America Against Itself: Government Imposed Factionalism

Evil now roams unhindered in the father land. A festering iniquity that tramples our ideals, and casts all morality to the dirt. It has robbed us of even the most sacred of values. All that we have left, at this point in time, is a dying nation with a rotting culture. This great crime against American Society was our own doing. It was an inevitable result of the democracy that many hold so dearly. I will analyze the doctrine of “government imposed factionalism”, the various methods in which it is applied, and its tactic of installing division into a democracy by targeting ethnic and political differences.

Our land was founded on hidden ideals of repression and elitist domination. The framers of the federal system of government were not of the common social classes, but of a rich and powerful minority. They persuaded the masses that their proposal of a "constitutional democracy" was the best path to freedom. However, the constitution of our United States does not guarantee democracy. It actually limits proper democratic function. The historic article inhibits majoritarian rule, and creates a system dominated by the "social minority". In saying "social minority", I am not referring to the ethnic demographics of America. The phrase is being used in reference to the economic sector of the demographic scale.

The ruling class maintains control of the population with a divide and dominate strategy. Common solidarity, if achieved, will bring an end to the current order of rule; therefore, it is prevented at all costs. Chiefly, division is installed into our daily lives through various media outlets. Although the government does not directly control the mainstream media, it is funded by the same people and entities that pay for our politicians' campaigns. This source of funding ultimately dictates what information we are exposed to as well as who governs the nation. Essentially, it is a popularity contest, and the winner has made the most promises.

How can the populace of an ethnically diverse democracy be controlled? The task is simple. All that must be done is to enforce an atmosphere of racial tension, and promote a system of bipartisanship. That is precisely how a small social minority is able to control the masses in our nation.

If one were to read the United States constitution, a few interesting questions may come to mind. For example, why did the framers place such heavy emphasis on a system of checks and balances? Would that not create political hesitation, and inhibit the so called "democracy" in which it was intended to fortify?

The following paragraph regarding the nature of the constitution is from chapter 2 in the text American Government by Timothy O. Lenz and Mirya Holman:

“The U.S. is commonly called a democracy or a republic but it is actually a constitutional democracy or constitutional republic. The constitutional limits the democracy! The Constitution limits democracy as defined as majority rule. Congress may pass popular laws that ban flag burning or punish radical political speech or prohibit certain religious practices but even laws that have widespread public support can be declared unconstitutional. In the U.S. legal hierarchy, the Constitution trumps statues (even if they are popular). Democratic politics may be about popularity contests and majority rule but constitutional law. The Bill of Rights protects individual rights from majority rule. In fact, the Constitution is a counter-majoritarian document in the sense that it cannot be changed by a simple majority vote. Changing the Constitution requires extra-ordinary majorities. A constitutional amendment requires a two-thirds vote to propose an amendment and a three-quarters vote to ratify it.” (Lenz, Holman 25-26)

It is evident that the framers were not exceedingly worried about racial matters, for slavery, at the time of its drafting, was the economic foundation of many American states. If the bill of rights is not protecting ethnic minorities, who is it protecting? In this paragraph the constitution is described as a “countermajoritarian document”. This does not simply refer to an ethnic or political majority, but it intends to impede the lower social classes from taking control of the country’s direction. It is designed to fortify the rule of the capitalist minority. In simple terms, it protects the elite from the intellectual and the working man. This government was created to enforce that idea. The framer’s hidden criminality can be exposed when analyzed in this fashion. In whom would you rather trust with the future of our children? An intellectual, or the elite? A prestigious natural born leader, whom has earned his position in society, and has proven his superior morality, is the most sound of choices. Intelligence can translate into political competence. Wealth does not in any case. Therefore, our leaders must be selected for their actual abilities, and not their personal economic resources.

America is indeed a post-racial society. The majority of its citizens are now lacking true ethnically resentful attitudes. Contemporary American racism rarely drifts further than ignorant stereotypical jokes, and it is even more infrequent that the individual actually believes what was said.

A growing issue in recent times is the mass confusion between the terms "race" and "nationality". I’ve heard many Americans say that their nationality is Mexican, Irish, Cuban, ext. Statements such as these are untrue, for they are all American nationals, and on many occasions have never set foot on the nation in question. It is pure ignorance that the media has exploited. Hence, being opposed to open borders and illegal immigration is popularly perceived as racism.

Since when does the need to preserve our national identity equal racial resentment? What of the need to protect the few employment opportunities that have been spared from the capitalist practice of outsourcing business for cheap foreign labor? Is that racist? Such perceptions are the result of the societal poison that is injected into the American mind by the liberal media. They are ignorant and untrue.

As an American of mixed ethnicity, I have come to the realization that “my race is my nation". I am not Mexican or a European. I am an American and nothing else. That is my response when asked about my racial origins. That is the message we are attempting to convey as we redefine the meaning of "race". To replace racial acknowledgement with national pride, is to create a unified American race. To cast aside the evils of democracy, which is innately susceptible to corruption, is to take a step toward a fascist American state. Tradition, culture, and unity will save America, our people.

It is my belief that racism is becoming uncommon in America. The vast majority of the population is becoming increasingly color blind. However, I do believe that the federal government has its hand in promoting racial resentment. The social elite can see the danger of common solidarity. Activists engagements, in the likes of the occupy movement, revealed that diverse peoples of the same class can unite against a common oppressor. This threatens the current capitalist establishment.

Is it possible that the government intentionally divides the populace through de-facto state controlled media outlets? I call this theory “government imposed factionalism”. Racial tension is the most effectively implemented tactic of this doctrine. Other actions include the two party system and anti-nationalism. The phrase “government imposed factionalism” can be defined as the intentional factionalization or compartmentalization of a nation’s populace with the intent of creating less opposition to the ruling party. This is highly effective because small separate groups are easier to control than one larger group.

To illustrate this theory, I will describe the forces of movement generated by a mass of individuals. If the entire troop were to be moving in solidarity toward one single point or objective, the energy of that formation would be relentless, if not unstoppable. The ceasing of that movement would be a monumental task that requires a tremendous amount of effort; notwithstanding, if the entity that is attempting block the crowd could somehow dismantle the cohesion of the group, by targeting minor differences in ideals and race, the original goal can be more easily obstructed. The group would then form various factions and begin erratically moving in numerous directions. Some would maintain the original direction, but most would go against the grain or move down a completely different path. While some effort may still be necessary to block the crowd’s initial goal, it would be greatly diminished.

This is partly achieved in our society through the mainstream media. Excessive coverage and misinformation about selective events, such as mass shootings and police brutality, are particularly effective. The popular media suggests that these actions are racially motivated. This creates an illusionary atmosphere of mass racial resentment. By igniting previously extinguished flames, a united peoples are effectively factionalized.

In reality these “racist” actions are carried out by a mentally unstable individual, who does not represent any particular racial group, or an officer of the law that was simply doing his job or protecting his own life. In placing emphasis on the conflicting parties’ racial dissimilarities, a mass reactionary movement is generated, and resentment begins to brew within the population. What is achieved is quite simple. The people are now distracted from moving against their true oppressors.

Initially, government imposed factionalism was applied to our political system. In establishing multiple partisan coalitions, which greatly contrast in ideals, the American people were successfully factionalized. With the lower classes sidetracked and blindfolded in bitter ideological battles, the elite are permitted simply sit back and enjoy the show.

Governmental hesitation is the trend of the day. With each rotation of power, the achievements of the predecessor are reversed. With one presidency we lean towards socialism, and the next drifts back to conservatism. Thus, democracy has stagnated, and has become horribly defective. This is not what Americans want. It is simply the hand that we have been dealt. We live in tyranny under the guise of liberty.

Our society is compartmentalized in the sense that we are all against each other. Your faction against mine being eternally entrenched in pointless conflict. We are locked into a non-violent war of superficial differences. The cause of this is pure greed and excessive materialism.

A fascist America would be united. Our American race would be invulnerable to the social erosion that democracy and capitalism imposes. No racial schism will tear us to shreds using meaningless superficial differences. Repression of the working class will cease. The corporate system will ensure our collective functioning. Every class will work together, organically.

Although we are ethnically diverse, we are all of the same spiritual nationality: the American race. The elite are at war with this sense of “Americanism”. Hence, their need to impose national disunity. That is what this country has come to. The concept of this "racial society" was in fact, imposed upon us. I now conclude with my description of the current state of our society: “America against itself”. Works Cited: Lenz, Timothy O., and Mirya Holman. "Chapter 2: The US Constitutional Government." American Government. Gainesville, FL: U of Florida, 2013. N. pag. Print.

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