• Lucas Horst

First Steps

A work by one of our many supporters who are not yet old enough to join the party but wish to show their support for the ABP and Fascism.

Greetings! First off, thank you to Mr. Noyer for allowing me to write for the party. Next I would like to talk about how I came to the ideology and what fascism means to me. Being of a younger age, even now, the ideology is fairly new to me, but has took me by storm. Starting off, there has always been a political, and social divide between my family. I saw one side constantly arguing about issues pertaining to immigration and such, and the other side wanting to have equality among everyone. I have always felt that both have been wrong and could not properly provide a solution to many issues that we as Americans have struggled with and still struggle with. Even now we see conservatives and the right and liberals and the left arguing over issues that neither has the solution too. This always promoted me to believe there is a different way of thinking, one outside the traditional, left-right spectrum that has shown flaws so many times over and over again. I then started to see how our system of democracy has done nothing but make the problem worse. We have been to wars for the sake of an already flawed system that simply aims to elect the individual that can make the most promises and claims they can fix America, but In reality it is what ruins us. It claims to be what makes a man free by giving him choice, but this is far from the truth. As Oswald Mosley said “When they speak of democracy they do not mean government by the people , they mean financial democracy, in which money counts and nothing but money.” A prime example is with President Trump. He has claimed to be making Americans great again but the cannot be any further then what’s been happening. He has failed to repeal anything he said he would and has promoted the building of a wall that will “end immigration.” As well as somehow fix the problems with the poor and homeless but again, has only repeated the process that first hit in the 1920s. Back to the topic at hand. I was appalled when I saw how much bickering the multiple parties do among one another instead of actually trying to solve some of the many problems we face today. I began to seek a different ideology, one that promotes strong values, morality, pride in ones nation, and dismantles the devious multi-party system. Subsequently, I came across the ideology known as fascism. True fascism that is, not what people have made it out to be such as Hitler"s dysfunctional form of government. I saw how the ideology was not just one of politics but of social interaction as well. I saw how it aims to create a nation that can flourish and truly prosper free from the evils such as homosexuality, drugs, etc. I would say that that is my take on fascism.