing Fascism’s universal nature. Giovanni Gentile is also somebody we greatly admire. What Mussolini did in presenting Fascism to the world, Gentile did in giving it content and philosophical structure. The philosophical school of Actual Idealism which he founded is the true heir to Hegel’s thought and its emphasis on the importance of duty, faith, and morals; remains relevant to our personal as well as social existence. Also of importance to us are Oswald Mosley, Jose Antonio Primo De Rivera, Charles Maurras, Pierre Drieu La Rochelle, and Georges Sorel. Among modern figures I would have to say Alain De Benoist is who we most admire; while we disagree with his stance on Christianity. No one does a better job at deconstructing the modern world and describing the toxic effects Capitalism and Individualism have had on humanity. Christopher Ferrara is also a favorite of ours. He deals with many of the same issues as De Benoist but from an American Catholic perspective. His book “Liberty the God that Failed is one I recommend read by all new members.

4. Your thoughts about D. Trump president? How do you watch him politically and how do you see his election victory?

We view Trump’s victory as a negative occurrence. At a time when Fascism is for the first time developing a small niche here the United States, we have a President who has mild Nationalistic views and a Nationalist Community which is so desperate for any kind of hope that they have jumped at the opportunity to embrace the man as a savior, choosing to ignore his embrace of Ayn Rand style free market capitalism. Even his objections to immigration are based more upon law and order and its immediate material effects, not questioning immigration itself and whether it’s a health phenomenon for any nation. By attacking illegal immigration as a purely law and order phenomenon he’s actually intellectually laid the groundwork for increases in legal immigration which in many respects is more toxic than the illegal variety.

5. How is the situation now in USA? You feel or you see something going to change? What differences comes also with Obama before?

The situation has become completely toxic. The left views Trump as the next coming of Adolf Hitler and are doing everything in their power to discredit and stop him. The right has remained largely silent, but the disconnect between both sides has gotten to a point where they can’t work together at all. This state can’t continue indefinitely, but does give us the opportunity to show the American people the fallacies of Democracy and Capitalism. We have to make sure we use this time wisely to grow and make sure our message is able to reach as many people as possible.

6. In American history which people do you think were the most important and which worked for a state close to your beliefs?

This is a tough one. From America’s founding until today there’s been only one dominant ideology: Liberal Capitalism. What we call Liberals and Conservatives in this country are only different sides of the same coin. There are differences but those differences never question the foundations of our political and economic structures. Any attempt at doing so throws open the door to extensive social criticism and ostracism. So those who’ve been willing to do it have been very few. Amongst those that have tried we like Edward Dennis a former American diplomat who wrote “The Coming American Fascism” which was basically a blueprint for applying Fascism to 1930’s America. Huey Long and Father Charles Coughlin have also helped to influence us through their avocation of a greater role for the State in economic reform and lifting up the working man from poverty.

7. Your state building from many different tribes of European means. Can you give us percentage of origins? For example are there more Irish?

White Americans are derived from these Europeans 16.5% German 11.9% Irish 9.2% English 5.5% Italians 4.0% French Of course this is primarily how people here identify. In reality there’s a lot of mixture within these groups.

8. How you realize racialism today, a utopia? Must we work to change the State and society or does the Metaphysical appeal of race still have appeal?

Any kind of racialism in the United States is unrealistic. The problem goes back to the 17th century when black slaves were brought over from Africa. Even though they didn’t have civil and political rights their introduction created a racially diverse society. And up to this day the idea of returning ethnic minorities to their homelands, unless they came over illegally presents huge ethical issues which realistically can’t be overcome. Any attempt to do so or to present alternatives such as breaking the country up into separate nations based upon race would be impossible to apply and lead many well-meaning people down the wrong path. What I think people here in the US and Europe don’t realize is that for a national community to passively accept a condition where their governments are actively importing foreigners into their countries for the sake of placating their corporate backers, while seeing their own incomes decline and living standards decay requires an absence of national pride and feeling; a complete lack of any sense of race. Biologically speaking Europeans have been in existence for thousands of years, but what made them European was not their DNA but a way of life, a culture and a spiritual connection. These were destroyed by the inroads made by enlightenment thought. I view the original Fascism as an attempt to revive a true sense of race and any modern solution to the problem will have to incorporate this idea to be successful.

9. What about your activity in the streets and through net?

We were at the California State Republican Convention last year, and we’ve had members active in the Eastern Part of Massachusetts in the Northampton area, and also in Minnesota and Northern Virginia. Our most active online presence is our Facebook page, which as of this writing has over 3,000 likes. We’re also active on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. Our webpage serves as basic information about the party, membership, beliefs, etc., and also as an education hub where work from our members and classical Fascist literature is displayed.

10. Your opinion about the first Indians attack by white explorers? You accept them as they were living in their native land?

It was a difficult situation. The Indians were already living there and the Europeans had no intention of leaving. The Indians were justified in defending their land and the Europeans justified in defending themselves.

11. What about black racialist there? You see a bright light for some cooperation like years before Rockwell did a speech with some of them?

Black Racialists have a much different agenda than we do. I can’t see any future cooperation between us.

12. Talk us about any organization or political party you support there. Your opinion about the old and new KKK?

One of the unique things about the ABP is that we’re the only Fascist Party in the United States. This makes any kind of alliance very tricky. We’ve been approached by National Socialist groups about forming alliances but we’ve had to decline. We’re willing to work with anybody to achieve our goals but at this stage in our growth ideological development serves as our top priority. The KKK is extremely toxic. In the 1920’s not only were there activities directed towards Blacks and Jews, but any whites that weren’t from northern Europe and Catholics were persecuted by them. And while their current manifestation is more tame and law-abiding they advocate a racially centered doctrine combined with an advocacy for free markets and racial democracy. They’re not Fascist and should not be looked up to.

13. What changes must do your government in the foreign policy? You support a cooperation of USA and Russia?

Russia is a breath of fresh air. The closest thing we have in the world today that can even begin to approach the model we’re building for Fascism in American is Russia. If there is one thing we support President Trump on is his willingness to work for better relations with Russia. Our two countries working together can accomplish much when it comes to ending the war in Syria and helping to maintain order in the Middle East. On a broader level a multi-polar world would be much more effective than the uni-polar American dominant world we now have; with regional powers working to stabilize hot spots in their own regions. Not only is this more cost effective forthe U.S. but would be less likely to cause international incidents.

14. Muslim fundamentalism, a true fact and threat or just another weapon of the secret clubs to control situations in whole earth?

It is a threat but not because of its existence, but because of why it exists. A people with a strong identity and religion would be pervious to the inroads of Islamic Fundamentalism. But due to neither of these existing in any substantial form Europe has been unsuccessful at preventing Fundamentalism’s spread. Secularism has failed in Europe; it produces a society of people wanting to only live for themselves, whose only concern is if they’ll be able to afford the next version of the I-Phone. A society built upon materialism is a society built to fail. Islam will not be the cause of its destruction but may very well its result.

15. What you believe and what info you can give us about much conspiracy in some facts, 11 September for example?

Conspiracy thinking is very dangerous and almost always turns out to be false. In modern America it has its origins in the inadequacies of the two major ideologies of Conservatism and Liberalism. Both of which display their inability to articulate any coherent ideas when they feel compelled to refer to their opponents as either Communists or Marxists. Our problems aren’t due to a secret cabal of bankers in New York, or Israel, the Trilateral Commission, and Council of Foreign Relations aren’t plotting to enslave Americans to a world government. I encourage all of the members of the ABP to concentrate on articulating and understanding of ideas.The Enlightenment and the ideas which it gave birth to is where the root of our problems are situated and only through the triumph of Fascist ideas will they be defeated and we’ll overcome.

16. What you can say about my country Hellas and after, for whole white Europe?

We all live in dangerous times. I would hope that the true believers over there are willing to be patient and build up legitimate Fascist movements instead of jumping on the first candidate who spouts some nationalist lines, then abandons them once elected. We need to follow the example set by the founders and be true to our principles.

16. You have any material available?

On the website we have items available for purchase along with propaganda material which can be uploaded and printed out. Plus for anyone wanting to join they get a free book with “The Doctrine of Fascism” along with one of my works which explains how the Doctrine is still relevant to 21st Century America.

17. Thank you very much! Feel free to say something more to the end

I would like to thank Blood and Honor Hellas for allowing me the opportunity to tell your audience a little about our party and the situation we face in America. If you would like more details please check us out at

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