• B.K. Burton

Myths of the Right: Christianity and the Founding Fathers

Most of us are aware of the drumbeat from the right in modern american politics that has sown a belief in many that the founding fathers were pious, religious men of the Judeo-Christian tradition. The likes of Jerry Falwell and Ronald Reagan both worked tirelessly to imbue the american consciousness with this idea for their own political ends namely for the purpose of giving the coalition known collectively as the religious right the ultimate justification for existing and pushing the policies their leaders pursued. While this movement saw its crescendo with the election of George W. Bush it is now waning significantly and may soon become impotent as an organized political coalition. This coalition, like so many on the american right, failed and died largely for two reasons. The first is that its reason for existing was based on a lie. This rotten foundation is always the groundwork by which the deathblow for many socially conservative movements can be dealt. This deathblow and second reason is the natural inertia of Liberal Democracy and its destructive power against the values and ideas the religious right purportedly espoused. This article concerns itself largely with this first reason and brings into focus why many movements of the American right fail to bring about any meaningful social change and why our ideology is different in this aspect.

Right at the outset one might ask, and understandably so, if the religious right is a dying coalition and political force then why even take the time to address it. Firstly, while the religious right is a dying factor in american politics, we still have to confront the ideas it inculcated in the american psyche that remain as a sort of residue and stands in our way of preaching a more intellectually honest view of the nations founding and those who founded it which helps pave the way for the establishment and acceptance of fascist ideology. Secondly and perhaps more immediately, anyone who is familiar with our detractors on the more radical right, namely those of a White Nationalist bent and including the Klan, knows that in many instances there are no more virulent peddlers of this really too ridiculous nonsense about the nature of our government and the founding fathers than they are. Unfortunately as fascists we have to confront and dispute the claims of these sorts on a regular basis in all long-suffering so as to distance ourselves and keep our movement separate and undefiled. Turning our attention back to the general mainstream body politic in this country of the conservative right however, it is important to note that many of these folks who believe that the founding fathers were Christians and what they gave us was a government modeled after Judeo-Christian ideals, values, and ethic are well meaning individuals. Sadly however, like most in America, they have been led astray into a fairy tale world conjured up by political operators to effect some electoral victory and perpetuate the system. What is worse is that these false ideas are actually more of a hindrance to effecting the changes social conservatives want than it does help. The delusions of the right are many; however, in this article we will analyze and refute the one put forth by so many on the right including the likes of widely known and followed figures like Glenn Beck. This delusion is as follows: The founding fathers were christian, our government was founded on christian ideals, and the degeneracy that we see in society and government today is a perversion of what the founding fathers originally gave us. We will see at length that the monstrosities we see around us today is no perversion but rather all too natural to the system we were given.

The first point to make, and I shall put it bluntly, The more famous and influential of the founding fathers e.g. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin,James Madison, Thomas Paine, and John Quincy Adams were not christian in any conventional sense of the word whatsoever. Rather, these men belonged to an intellectual and spiritual tradition that was an outgrowth of the enlightenment known as Deism. The name is derived from the latin root “Deus” which means God. The basic belief in a God however, is about the end of any similarities with the religious beliefs of Christianity. Deism teaches that since everything has a creator the universe itself must have a creator but that this God created and now has nothing to do with creation at all.This has some parallels with certain branches of Gnosticism which I have made mention of in a previous article. These branches of Gnosticism taught that the physical world was created by a tragic mistake on the part of the groundless one (the first unknowable God) and as such everything physical including the body is evil. These branches also taught that this groundless one is ignorant of our existence and as such our salvation (or even certain irreproachable truths) does not come from him but can be found through special knowledge that comes from within our own minds. Deism carries this same trait which says it is through human reason that we find God and truth. As a society this proves problematic because for an individual, truth is only relevant to that individual’s personal viewpoint. This means in any nation the number of truths that can be followed are as numerous as the grains of sand on the seashore. Mussolini has been credited with saying if God does not exist then he must be invented. Whether he said it or not I agree with the sentiment for God is an indispensable concept when discerning what is unquestionable truth which is of utmost importance when attempting to impose regimented order in society. Furthermore, our aim to establish Christianity as the official religion of the nation would have no moral validity without this admission. For the Deist the pursuit of truth excludes any and all supernatural phenomena such as miracles in the Bible. This is why Thomas Jefferson published “The Jefferson Bible.” Essentially Jefferson edited out all parts of the Bible he thought supernatural. It should come as no surprise that this religious manifestation of human “reason” found in Deism springs from the same well as the ideas of our founding principles; the enlightenment. As being a fascist does not require membership in the Christian religion, here is why this matter concerns all who call themselves Fascist. Deism, when translated to a secular system of thought, is highly liberal and espouses a certain individualism that runs counter to our own view of society and the State. Here I must take pains to point out that being a Deist does not exclude one from being a fascist but the founding fathers let there spiritual convictions bleed over into government and it is here we must vehemently disagree. It is for this reason it is necessary to inspect the religious convictions (or lack there of whichever you like) held by so many of our nation’s founders. These convictions as relevant to us today because it informed their entire world view and manifested itself in the system of government we currently live under.

If it is the case that the founding fathers were Deist and not Christian then why are so many on the right pushing this false notion onto the American people? The great preponderance of the evidence suggests to this candid observer that these lies were not born out of ignorance by the intellectuals leading the right but rather out of necessity. These leaders simply relied on ignorance to breed these notions amongst a constituency eager to gulp anything up that may stop the onslaught of their bogey man that is the Godless left. And so a voting block and path to power was born. Yet herein lies a major reason for the right’s impotency at getting anything accomplished socially and why as things are Liberals are destined to be victorious at nearly every turn.Because the religious right’s aims are contrary to a system that actually disdains any influence of religion in it, they had to remake the image of the founding fathers in order to change this perception. Yet changing the image of the founding fathers does not change the reality of the system they gave us. These inconsistencies make the American conservative position weak and I would argue invalid leaving them susceptible to and unable to defend against attacks from the left who cannot be blamed for simply blowing them off as an unserious threat to their own agenda. Truth be told,the reality of the situation leads one to admit that the liberal view on the nature of the system and on those who founded it to be the more accurate of the two. It is these same conservatives however, that wish to preserve the system more than anybody andso their attempt to justify their purposes and aims by lying about the founding fathers is actually their ultimate undoing. Interestingly enough, on the other side of this coin,liberals are fond of pointing out the truth about the founding fathers, usually in an attempt to justify and perpetuate the godless hedonism we see today. Per usual, we Fascists take a third position, in this case the intellectually honest and non-hypocritical one. Because we are not bound to the system of government given to us by the founding fathers we are free to admit the truth, that the founding fathers were not Christian and therefore admit a further truth that our government is not founded upon Christian principles but rather is indeed Godless just as the founders intended. Also because we have no affinity for the system we have been given we are not forced to make up a lie about its founders in order to justify the changes in society we aim to effect. Ultimately, this means that it is we and we alone who are able to demand an end to abortion, demand an end to homosexual marriage and maintain an unassailable justification and ability to see it through precisely because our philosophy stands upon a rock and not the shifting sands of a lie as invented by the religious right. The system that we would create does not rely on an unconscious state but rather demands that the state be ethical because the state itself is composed of ethical individuals.

At best these lies concerning America’s government and founders was and is an honest if not desperate attempt at stopping hedonism without throwing the baby out with the bath water (the baby being our current system of government) even if it meant telling a white lie. At worst it was devised by political operatives who knew better but didn’t mind fleecing the flock in order to create a path to power, knowing that none of the initiatives they preached would ever be accomplished in any meaningful way and would actually be counter productive for them since if these ills were solved there would no longer be a need for the voting block they conjured to put them into office. I fear that it is the latter that rings true and that these politicians only once in a while threw this voting block some small bone to keep them hanging on, the thought of which is absolutely sickening to anyone with any semblance of a conscience. It is exactly because religiously inspired morals and ethics cannot survive in this state as a policy guiding force, we maintain that the baby should and must be thrown out along with said bath water. This leads us to one last conclusion that can be drawn from all of this, namely that from its inception our government has been wildly at odds with the beliefs of the majority of Americans, especially at the time the constitution was ratified. Christian leaders at the time were all too aware that the government being devised was not only indifferent to their moral and ethical concerns but was in fact largely at odds with them as many of these religious leaders railed against the “Godless constitution.” Today you have a very queer situation where, in an almost twilight zone sort of alternate reality, most of these major religious figureheads are now its most ardent defenders. This was most probably a necessary reaction among your average religious voter as a means of self preservation against the rise of the radical left. Yet all of this proves that this government’s birth was anything but organic as the general population was overwhelmingly Christian, yet those who crafted the government were not. And so from the beginning there has been a certain unbridgeable distance between those who are governed and those who do the governing. The average common clay of the land which was the vast majority, followed Christ as their God, but the tradition to which the founders belonged was usually only followed by the elite of elite in society. To them Deism and enlightenment thought was fashionable. The common man who farmed what little land he may have been able to come to possess in order to put food to mouth simply did not belong in the club. And so it is to this day. Money is the key to power in America. If the election of Donald Trump has proven anything it is that if you have enough money you can essentially buy the presidency. In conclusion the government we were given has only one God and that God is money. The influence of money knows no ethics or morals only the unfeeling and unforgiving ebb and flow of market forces.Our nation’s founders were well aware of this. It’s high time that all on the right who wish to do away with the social evils and ills that plague us today become aware of it as well so that we can finally beat back the godless hedonistic tide running amok and destroying our society.