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One of the most important functions of the American Blackshirts has always been to help its members develop a conception of the world unique from the society we live in. Modern culture has been very successful at getting us to be reactive to what we see and to support the perceived simplest solution to any problem; this applies more so to the political realm than to anywhere else. Unfortunately the problems which plague this country run very deep, many going back to the founding, so solutions also must address these foundational deficiencies if they’re to be effective. Nowhere does this apply more strongly than to the issue of race.

Given the amount of attention directed to race by the media in this country and the current suicidal immigration policies of not only this government, but everywhere else in the western world, it’s understandable why so many who consider themselves Fascists or Alternative Rightists would choose to emphasize race as the source of national decay and adopt definitions of race and solutions to racial problems which have no functional relation to Fascist thought. Thoughts though which on the other hand are very similar to the National Socialist view on the issue. NS race theory can be very appealing to many who've lost meaning and are looking for a place in the world. The biological component of racism is very simplistic. It appeals to people’s desires to be part of a greater community and then attempts to organize that community based upon similar physical appearances and genetic structure. This is the logical outgrowth of democratic enlightenment thought, it takes the irrational spiritual component out of the equation and attempts to rationally, and deterministically explain what a race is and how social cohesion is tied to the genetic health of that race. Given that biological racism is central to NS doctrine the same scientific, rational principles used to justify it have also in many instances been used to justify a more scientific approach to other aspects of society, such as Capitalism. This is a very important reason why we don’t ally ourselves with NS organizations. It puts at risk the very fundamentals of what we believe.

To our detriment the traditional view of race held by the original Fascist intellectuals has been within the movement overshadowed by biological racism. This has multiple cause but it’s due primarily to the overwhelming strength of NS Germany before and during WWII, which as a result has led most Fascists to have dual loyalties; looking upon both NS Germany and Fascist Italy as inspirations to look up to. Due to the inherent philosophical differences between the two movements this is not a healthy infatuation. It’s therefore imperative that we start to rebuild a foundation on this issue and work on first causes. The most effective way to do this is to explain what a race actually is and how to define it.

“Who could distinguish Illyrians, Venetians, Cisalpine Gauls from other groups of Italic peoples? Rome fused all in one unique Italic mold; and it is not important that today’s analytic anthropology tries to find physical differences in various Italic groups; there is a complete spiritual fusion, which happened during the centuries-long historical process. All speak a language that recalls Rome; all have social and political institutions of Roman origin; all have a single Italic soul.”

“Now, in a well individualized ethnic group, historically and politically well integrated, even if racially heterogeneous, the same civic life, the same laws, the same practices and customs, the same language, the same official religion, the same soil, the same State-guided instruction and education, the same cultural climate, the same aspirations and collective ideas, along with the mixture of blood of various regional races, can lead to the construction of a new median racial type, represented by this given ethnic group. A nation, that is to say, and this is the opinion of most anthropologists, can constitute the focus of a new race in formation.”

History is full of examples of ethnically homogenous States which through no fault of anyone else’s have failed: militarily, morally, and economically, their existence being so worthless that they are hardly worth mentioning. On the other hand we have societies which have had ethnically diverse populations which have gone onto greatness. Whether a nation is multi-ethnic or not is value neutral. What makes a people a race is a spiritual fusion between the citizens of a country. This fusion doesn’t just appear out of thin air, people are not born with it.

A race and by default the nation is only capable of coming into existence through the State. The feelings which make up the building blocks of a spiritual race: the belief that all the people of a nation have their well-being tied to one another, that they rise and fall together, that there’s a shared historical heritage and a common destiny. These ideas are transmitted through the educational system, culture and entertainment, youth camps, and most importantly through the Corporatist system, where different peoples learn to work together towards a common goal, eventually all of society starts to transform and the multiple building blocks of that society all contribute to a perpetuation of the race. Examples of this abound throughout history: Ancient Sparta, Rome, and Byzantium. The people that made up these races all became extinct in time but it’s important to understand that it was a strong State structure which gave birth to them and it was the deterioration of that very same structure which led to their death.

When we’re born we don’t enter this world as individuals but as members of a nation, society and a culture which are the products of generations of struggle. That context forms us into the people we are today and lives within us. When people decide to immigrate this part of themselves can’t just be thrown away or forgotten. The immigrant will have to adjust his thoughts and behaviors to adapt to his new environment. After time if the immigrant population overtakes its host environment it will start to change the culture to match its own.

To come full circle; it’s imperative that we continue to fight against immigration into the country but let’s start out at first principles and do it right. We don’t oppose immigration because those coming into the country are non-white. We oppose it because through the presence of large numbers of immigrants the building blocks of a nation become undermined. A community of families and individuals with a common history, culture, and a common sense of destiny is what composes a nation. These can only be cultivated through the processes of time. Immigration in anything more than small amounts causes fracturing within this process and makes sure that it never realizes completion.

 Works Cited: Racial Theories in Fascist Italy by Aaron Gillette

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