• Luca

Fascist Action

Action, without it the world would stand still. All great achievements and events were made possible because one person or a group of people took the first step and took action. To the fascist, action is not an option, it is a duty. Action is the very fiber of the fascist, without action, without effort, without energy, the fascist is nothing. The will to act, to take the first step created the first fascists of the early 20th century. Action is a tenet of the fascist spirit which binds us to our ideology. It is the many reeds which are tied together that form the bundle and ultimately secure the blade. The bundle and blade symbolizes the unity of the nation, but it also symbolizes many aspects of the fascist spirit. While other strains of the fascist spirit are important, without the driving force of action nothing could be achieved. If a man holds a thought or a belief and it only remains within the walls of the mind, what good does that do? Progress and advancement towards a greater good isn’t made by idleness, but by those who take action and dare to sacrifice their time and energy and sometimes their safety for what they hold dear. The fascist understands that an attack on one is an attack on all and will take action to protect his brothers and sisters from aggressors, whenever and wherever they may be. For the fascist, justice is an action that will be carried out, it may not be immediate, but it will be certain. All around us stand the products of action, buildings, machines, books, and even nature. The tree which sprouted from the harsh soil stood the tests of time and fought, it grew and took in the energy it needed so that it too could further itself. Then man came along, took action, and harvested that tree so that something more could be brought into this world. And when that tree was gone, a reminder was left, the stump, which revealed the years of progress, determination, and hardship. And one day, many years later if that stump was not gone, one who passed by could see the fruits of what was achieved and embed the bundle and blade into that very stump and one day take the action and plant a new tree, leaving a mark in this world instead of a whisper in the history of time.