• Luca

Physically Fascist

The Fascist thought system is that of improvement. When one thinks of improving themselves it is often implied that the mind is what needs only to be improved. A healthy and moral mind is something of great importance but it shouldn’t be the center of ones energy for an entire lifetime. Our mind controls our actions, and actions are only carried out through collaboration between the mind and the body. How can we carry out a longer, more efficient and productive life when the body is left to rot? Every Fascist must understand the importance of a healthy body, which in turn generates a healthier mind. It must be grasped that when one takes the step to become a Fascist they are not only taking a philosophical step but a physical one as well. An enemy of the Fascist is a life of idleness and, a lack of vigor. It is not that every Fascist become a living classical statue or to exert themselves every single day in the pursuit of vanity. The Fascist must challenge themselves physically in some way or another. For the Fascist this is not an impossible task, for they possess principals and discipline. The Fascist is always working toward a better future, through their community, but also through their home and through their labors. The first and most important task for the Fascist man or woman is to take care of their family, and if time for physical recreation must be sacrificed, then so be it. They must then ask themselves once again if they are truly unable to exercise their body? Exchange a half hour with your remote for a half hour of running, do this three or four times a week! Create a better you which in return can create a stronger and healthier nation. If the Fascist doubts themselves, they must look back to history and remember those who fought wars and struggled for years. At the end of this physical challenge, there awaits a family and a number of friends, doubt and a lack of motivation should not stand in the way! Rise above this mental barrier! If your mind can stop you from advancing what is best for you, then so can any person.