• Cesar Zamora

Diversity is our Strength

Despite its portrayal by the media, Fascism is a rather inclusive ideology. In the document that started it all, The Doctrine of Fascism, Giovanni Gentile writes;

“[Fascism is]... the will of the mass, of the whole group ethnically molded by natural and historical conditions into a nation, advancing, as one conscience and one will, along the self-same line of development and spiritual formation. Not a race, nor a geographically defined region, but a people, historically perpetuating itself; a multitude unified by an idea and imbued with the will to live, the will to power, self-consciousness, personality” (Doctrine of Fascism).

Thus it seems obvious that fascism was originally devised as a populist (not racialist) movement. Of course, there is also a quote straight from Mussolini himself that reiterates this point;

“Race? It is a feeling, not a reality. Ninety-five per cent, at least. Nothing will ever make me believe that biologically pure races can be shown to exist today. … National pride has no need of the delirium of race.”(Benito Mussolini)

Only through the ill-advised alliance between Hitler and Mussolini did fascism become tainted with the vile stench of racism. We as American fascists must resist the temptation to ally ourselves with racialists of any kind. Why? Because we aim for the unity of our nation, and the segregation or war of the races would be antithetical to that. All we ask is for racial cooperation, much like we ask for class collaboration. The American Blackshirts Party’s goal is not to eradicate any race, nor promote one over another.

What about religion? In this country we are as, if not more, divided on the basis of religion. The ABP does allow the individual to practice their religion of choice. Never again will a people be singled out based on their personal religious beliefs. Like our views on race we only ask for the people’s cooperation. You can be an atheist, a Jew, a Muslim, or even a Hindu and as long as you follow our codes of conduct you will fit right in. At the same time, being a Christian organization, we will not only defend the religion, but also implement some of its traditional tenets. This, however, does not mean that persecution of minority religions is an inevitability, nor a favorable policy.

What about the dynamic between men and women? The American Blackshirts Party encourages people of both sexes to join. We also encourage both to take upon themselves the responsibility of leading those they’re surrounded by in creating a better America. Currently, maintenance of a career and being a full-time Mother is a situation many women are confronted with due to the economic circumstances of America. Yet, through the Corporative system women will have the opportunity to have a career as a homemaker. This is because their interests will be absorbed into the State as an occupational group. Therefore, homemakers will have official representation in the legislature. Additionally, a woman will be granted every opportunity a man has to advance herself in any career she chooses. That is as long as she (like her male counterpart) puts her familial duties first should she choose to have a family. Like the classes, races, and religions, men and women working within the State will have to coordinate with each other to create a better nation and future for us all.

So if the sexes, races, and religions can collaborate, then what of those who are of a different sexual orientation, how will they be treated under fascism? Firstly, we as fascists believe that the basis of society is the family unit which consists of a male, a female, and their children. We recognize the sacredness of the nuclear family and thus the immense responsibility of upholding and protecting it that is put on State (or the collective if you will). State endorsement of any other types of relationships (such as homosexual, polyamorous, etc.) via marriage certificate or legal contract will no longer be allowed. This is because it has the effect of equalizing those alternative relationships to that of the nuclear family. This inevitably leads to the erosion of the ideal, creating something lesser. The family is the foundation of much of what we aim to do. Its perpetuation is paramount to the order and unity fascists aim to achieve. The social ills we’ve encountered over the last 60 or so years have coincided with a significant shift away from the ideal family. While this is not the fault of homosexuality itself, the end result of its sanction and promotion only reinforces the negative shift away from that which is ideal. A restriction of State-approved marriages to one man and one woman, while being only a small step, is an essential one if we are to move forward. This will not prevent the homosexual community from showing love and affection towards each other. It will, however, prevent the lifestyle from being used as a tool to promote political, and moral change. At its core, the party seeks to achieve American strength and unity. With America’s backbone, the nuclear family, being attacked by politicized and inferior familial structures, we cannot achieve either.

How then is diversity our strength? It is our strength because we need people of all classes, races, and religions within the nation to understand that working together for the common good is what is best for the future. Not just for the future of this country, but for mankind itself, as our revolution will be the catalyst for many others. Our slogan “One Nation One Idea” is appropriate. It really tells you all you must know about fascism, that we are a unifying force of all people within the country.