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ABP Leadership Thoughts Regarding the Migrant Caravan

Too often debates over immigration in this country revolve around abstractions and appeals to sentiment over facts. The left justifies open borders by framing immigration as an issue of rights, and adherence to the traditional American policy of accepting mass immigration, while ignoring the fact that we no longer live in an 18th/19th century agrarian economy with plenty of empty land that needs to be settled. The Right plays upon the fears of Americans by describing immigrants as invaders intent upon changing American culture, while ignoring the reality of that culture as nothing more than an outgrowth of materialism.

In reality, the immigrants which compose the Caravan are primarily looking for work and better living conditions. There’s nothing wrong with that, many of our ancestors did the same thing. However, we live in a much different society now and public policies need to reflect these differences. (1.) What’s become more apparent over time is the inability for this country to assimilate not only immigrants but also native-born citizens. This is reflected in the epidemics we have revolving around heroin, prescription painkillers, and suicides, all of which are on the rise. (2.) Despite the official stats reflecting an unemployment rate of 3.5%, in reality it’s closer to 20% due to the constant manipulation of the unemployment figures by the government. Work has become more scarce. (3.) A prominent feature of contemporary America is the lack of upward mobility as income inequality is becoming progressively worse. The nature of a modern technological economy is that the resources needed to succeed are greater than in previous eras. With the lack of public investment in this country newly arrived poor are facing a future of poverty not only for themselves but for also their children.

American society as presently constituted is broken and fails its inhabitants both spiritually and materially. Not only is it unhealthy for the immigrants who arrive here, but increases in immigration serve to further erode the already fading communal ties which hold this nation together.

Joshua Noyer

ABP Chairman

All across the nation those from all ends of the political spectrum have lifted their voices in regards to the migrant caravan which is heading to our border. Supporters of president Trump believe that those who attempt to illegally cross the border and hurl stones should be met with a barrage of gunfire. On the left there is the belief that we should simply open our borders and allow them in. As a leader of the party I disagree with both of these notions. Every nation has the right to protect its borders from whoever. And while extra support should be gathered in order to drive away those who attempt to violate the borders of a nation, it should be done with non-lethal force unless there are those who mean to do harm while under arms. The clamour of support for the caravan claims that these are people who can help our country’s economy. The outlook at foreigners as a tool of cheap labor is often wielded by those in favor of mass immigration in an attempt to make this idea favorable for their countrymen. This is the furthest from the truth. Foreign labor has become a commodity that can be bought and sold, and this only furthers the capitalist system which continues to harm the middle class, morals, and the traditional values within our society so that wealthy capitalists can make financial gains either at the expense of fellow Americans, or in this case, cheap foreign labor. If we wish to protect our borders and halt mass immigration we need to address the situation in countries like Honduras which has been harmed by destructive U.S. foreign policy. If we can work to fix mistakes that we have made in other countries, only then will we see stability those countries and a drop in mass immigration, troop deployments to the border and a costly wall. Luca

The response, on the part of the Federal government, to the migrant caravans which are moving towards our southern border, has been appropriate. The deployment of military assets, to act in support of law enforcement's containment efforts, was a wise decision on the part of the Trump administration. However, such efforts would not be necessary if a genuine and concerted effort towards border security had been carried out at the beginning of the Trump presidency. Indeed, the closure of the southern border is something that should have been accomplished decades ago, yet we see one generation of politicians after another has handed off this problem, not truly concerned with its resolution. As a result, the American people have ultimately been the ones who have paid the price. A fascist government would not stand by helplessly, and allow the paralyzing of the American economy and the breakup of our society. With the endowment of authority, by the American people, on our party, we would swiftly move to forever close the borders of our country to illegal immigration. We would also move to prosecute offenders of the law with as sharp a response as can be allowed. This would be the same for the immigrants themselves, and most certainly for the companies who would seek to profit off of their labor.

Matthew Hines (Deep South Regional Director)

As a party it has come to our attention that a mass group of immigrants are traveling to our southern border. They are seeking asylum, homes, jobs, and security. And while I have no doubt that many are in fact doing so with honest intentions, it is up to us as Americans to make sure that for everybody we accept into this country we do so responsibly.

Let me explain, in this country we have always held to the belief in one form or another of open borders for all. And while this concept is with the best intentions, it is without a basic sense of realism. If in our current state of affairs we have the inability to provided fully, with absolute care, the needs of our citizens today how then can we expect to do so for others.

In addition to that it is important that all who wish to enter this country do so in a fashion that is law abiding. To do so in any other manner allows a series of snowball effects to take place. To put it plainly if we do set a example for others in a way that sets a tone for our country and future immigration, we then set up a result in which can be similar to that of Europe today. That is uncontrolled immigration on a scale that changes the demographics dramatically and adversely. This is something that as the American Blackshirts Party we feel strongly about as it coincides with our morals, goals, and direction in which we want to take this country.

John Maniglia (Midwest Regional Director)

I have often said, as it is my conviction, that the defining issue of our time is immigration. Both legal and illegal. The reason for this is not because there is a fear that America, or Europe for that matter, will become more brown but because it has the capacity to destroy western civilization and whatever is left of the culture. It is a veritable barometer, an indicator about the nature and state of the political machinations currently going on around us. The implications of the current debate are enormous and yet day after day and in fact decade after decade we watch a pitifully inept political system bumble along without having accomplished anything concrete to definitively solve the matter. The inability of our government to act with one mind and purpose on anything, least of all this particular emergency, has led to the situation that we find ourselves in today. One which puts on full display the wretched way in which those who are allowed to have a voice in matters who really have no business having a voice to begin with, make it impossible for there to be intelligible and mature discourse pursuant to guiding public policy in a way that guards and provides for the interests of the nation and its native inhabitants i.e. citizens.

B.K. Burton (Upper South Regional Director)