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Updated: Apr 22

It seems that whatever decisions we make there is always a side that is never pleased. In reality we are going to have to make these decisions that people may not agree with and you, yourself may not agree with. So it’s forcing you to be left with the best of the worst at times. You are then left with the results of those decisions.

Hearing people constantly mention that they have the right to freedom of speech, press, assembly ect. puts thoughts into a person’s mind, with having that right means that there is a condition to it. There isn’t a law or person trying to take that right from you most of the time someone is stepping in to only protect you from suffering a consequence from the action(s) that you’ve done. Not many people realize that actions all come with consequences good and bad, you just have to imply common sense to what actions you are going to take from the moment you want to step in with any thought that comes to mind.

Even in politics the action versus consequences are played the same way. Everyone tells you that you need to pick a side when it comes to sensitive and uncertain topics like healthcare, unemployment, welfare ect. All Political Party’s propose these ideas to come up with methods to resolve the issue or try to dig into the root of the issue, but in reality is there any real progress being made? You hear from news stations and most media platforms that things are going on but it always revolves around the fact that one party or separate organization is never pleased with it. Looking at what Party’s and organizations are out there they all have one thing in common and that is never agreeing with one another. They may have all the same idea they want to tackle but when it comes to trying to solve the issue it always seems to go nowhere. There will most likely be no lifetime(s) that any one of them will agree on anything. Which leaves the public so divided and hard-headed on what they want instead of focusing on what the real matter was originally. Protests and riots are breaking out among us all because individuals get so clouded into their mind they don’t stop to realize what they could be doing is harming someone else. This where all actions anyone either attempts to make or actually make happen they all come with heavy consequences. Whether its consequences will be good or bad depends on if you use common sense or not.

Common sense doesn’t seem to be implied until the last moment possible and either someone is dead, hurt, or they know that the problem became worse before it even comes close to being better. Thinking before doing anything is something that affects even some of the most important political leadership in our republic, from the leaders of the major political parties right up to members of Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court. Even if the problem was executed with common sense the solution given still won’t please someone due to the idea not being their’s or following their philosophy, practice, or law. Everyone is so stubborn at times with their idea on how to try to address the issue given, but no solution will ever seem to come anytime soon or even at all. The stubbornness of individuals within these Party’s or working in the Capital can really cause heavy damage to the people itself.

The people of the United states are entitled to these rights as given to us from the Constitution there still has to be some change with how this political system works. People don’t want to feel that their rights are being taken away or trying to be tampered with. They want to feel safe and secured, not worrying about what’s going to happen now that they have something taken from them. On the other hand though the reason(s) why laws are changed, or Rights are potentially altered is to somehow protect the American individual. This is a way that change is going to happen knowing clearly that people aren’t going to necessarily be happy with the results, being forced to pick a side at that point will always be out of the question because there is always one that assumes that they are right when it comes to having a solution. Picking only one side doesn’t have to be the only answer.

Political Party’s have a unique way to influence the public by spreading their message and how they go about it can be quite scandalous it seems. Look at the election for a moment, lawsuits are filed and even withdrawn because of false ballots and there are plenty of people not happy with the results just like 2016 when it came down to Trump and Clinton. We were stuck with the best of the worst, Similarly, we were judging the individual more and more harshly this year. Democrats wanted Biden and Republicans wanted Trump for another four years. During the race it seemed childish to watch two adults fight over the issues. In a way they cared, but the way that they went about it was obviously wrong. Looking at the results people are judging Biden cause he seems insane and having Harris just makes the problem worse. Then look at 2016 when Trump was elected he had Pence by his side. Overall, no one was pleased then and no one is pleased now but who’s in charge doesn’t seem to be important at the moment. It’s the fact that everyone is being unfair and judging them before they get a chance to do anything. See what someone is made of and see how they take action before you really say something. Some things may sound a bit ridiculous or even stupid at first but in all honesty if something actually works out even though everyone thinks it was a dumb idea to start with, then maybe it wasn’t a dumb idea to begin with. Things new and old still need to be given a fair chance all the way through before judgment is passed.

Just like how the National Reformation Party is trying to spread its message to everyone. Not everyone sees or accepts the party for what it is because they are too busy judging a book by the cover, and that’s all because of what has been done in the past. The truth of it is that we as a party want to change the minds of people and really fix what damage has taken place. We aren’t what is stated in textbooks, we aren’t in the 1930’s-40’s era. We are here in the 21st century trying to make a difference and shape the minds of the young in a positive manner.

Not many people are going to agree with everyone and with what they want to spread out to the public but we all do really need to try to give things a fair chance. Who would we be if we really kept judging a book by the cover? The future may be in a huge blur but looking forward change is going to happen and it is going to be scary. We need to be fair and right and give it a chance. Taking action like this would be far too soon and the consequence of the action may not be what anyone expects. Then we can possibly hope that the years will be better than what is now.

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