• Cesar Zamora

How I Define Fascism

Many things in this modern world are subject to interpretation. While very concrete in its tenants, fascism is no different, and is subject to the corruption by the person who interprets it. However when many people work with the same definition in pursuit of the same objective (as it is with fascism), this corruption is reigned in and only minute differences remain. Thus, I can say with confidence that my definition of American fascism will not be in conflict with or detract from my comrades’, leaders, or the original philosophers’ definitions. Therefore, my definition of American fascism is worth writing down as both an intellectual exercise and as a new way for the average person to understand what our political party is about.

The first part of my definition of American fascism that I would like to address is that American fascism is spiritual. This can mean two things, but they really go hand in hand. The first part of spirituality is that American fascism has its foundation in Christianity. This is simply because Christianity is what set the moral tone of the nation initially. Some will claim otherwise due to the way church and state are separated, or how some of the founding fathers were deists. However, the impact that Christianity had on the nation cannot be denied, and thus American fascism will continue Christianity’s traditions in both law and culture. This does not mean that American fascism is theocratic. Rather, Christianity will be used as a ruler which indicates where the lines of the law should be drawn, as opposed to having Christianity be the pencil that the law is drawn with.

Above all else fascism (in general) seeks to create a culture that resonates throughout the nation. Everyday images and sounds of materialism, sensationalism, and debauchery are sent out to the people via internet, radio, and television. It is like eating nothing but sugar, you will rot from the inside out. When the individual suffers from this moral decay, so does the country. Thus a negative feedback loop is formed. This is why an individual's spirit must be nurtured by the nation; it creates a positive feedback loop. Instead of modeling a selfish life to the masses, a life of racing to the top only to decay in ones decadent behavior, the fascist state would encourage a life of altruism. A life that builds others up instead of pushing them out of the way.

The second part the American fascist puzzle is that American fascism creates unity. First of all the United States has and always will be a diverse nation, both ethnically and religiously. American fascism demands that all groups regardless of their race or religious affiliation work together to improve the nation. This is achieved utilizing the culture of the nation as well as the economic system known as corporatism. Corporatism further unifies the state as it creates a balance between worker and executive, while at the same time giving the role of leadership to only those of merit (for a detailed explanation of corporatism read “The Coming Corporate State” by Alexander R. Thomson).

Finally, American fascism takes action. Fascism is an ideology of action. When the conservative would allow a man to die on the street, a fascist lends a helping hand. And the fascist’s hand is not extended just feed the man like he was an animal as a communist would. No the fascist’s hand is extended to help the man off the ground and onto his own two feet. The fascist’s hand is there to heal and make the man stronger than ever before! Additionally, when the libertarian will indulge his earnings in hedonism, the fascist will use his earnings to enrich himself and others around him. When the socialist takes the fruits of other’s labor for himself, the fascist earns his own and shares if he has plenty.

The actions of the fascist is what makes the ideology of fascism work unlike other ideologies. Take libertarianism for example. You can be a libertarian and not earn a cent in your life and leech off your family, and so long as you asked for a smaller state you would still be a libertarian. You could also be a communist and use what is essentially slave labor to create a product to sell to other countries. But as long as one man has the same amount of table scraps as his comrade, you are still a communist. You cannot however call yourself a fascist without acting in accordance to its doctrine. The doctrine is the call to action and the action is what keeps the doctrine pure.

To conclude, American fascism is essentially made up of three parts, the spiritual, the unity, and the action. They each push each other, spiritual homogeneity creates unity, unity creates as well as allows action, and action creates a culture of spiritual homogeneity. American fascism, specifically the type practiced by the American Blackshirts Party is what will make America better than it ever was before. Will you join us in the struggle?